How To Wash Parts Of RV With A Pressure Washer? The Easiest Way!

How to wash parts of RV with a pressure washer? It follows the steps of selecting a pressure washer and cleaning supplies, turning the water on and setting the machine at its desired level of pressure, wetting down the surface of the vehicle with water from the bucket or garden hose, spraying the surface using a cleaner, spraying down its exterior using a light foam, and enjoying cleaning the vehicle.

Follow the recommended instructions on the cleaning product label before using it. Follow some protocols too when pressure washing various sections of an RV. Remember different parts of an RV that require additional cleaning and care tips. It will rely much on the structure, durability, and dirt or stain accumulating tendencies.

How to wash parts of RV with a pressure washer


RV Roof

Begin on its top and wash the rooftop with a low-pressure type of nozzle. After you reach the RV sides, use a low-pressure sprayer. Aim for a high-pressure stream of water against the edges and metal seams of the RV roof. Focus on these things as they can result in leaks when not adequately protected or sealed.


RV Interior & Windows

Wash the RV interior using a sponge, wet mop, and cloth. Use water combined with a dishwashing liquid. Use a handheld and high-pressure nozzle through those window seals when washing dirt and dust away.


RV Exterior & Sides

Wash the RV with a high-pressure nozzle on the side while you stand in front. Make use of a low-pressure sprayer when cleaning debris and dirt off of the exterior surfaces such as wheels, windows, and more. Once finished with the step, monitor for leaks coming off the pressure washing.


Seals & Gaskets

Wash the windows, exterior doors, seals, and wheel gaskets using a high-pressure type of nozzle. It removes dirt that stays still inside the grooves.


Rims & Wheels

Wash the rims and wheels in the way you wash the RV roof. Use the low-pressure nozzle to wash the dirt away. Use water combined with a dishwashing liquid. It’s up to you spraying it down.


Fiberglass Surface

This fiberglass surface you see is in an older RV as this is in general, unpainted with all those flashy decals. Pressure wash the fiberglass with RV wash alongside wax products designed for it. When you pressure wash it, take the decals away. This force will push them to peel off sooner. For newer fiberglass, it can have a transparent paint coat. It’s ideal to use RV washing chemicals. It’s better to use auto products in this sense.



Three-body types are familiar with an RV. Make use of the pressure washing protocol for any of these. The plain metal body will accumulate dust and dirt. They are somehow the most difficult to clean as they demand a prewash. Include some accessories such as a rotary brush that frees it from dust before washing it. A requirement is more pressure than the average in removing dirt and grime in the metal body.

Follow the same protocols when it comes to a painted metal RV body. Use a foam cannon when spraying soap onto it. Wash it after with low and medium pressure, including a wide-angle nozzle type. The fiberglass body demands gentle handling and light pressure for its lightweight design, bringing in fuel efficiency. The low-pressure foam cannon is essential when pressure washing an RV body.


Tips To Wash Parts Of RV With A Pressure Washer

So, how to wash parts of RV with a pressure washer? Use a dishwashing liquid when you wash an RV with a pressure washer. Just set it at a low-pressure setting. Remove the loose dirt away as you rinse it off using water. Spray the dishwashing liquid onto the trailer and motorhome surface. Use a low-pressure type of wash hose. Remove the rest of the dirt and rinse it off again using water. Wipe it dry with clothes that ensure no residues will stay on it. That’s it when you are finished. Achieve a higher pressure stream of water against the edges and metal seams on the RV exterior. Prevent leaks from existing again. Know how to wash an RV with a pressure washer


Mistakes To Avoid As You Wash An RV With A Pressure Washer

Avoid the following errors as you intend to wash an RV with a pressure washer.

  • Never choose the improper wrong pressure setting as for the wash hose. If it’s too low, it’s not possible to generate adequate water flow. The water for pressure washing may only damage the RV protective coating if it’s too high.
  • Never use the wrong size of the nozzle as it’s the top mistake you’ll ever make.
  • Never use a high-pressure type of nozzle as it only washes everything way like the RV protective coating. Or else, it will result in an unprotected surface and corroded metal.
  • Never use soap solution for RV cleaning jobs using a pressure washer. Soap only sticks through the surface after you pressure wash it. It only attracts more dirt afterward. Dishwashing liquid is an even gentler cleaner that washes away debris and dirt. 

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It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn how to wash parts of RV with a pressure washer. Follow the tips mentioned in washing an RV roof, RV gasket, RV wheel, RV rims and wheels, RV exterior and sides, RV interior and windows, and more. Avoid inevitable mistakes that will only contribute to worsening it more. Click on these links to read related articles; know how to use a Honda pressure washer and how to start a gas pressure washer

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