What Size Pressure Washer for 2 Story House To Consider?

What size pressure washer for two story house? It is none other than the pressure washer that is the solution to your issue. For one, it is easy when you move it around your house with no cord that restricts the movement. Moreover, the petrol pressure washer is more potent as it blasts off dirt, grit, & grime that build up because of pressure. Search for one with a sufficient fuel tank and efficient fuel to have excellent cleaning time. This gas pressure washer is perfect for cleaning heavy-duty chores. So, choose one that can clean your 2-story house effectively.


What size pressure washer for two story house

Understanding First The Size Or The Pressure Output 

Experts on home improvement would talk about the size of the pressure washer, but they often mean to say the pressure output. The pressure washer differs when you look at the jet power, whereas PSI measures it. The pressure washer that comes with a powerful water jet means it has higher PSI values. This is because it comes off from the spray gun nozzle. The size could also mean GPM or gallons for every minute, which is the amount of water the washer jet emits in a single minute. That is true when you use it to clean the siding or surface. Choosing a pressure washer with 2,800 psi at three to four GPM is better to achieve the best cleaning result.


Steps To Consider When You Wash A 2-Story House.

Follow these simple steps below in the proper cleaning of your 2-story house.


Step #1. Closing the doors and windows

Close the doors and windows because you will not like water that splashes on the electronic devices or furniture.


Step #2. Transferring the plants to another place

Transfer the plants around to a safer place. This way, the cleaning solution will not affect the garden shrubs and plants. Cover them with a plastic bag. Spray them with water from the house of a pressure washer.


Step #3. Preparing a cleaning solution

Prepare for a cleaning solution. First, mix three parts of water with one amount of bleach. Then, pour the solution into the tank.


#4. AssembliStep ng the components of the gas pressure washer

Assemble the gas pressure washer components. Connect the garden hose from the supply tank of water to the pump inlet. Then, connect the hose of the pressure washer to the pump outlet and spray gun.


Step #5. Using the pressure washer in washing the siding

Begin to use the pressure washer and then wash the siding. Wash the side from up and work towards the base of the walls. Grime and dirt will spoil the siding that you clean if you begin from up until down.


Two Types of Pressure Washer To Clean 2 Story House

There are two types of pressure washers to consider for cleaning two-story houses: electric and gas. An excellent electric model manages cleaning in a 1-story house. It is functional too for 2-story but mixes it with other manly efforts. You will need to carry it around, the detergent, and the feed hose, to the ladder. It does not stop here where you must balance things up to the peak of the roof. The gas model is another pressure washer type to consider suited for a 2-story house with square footage. The goal is to remove the stuff to clean the upper part of the house. After that, you will go through the carrying, and climbing the ladders, and more. Eliminate those parts that you must be conscious of how far you will go before the power outlet. Instead, choose a gas pressure washer that can handle heavy-duty cleaning, especially with gears that an electric pressure cannot remove. What’s more, this pressure washer is ideal to use for substantial surface areas such as walks, driveways, patios, & house sidings. The gas pressure washer gets the approval of professional handypersons and contractors for carrying out the worry of just leaving the power outlet. The engines also have a PSI that ranges from 2000 and 4000. While they are a great choice of professionals, they still get the right size in a pressure washer. Or else, you may end up with one that does not do an effective cleaning.


Other Tips To Consider When Washing 2 Story House

  • Carry out the cleaning from underneath and up. Avoid streaking if you use a detergent cleaning solution.
  • Begin from up to the side and then down when you rinse off the cleaned part. Stand a few meters away so that you don’t soak yourself.
  • Adjust its spray pattern so that you don’t bring damage to other accessories or lights. Thus, this helps minimize the energy power of the cleaning tool.
  • Maximize the spraying pattern of the pressure washer to push the detergent solution and reach the high sections of the house.


The Cost To Pay When You Pressure Wash 2 Story House

A lot of things you have to consider when pressure washing a 2-story house. Scolding or ladder is one thing. It can cost you 785-dollars when considering these factors.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn what size pressure washer for two story house to consider, especially when washing the siding on the walls. A gas pressure washer is great when you wash the siding with its sufficient cleaning power.

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