How To Plan A Destination Wedding In Florida

Those who want to know how to plan a destination wedding in Florida can simplify the process into three steps. We’ll discuss the legalities and checklist for Florida wedding planning if this state is your chosen destination for your beach wedding or any other type of wedding. 

Wedding planning, especially planning a destination wedding, will take extra time and effort than getting married in your hometown. Feel free to browse our blog for destination wedding tips if you have specific questions. 

how to plan a destination wedding in florida

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Beginner’s Guide On How To Plan A Destination Wedding In Florida


Step 1. Acquire all the legalities for the Florida destination wedding 

The first step when planning a destination wedding in Florida is providing all the legalities for the marriage. You can read Florida’s marriage license laws requirements to ensure that you will follow and achieve them before booking vendors and venues for the Florida destination wedding. 

Some of the notable things to remember when planning a destination wedding in Florida is you must contact your local County Clerk’s office as you may need an appointment. Furthermore, getting married in Florida requires a Florida wedding officiant. 

As for the marriage license, there is no waiting period for non-residents. However, the license will only be valid for 60 days after its issuance. 


Step 2. Plan the date for your marriage in Florida

The next step in planning destination weddings is deciding on the date of your Florida destination wedding. Some couples also find a venue first since they are more flexible with the dates. 

But if you’re having a Florida beach wedding, plan your wedding date to get the most out of the excellent weather. For example, you don’t want to get married during storms and hurricanes, especially from late June to mid-September.

But if you’re having an indoor wedding, then the weather is less influential in choosing the date. So the next consideration would be the peak season for weddings and outdoor activities to save on costs and have less crowd in your desired location. 


Step 3. Achieve the destination wedding checklist

The final step for planning a destination wedding in Florida is writing a checklist, especially if you won’t be hiring a planner. It might be more practical to find the vendors for your Florida destination wedding in the state itself so you won’t shoulder the transportation and accommodation costs of the staff. 

You also want to consider if you’re having a typical ceremony or a Florida beach wedding since the latter may need more vendors if the venue doesn’t include them in their package. You may get a Florida beach wedding plan from a resort to save you the hassle of contacting and finding different vendors and wedding elements. 

Some of the vendors you’ll need for a Florida destination wedding include designers for your wedding attire, hair, makeup, wedding photographer, wedding DJ, or even the decorator and caterer if the venue does not have them. You may also need to rent items for outdoor ceremonies such as a Florida beach wedding. 


Where Do You Go To Get Married In Florida?

Florida offers a variety of places that will make the perfect wedding venue for every couple. One of the most romantic places to get married in Florida is Amelia Island

If you’re fond of beach weddings, you don’t even need a permit to get married in this location. Another fantastic place for Florida beach weddings is Hutchinson Island, and planning in this destination is even more comfortable. 

You can contact the Marriott Beach Resort and Marina on Hutchinson Island to plan your perfect wedding. They even have a ballroom if you have many guests for your big day. 


What Is The Best Month To Get Married In Florida?

When planning a destination wedding in Florida, notify your guests early on with save-the-dates and invitations so they can free their schedule. And the best time to get married in Florida is in March, but this is also the busiest season for weddings, so book your venue and vendors ahead of time. 

The months usually avoided for weddings and events are June, July, August, and September because of the hot but unpredictable weather with hurricanes. But with careful planning, these summer months might do you well because they are the cheapest time to get married in Florida. 


How Much Are Florida Destination Weddings?

You can expect to spend around $250 per wedding guest or at least $16,000 for a Florida wedding. However, you can compare different wedding packages as some may offer freebies if you’re staying at their hotel or resort. 

Furthermore, the fewer guests you have, the more affordable the wedding can be. For example, a 25-guest Florida beach wedding package is under $4,000 only with inclusions like the decors, coordinator on-site, minister, flowers, music, chairs, tent, and wedding cake. 

If you’re limited on finances, read our tips on how to plan a destination wedding on a small budget



And that’s it! We just learned how to plan a destination wedding in Florida by acquiring the legalities, setting the date on the best month, and creating a vendor checklist. 

Overall, couples don’t need to break the bank for their Florida wedding since there are packages that won’t go over $5,000. Just be realistic with your guest size and wedding theme. 

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