How Much Does A Wedding Suit Cost: Buy Or Rent?

The answer to how much does a wedding suit cost is between $300 to $800. Of course, its price is much lower than a wedding tux, but you may even save more when renting over buying suits. 

In more detail below, you will know what to expect with suits for weddings to help you decide between buying and renting them. And if you’re unsure what to get, here’s what color suit for a wedding.  

how much does a wedding suit cost


Exactly How Much Does A Wedding Suit Cost

A wedding suit for the groom can cost anywhere from $300 to $800, but it can be as much as a thousand dollars or higher, especially for high-end, custom, or designer suits. On the other hand, tux for weddings is much pricier; a new one typically starts at $700 up to $1,000 and up. 

The price for the wedding suit and tuxedo depends on many factors, and their initial prices can increase from customizations and alterations. The groom usually wears a tux for formal and black tie weddings, while a less formal three-piece suit is a standard option for less traditional ceremonies or those on a budget. 

Because of these high prices, grooms typically consider renting their tux or suit for the wedding. Of course, there are limitations with renting your wedding attire, but since it’s a one-time affair and you don’t wear tuxedos and suits often, here are the average costs to rent a tux or suit for the wedding. 


How much to rent suit for wedding

The costs for renting a tux or suit for the wedding vary per retailer. But in general, expect the prices to fall between $70 to upwards of $300. 

In contrast to buying the groom’s wedding attire that can go over $500, renting is more practical for a one-time event. You may even find a package that will give you the best value for money. 

For example, the retailer might include accessories for your wedding suit, such as the bowtie, pocket squares, and cufflinks. You may even score discounts if you rent your groomsmen’s suits from the same rental company. 


How Much Should The Groom’s Suit Cost?

The average cost of the groom’s suit is around $200, which is a reasonable price for something of good quality and style for the wedding. So how much does the average groom spend on his wedding attire? 

Grooms opt for mid-range but nice suits between $300 to $800, or they might rent something basic for $50 to twice the amount. If you have the budget to spend for something high-end, then $1,000 and up is expected for designer suits. 

Ensure you get a professional measurement and fitting to get the most out of your rental or purchase. You can also check packages, including the shirt, tie, and other groom’s accessories for the wedding attire. 

Typically, grooms can spend $100 and up for the accessories for their wedding attire. And to ensure the best fit and look, expect the alterations to cost $30 and up. 


Is It Cheaper To Buy Or Rent Wedding Suits?

It is cheaper to rent wedding suits because suits cost a couple hundred to thousands of dollars. In contrast, renting suits can be under $100. 

You may even find a wedding rental company that offers a package with the suit rental, and you’ll get the groom’s accessories with the suit cost. If you and your groomsmen don’t have the wedding attire yet, it’s cheaper to rent simultaneously. 

However, if you know you’ll need the tux or suit even after the wedding for formal events and other occasions, it’s best to invest in a suit and buy one tailored for you. You’ll get the best fit and style, and it’s an investment that you can reuse if needed. 


How Much Should I Spend On A Wedding Tux?

The amount to spend on the groom’s tux depends on your budget for the wedding attire. Tuxedos are pricier than wedding suits, but a tux that costs around $500 should be reasonable. 

A helpful tip to save on buying a wedding tux is to buy off the rack. First, go to a store that offers tuxedos, then find a trusty or recommended tailor that can customize its fit for you. 

You won’t need to pay for a complete custom, but you’ll still get the perfect fit for the wedding. For more information, refer to how much does a wedding tuxedo cost


Is A Tux Or A Suit More Expensive?

A tuxedo is more expensive than a suit because of the fabric and cuts it needs. The costs can reach thousands, especially for the designer and high-end tuxedos. 

The cost of satin also significantly affects the price of the tux. So for a black tie wedding where the groom should wear a tux, you can save more if you rent one instead. 

So which should you buy or rent? It will depend on your style, and the type of wedding you’re having since tuxedos are more formal, while suits are more useful for different occasions and dress codes. 



Was this cost guide helpful? To recap how much does a wedding suit cost, expect it to be between $300 to $800. 

Renting wedding suits is more affordable because some can go for under $100. We hope this helps you decide between buying and renting, or if it’s better to invest in the more expensive tuxedo for your wedding. 

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