How To Pick A Wedding Band: 4 Tips To Find The Best

If you want to know how to pick a wedding band, you can consider four tips to ensure that you’ll find the best symbol for your union. We will also discuss common assumptions like who buys the rings or if couples can shop for their wedding bands together. 

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how to pick a wedding band


How To Pick A Wedding Band: Guide On Selecting Wedding Rings 


Tip #1. Set a budget for the wedding bands and stick to it

  • One of the first things you’ll plan for the wedding is the budget, so the first tip is to know how much you can spend on the wedding rings; furthermore, will only one person purchase both rings or will you each pick and buy the other person’s ring?
  • A good rule to follow for couples to avoid overspending is to allocate only 3% of their wedding budget for the wedding rings; this will help you avoid consuming the budget that is meant for other essential wedding needs
  • Once you determine the reasonable amount to spend on the wedding rings, make sure not to go over it
  • Browse different jewelry shops to compare various wedding bands within the same price range
  • Some jewelers may be offering wedding bands for a lower price than others, so don’t decide immediately on the first shop you visit


Tip #2. The perfect wedding ring suits your personal style

  • Even though you have set a wedding budget, it doesn’t mean that you will settle on a wedding band you don’t like
  • Different brides and grooms vary in their personal taste, and with the vast selection of wedding rings in the market, it should be easy to find your ideal wedding bands
  • If you’re picking a wedding band for your partner, consider their style; is your partner a fan of silver jewelry, or do they often wear gold accessories? 
  • Some people prefer a plain wedding band, while others would want it to have a unique shape or a stone at the top like an engagement ring
  • Note that the wedding rings of the bride and groom do not have to be similar; however, while the two can have different styles, it would look more thoughtful if they paired well together


Tip #3. Pick wedding bands together with your partner

  • Contrary to popular belief, you can choose your wedding band and shop with your partner together
  • Visit a jewelry store with your partner to make it easier to find the perfect size and style for them
  • Some jewelers also offer packages where you can purchase a set of two wedding bands already; if you can’t decide what to pick, a wedding ring set can solve this problem
  • Wedding band shopping can also be a date idea to maintain your excitement for the wedding
  • If you want the element of surprise, it’s also possible to visit the shop together but don’t let each other see the bands you’ll pick, regardless, your partner will still get the perfect ring size because the jeweler will measure them

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Tip #4. Choose a wedding band that fits your lifestyle

  • The final consideration or tip when picking a wedding band is to think of its practicality
  • Will the wedding ring style and material suit your lifestyle?
  • Some metals are more resistant to scratches and fading, while others are more high-maintenance
  • If you have an active lifestyle, opt for wedding bands that resist wear and tear
  • You also want to consider if the wedding band won’t cause any skin reaction when worn

Sometimes, we are limited by budget or want a wedding band’s style, but it’s not meant always to get wet or used while working. Learn when should you take off your wedding ring to keep it in top condition.


Do You Go Together To Pick Out Wedding Bands?

There are no rules regarding shopping together for wedding bands. However, some couples prefer this because it ensures the perfect size and style of wedding ring for their spouse.

If you want to personalize your rings together, here is what to engrave on the wedding band


Do Engagement And Wedding Rings Have To Match?

While it will ensure a cohesive style when worn, you don’t have to match your wedding band to your engagement ring. However, you can still learn how to pick a wedding band that complements the engagement ring as some are designed to fit perfectly when stacked in one finger.  


Do Girls Pick Out Their Wedding Band?

The bride can pick her own wedding ring, but some grooms prefer the wedding band to surprise the bride on their wedding day. 


Does The Man Pick Out His Wedding Band?

The groom can pick his own wedding ring. However, it’s often practiced for each person to buy their partner’s rings so that the bride can pick the band for the groom. 

Regardless, please know when to buy wedding bands to avoid hassle and ensure the best prices.  



Was this guide helpful? To recap how to pick a wedding band, you will consider your budget, style, and lifestyle.

It’s also perfectly acceptable to buy wedding rings together with your partner. And of course, there is no rule on who must pick the wedding rings as couples vary.

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