Why Wont My Pressure Washer Start? 9 Surprising Issues!

Why wont my pressure washer start? It is because of the fuel tank that is clear and empty, the problem with fuel compatibility, damaged or leaked power cable, leaked fuel pump, and many more.

Do not forget or ignore these possible reasons and do something about them. Try to do something, but more than that, go to a professional technician.

Indeed, a pressure washer is an equipment that can be handy in your home and is helpful as a tool to clean anything and everything in the household. This is faster than a horse, brush, or water that makes your day more comfortable and accessible. If there are issues with it, try to solve them or seek help to repair them. My friends, it’s time to know more, so read further!


Why Wont Your Pressure Washer Start

So, why wont my pressure washer start? Here are the issues why your pressure washer does not start and possible fixes:


#1. Fuel compatibility issue, so find the right fuel

Check the fuel availability and the fuel compatibility in a fuel tank. Fuel compatibility is whether you use a specific mix of fuel to the pressure washer. The pressure washer will not start if you put a different fuel type into the fuel tank. Find the right fuel components for it and fill it up with a fuel mix.


#2. The fuel tank may be clear and empty, so test out the fuel 

Try to test out the fuel if you run a gas-powered type of pressure washer. The fuel tank of the pressure machine may be clear and empty. Ensure to fill up the tank of the pressure washer and fully load it properly before you begin. You may want to read about how to start a pressure washer.


#3. Fuel pump issue so check the pump connection

Examine further the fuel pump that should connect well to a fuel pump. The fuel pump begins from the fuel tank and down to the pressure washer motor for the engine to work. Your pressure washer will resist starting if a problem occurs with the fuel tank and the fuel pump. Leakage also occurs in the fuel pump. Thus, replace the fuel pump with another one. Seal the leakage to avoid leaking.


#4. Power cable leaked or damaged, so check it

The wired cable connects the electric pressure washer with the power source to gain energy and run. The pressure washer may fail to start if the power cable is leaked or damaged somewhere. A defective, leaked, or damaged cable fails to draw energy from the source of power. Thus, it remains the reason for a short circuit. In using the electric pressure washer, check first the cable properly before beginning it.


#5. Problem with water pump air and hose so check the air

The pressure washer does not start with the problem of water pump air and hose. You can fix it quickly. You only have to pump the water with a pressure washer. Wait until the air is evacuated from the hose.  Follow this to start your pressure washer and after that, go to a professional.


#6. Dirty air filter so clean it

One more reason why a pressure washer stops from starting is because of a dirty air filter. The air filter plays a role in operating the machine smoothly as it filtrates the air and goes through the pumps for the engine and pumps to work smoother. An air filter clogged up with debris and junk is not able to do its duty. As a result, the engine loses the ability to suck air to operate the washer pressure. Solve this problem and deal with the situation by cleaning the air filter. Do this quickly as you move it under warm water. Change the air filter too if it is too damaged or too dirty to operate. You may also want to read about how to clean metal roof with pressure washer and  how to clean a wood fence with a pressure washer.


#7. Faulty spark plug, so clean it first

A faulty spark plug is one reason why the pressure is not starting. The spark plug loses its ability to operate further. Its engine will stop from starting if it has a torn or worn-out spark plug. Clean the spark plug first. Clogs may fixate on the spark plug and prevent it from doing its activities. Look at the spark plug closely if something negative comes out from it. Check it with a spark plug tester to see if it is working or not anymore.


#8. Clogged carburetor so make sure of the correct ratio of air to fuel

The carburetor is essential equipment in the pressure washer. It also makes sure that the fuel and air mix proportionately. The ratio of air to fuel in the pressure washer is 12:1 & 15:1. The carburetor processes this ratio by itself. The carburetor that is junked up or clogged up thoroughly loses more of its capabilities. That’s when you get in trouble for burning the fuel. The effect is the failure in starting the pressure washer.


#9. Excessive air so pump the water until it is removed

The pressure washer engine may not start well if there’s too much air in the hose and the water pump. The thing is that you can fix it quickly. Pump the water until you remove the air from the hose. Thus, the pump starts and gets the water pressure to flow. It works to clear the air from the house.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you know the answer why wont my pressure washer start with all the reasons cited. But, the solutions are also the most common. So, try to follow the critical solutions as they work. But if not, consult an expert to deal with and diagnose the problem. 

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