How To Decorate A Gazebo With Linens For A Wedding

To learn how to decorate a gazebo with linens for a wedding yourself, consider going through 4 easy steps. This decorating guide uses linens, floral decors, garlands, lights, and other draping fabrics for the wedding gazebo.

We will also discuss the versatility of linens for the wedding. But if you prefer a more detailed guide for gazebo decorating, refer to how to decorate a gazebo for a wedding after this read.

how to decorate a gazebo with linens for a wedding


DIY Wedding Decorations: How To Decorate A Gazebo With Linens For A Wedding


Step 1. Start with the floral gazebo wedding decorations

  • Determine the wedding theme and color scheme to select the proper floral arrangements and fabric decors for the gazebo
  • Create a large floral arrangement to put at the center of the gazebo; you can also use fake flowers to save on costs, then add greenery for volume and color contrast
  • Secure the floral decor with greenery above the center of the gazebo; if you used real flowers, use floral foam blocks or garlands to ensure that they’ll stay fresh
  • Use dried branches that cascade down the main two pillars of the gazebo entrance


Step 2. Use drape fabrics for the gazebo posts

  • Leading from the central flower arrangement at the entrance of the gazebo, place two fabrics at the side pillars similar to putting curtains on the window sides
  • You can also twist lightweight fabrics around the other gazebo posts to add texture and colors to the plain wedding gazebo
  • If there are many posts and structures on the gazebo framework, you can connect them with fabrics as your gazebo decor 
  • For the fabric curtain, use column rings to secure the material and allow it to fall to the gazebo floor or post base
  • If you still want to show the gazebo color or material, simply tack the fabric at the top of the gazebo column and create pleats and gathers at the middle portion of the column with a ribbon to secure it 
  • Try chiffon or muslin fabrics for gazebo draping


Step 3. Add floral garlands and drape linens across the gazebo

  • Never overdo your wedding gazebo with decorations and multiple colors to keep it classy; however, you can step back and assess if it needs more draping, garlands, or flowers
  • If you don’t want fabric curtains at the wedding gazebo entrance, use greenery, vines, floral garlands, or a combination of them and wrap them around the pillars at the sides of the entrance
  • Start these vines and garlands behind the biggest floral centerpiece to create a cohesive and continuous look; you can also cover them with smaller flowers 
  • Linens can also be used for decorating a wedding gazebo despite being stiffer and having a more moderate drape than classic fabric decors like organza and other lighter fabrics
  • Hang linens on areas of the gazebo where you want coverage because linen fabric has more structure and can hold its shape; you can also gather linen because it’s not very crisp
  • Use linen to add a dramatic “light” filter when taking photos inside the wedding gazebo; light-colored linens tend to be see-through


Step 4. Finish the gazebo design with lights

  • After knowing how to decorate a gazebo, you can enhance it more and create a more aesthetic finish with lights; lights are especially gorgeous for evening outdoor weddings; just talk with the venue coordinator regarding the outlets or use battery-operated string lights
  • Consider how the lighting will also affect wedding photos; the couple shouldn’t look washed out
  • Besides string lights, you can hang fire-free lanterns around the gazebo or use a single central chandelier to illuminate the area
  • Be mindful of using fire as a light source, primarily because of the burn and fire hazard


What Are The Linens Used For Weddings?

Linens are not as known for wedding gazebo decorating ideas because it doesn’t drape and flow as much as chiffon, organza, or muslin fabrics. However, you can use it to cover some walls, divide a large area, or even as covers for the tables in the reception. 

Linens can be rented for the wedding, but you can also purchase fabrics if you intend on doing other DIY event decorating in the future. That being said, here is how to use linens for the wedding:

  • Tablecloths
  • Chair covers
  • Chair decors
  • Table napkins
  • Table runners
  • Table skirts
  • Space dividers
  • Venue/reception decors 

Are you curious about what fabric is used for wedding draping if it’s not linen? Then, check our list of the best materials!


What is the Best Fabric for A Wedding Gazebo?

  • Voile for light effects
  • Satin for wrapping
  • Chiffon for draping
  • Linen for dividing
  • Cotton for garlands


How Can I Decorate My Gazebo?

You don’t need to use all of these decors, but keep your wedding theme in mind, so the gazebo still looks fitting with the other wedding elements.

  • Lights and chandelier
  • Greenery and floral arrangements
  • Garlands
  • Ribbons
  • Fabric drapes
  • Paint
  • Fireplace
  • Decorated altar
  • Rugs
  • Carpets



Was this tutorial easy? To recap how to decorate a gazebo with linens for a wedding, you start at the entrance center top portion with a large floral arrangement, then cover the side columns with fabric or garlands. 

And while linen is stiffer than common drape fabrics, it can still be manipulated or used as covers on some sections of the wedding gazebo. We hope this was helpful; let us know below how you decorated your gazebo!

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