What To Wear To A Wedding On A Boat: Best Outfits

You can decide what to wear to a wedding on a boat using this outfit guide for female and male guests. Remember that you want to feel comfortable for the boat but still suitable and classy since it’s a wedding. 

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what to wear to a wedding on a boat


Guide And Tips To Know What To Wear To A Wedding On A Boat


Female guests

Before anything else, refer to the wedding invitation to know what to wear to a boat wedding. The event is likely formal, but some couples might prefer semi-formal attire for their guests. 

It’s best to assume that the event will want the guests to remain formal and classy, so female guests can try midi or maxi dress as long as they can walk comfortably without slipping on the deck. However, even if it’s a boat wedding where the sea is within reach, practice modesty with your attire and never wear something too revealing. 

Some couples might also allow their guests to wear clothes similar to what they’ll put on at a beach wedding. But if you don’t like dresses and skirts, then wearing a pantsuit or a jumpsuit to a boat wedding should be appropriate without worrying about other guests stepping on your clothes. 


Male guests

As a male guest, make sure not to wear graphic shirts, T-shirts, cargo pants, or denim to a wedding. Assume that the event is semi-formal or formal, but you can also check the invitation to be sure. 

Some common outfit ideas for men attending a boat wedding include slacks with a suit or a button-down shirt with vest or jacket. Consider the wedding time when deciding on the colors, where darker tones are more appropriate in the evening. 

Furthermore, check the weather for the location to remain comfortable. Opt for breathable fabrics and plan what extra clothing to bring or remove, depending on if the weather gets colder or warmer. 


Should You Wear Jeans On A Boat Wedding?

It would be tacky to wear jeans at a boat wedding because they look casual. Remember that you’re attending a wedding, and it will seem disrespectful to the couple if you don’t put any effort into your outfit. 


What not to wear on a boat wedding

Other than jeans, what other clothing pieces should you avoid when dressing for a wedding on a boat?

  • Very short or revealing dresses because they would be inappropriate for the occasion, and you risk accidentally flashing other people since boat weddings can get windy
  • T-shirts, shorts, and sportswear will never be acceptable at any wedding
  • Eye-catching outfits and accessories that can seem like you’re upstaging the bride


What Shoes Do You Wear To A Boat Wedding?

Dress shoes are the best pair to wear to a boat wedding because they are formal while stylish. Just make sure that they aren’t slippery and you’re comfortable wearing them for a long time. 

That being said, it might be tempting to opt for sneakers, but they are too casual for the event. The same goes for flip-flops and certain styles of sandals unless the couple is okay with it. 

Women can consider wedges since pointed heels can be hard to walk with, especially on a boat. You can even ditch the heels altogether and read these tips on how to wear flat shoes to a wedding


How Do You Accessorize For A Boat Wedding?

  • Bring a hat if the boat wedding will take place during summer in the afternoon
  • Consider polarized sunglasses if needed for eye protection
  • Add a shawl or blazer to your outfit in the evening for warmth
  • Practice less is more with jewelry to keep your look lowkey but classy 
  • Bring a bag that’s big enough to carry all your essentials, but it should still look dressy for the occasion


What Color Should You Wear On A Boat Wedding?

The wedding invitation should give you an idea of the color palette of the boat wedding. You can also consider the wedding time since it gets more formal in the evening where darker colors are more appreciated. 

For evening boat weddings, you can opt for gray, navy blue, or even black. On the contrary, it’s more pleasant to wear light neutral colors like tan, blue, peach, or beige.  


What color should you not wear to a boat wedding?

Like other weddings, guests must not wear white to a boat wedding as it’s reserved for the bride. You want her to stand out, and it would seem disrespectful if you’ll wear the same color as hers. 

You should also know the colors for the wedding party so you won’t match the bridesmaids or groomsmen. And of course, never wear something too bright and eye-catching, then familiarize yourself with the couple’s culture to know if the color you’ll wear won’t be offensive. 



Was this article helpful? We’ve just discussed what to wear to a wedding on a boat where you must maintain formality without sacrificing practicality. 

This means being mindful of the dress length for female guests, and male guests should avoid jeans. In addition, it would be best to opt for shoes that won’t mark the deck or cause you to slip. 

If you have more questions, leave them below. 

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