How Much Is A Wedding Decorator: Flat Vs Hourly Rates

The answer to how much is a wedding decorator depends on their rate. Some decorators charge by the hour, while others have a flat rate, depending on your selected package. 

If you are limited on your expenses, consider cutting the number of staff to hire. Perhaps you can learn how to serve alcohol at a wedding without a bartender to save on extra costs, for example.  

how much is a wedding decorator


How Much Does A Wedding Decorator Cost?


Flat rate

A wedding decorator that charges a flat rate will typically cost about $800. Depending on the venue and number of guests, it can be lower or higher than this amount. 

Some wedding decorators may also hire 3rd party vendors, so expect at least 10% more as a management fee on top of the rate. This is why it’s essential to clarify if there will be other costs with the decorator. 


Hourly rate

If you have a spacious reception area, it might be more valuable to hire a wedding decorator by the hour. The price for a wedding decorator can be $60 per hour, but it can be higher than that, depending on how long they’ve been in the business. 

Seasoned wedding decorators can cost about $80 or more per hour. So if you are on a budget, you might consider decorating yourself or find affordable wedding decorators. 


How Much Should You Budget For Wedding Decor?

Most couples allocate 8 to 10% of their wedding budget for decorating the ceremony and reception. However, you can constantly adjust accordingly, whichever will help you save more on the costs. 

Furthermore, do not try to get all the typical wedding decorations since some are unnecessary anyway. Smaller venues won’t need as many decorations, or you may opt for cheaper alternatives. 

For example, some of the flowers and greenery can be fake, or you can upcycle other items such as garlands, mason jars, signs, or even backdrops from readily available household items. The arch will cost the highest in most weddings, so read how to decorate a wedding arch with fabric to save more. 


What Does A Wedding Decorator Provide?


Overall design

It’s essential to clarify with your wedding decorator if they are responsible for the entire design. For example, some are only hired for consultation, others with planning, and some decorators will only be present during implementation.

Don’t expect that all wedding decorators will provide everything from the planning to execution, as some are willing to take your design and materials and decorate the venue according to your vision. If you want to leave everything to your decorator, then it’s best to allocate a budget for a veteran and communicate all your needs and preferences to get the wedding venue of your dreams.



It’s expected for wedding decorators to provide the decors, but some also allow their clients to give them the decors and materials. According to your plan, they will only be present for the execution and decoration of these items with only very minimal input from them. 

Of course, if you have the budget, it’s less hassle to hire a professional who provides and sets up the wedding decors. They usually offer rentals, and you won’t need to find different vendors to finish the styling of your venue. 



Double-check with the wedding decorator if your chosen package will include the clean-up after the ceremony or reception. Some decorators will charge an extra fee for the cleaning and removing of the decors, especially if they are rentals or you allowed the decorator to provide them. 

But if you own the decors or made them yourself, you should tell the strike crew where you want to keep them. They have some sentimental value to them, and you might be able to upcycle some decors for other significant events to save money. 


Are Wedding Decorators Worth It?

Wedding decorators are worth it because you’ll get more time to worry about other details of the wedding instead of being engrossed in just the venue’s setup. You also don’t need to be present at the location often and depending on your arrangement, you don’t need to worry about the decors themselves.

Suppose you have a big wedding, set up a budget for the wedding decorator. Then, plan with the professional on how you want to maximize the space for the reception or ceremony. 

On the contrary, smaller weddings might be more practical to be decorated yourself. The venue is relatively small anyway, and you don’t need to go grand with the number of designs and features. 

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How Much Should I Charge To Decorate A Wedding?

If you are tasked to decorate for a wedding, consider the venue, the theme, the inclusions, and your expertise when deciding your payment. You can also choose between getting an hourly rate or a flat rate. 



And that’s it! We just found out how much is a wedding decorator where they can charge a flat rate of $800 or $60 per hour if the rate is hourly. 

However, many factors can affect the cost of hiring a decorator. Therefore, we suggest being thorough with your queries to avoid miscommunications about your expectations. 


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