How To Clean Stucco With Pressure Washer? 3 Easy Steps To Look Into!

How to clean stucco with pressure washer? Stucco is not standard in one’s house for various reasons. It may be because it doesn’t fit the aesthetics, the owner doesn’t like the roughness, the design, or maybe even the texture, and many more reasons to enumerate.

However, that doesn’t stop other house owners from applying stuccoes as an aesthetic.

how to clean stucco with pressure washer

Now, what is stucco, and why do only a small count of people choose to apply it in their homes? It can often depend on the owner’s design; stucco is an elegant finish, touch, and an addition to your wall if it suits your liking. It is composed of cement plaster, which is very dense and durable; somehow, it can be very brittle.

Necessary info is needed before you apply the process to a specific problem. Now that you know what stucco is, we will be learning how to clean stucco with a pressure washer. Depending on the shape, dirt often gets stuck in its pores or the design and may come unnoticed. So without further ado, let’s go.


Steps Cleaning Stucco With Your Pressure Washer

How to clean stucco with pressure washer? Before cleaning stucco, you must first be familiar with it, especially if it is your first time dealing with a pressure washer. It isn’t that difficult, but it needs control as it is a powerful machine. Proper usage is required, so here are the steps:


Step #1. Checking the stucco thoroughly

Before the cleaning process is to be carried out, you must expose the stucco areas wherein there are chips and cracks.

Why is it needed? As its name states, you see pressure washers and give out pressured water as the machine adjusts. So with that, it may cause damage to walls.

To avoid this from happening, we will want to make sure that all cracks and chips are patched to prevent water from seeping into the holes that are currently present while carrying out the whole process. Before attempting to pressure wash your property, repair any cracks in the stucco and allow plenty of time for them to dry.


Step #2. Minimal cleaning on the stucco surface

Once the stucco has been checked throughout, it is now time that we give your surface area some good old cleaning from a pressure washer. But, how do we start doing it? No worries, soap the surface depending on the dirtiness of your walls. Soap can be used if needed, but better if a pressure washing detergent is available.

Starting from the bottom part and working your way up, spray the surface area of the stucco with the black tip nozzle. Do this to avoid staining caused by dirty residues of water and soap that fall on the floor and stop it from returning to the surface of the cleaned stucco area.

Sweep horizontal passes through parts of the stucco as you clean it. As you hold the pressure washer pistol and its wand, you should stand at least a foot or two away. Allow the detergent to dry before cleaning the area for at least five to fifteen minutes, but do not allow any spots to dry out so that it stays there and cleanses.

From there on, it should stay wet or at least damp as the detergent will be doing its thing in the fifteen minutes that you leave it in the surface area.

It should clean out dirty spots that have stayed there for too long that may not be cleaned by just a simple wash from some pressure washer. On the other hand, this topic is “What size pressure washer for a two-story house?” It might come in handy. Now, let us move on to the next step.


Step #3. Rinsing the detergent off the stucco

Nozzles would have different colors if you didn’t have an idea.

The black one earlier is a soaker; as for the white one, it is more on the pressure side which we will be using to get rid of the detergent stains you left on the area. To start, do it from the top, making a horizontal pattern up to the bottom part. White nozzles give more pressure for cleaning, so be careful handling a stucco wall.

You might want to test it out whether it works for you or not. Better safe than sorry; in that way, you won’t damage your surface without knowing its consequences. Now that the cleaning process has been done, depending on the time you’ve done it, you may need to use a clean cloth to rinse up the entire residue if you’re doing it at night time.

As for daytime, the sun may dry it up if the rays hit the surface of your stucco wall. On the other hand, learn more about cleaning with pressure washers by reading this article: “Do’s and dont’s of how to clean Stucco.”


It’s A Wrap! 

How to clean stucco with pressure washer? Now that we answered your question, we hope you’ve got a hold of what you have learned today. However, there are still many problems that may come in, like cracks and crevices.

So, it is more practical if you would also learn how to fix the damages on a stucco surface.

If you are into reading and learning stuffs at home, or when you are to endorse a product especially pressure washers, you should know a lot about it. Here’s another great read about such, “Why wont my pressure washer start?”

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