What To Wear To A Barn Wedding In Summer

You can easily know what to wear to a barn wedding in summer by considering comfort and understanding the most common types of wedding attire used in a barn wedding. 

We will also describe the typical outfits for rustic, country, and outdoor weddings to help you prepare what to wear for these events. And in general, here’s another reference on what to wear to a barn wedding

what to wear to a barn wedding in summer


Complete Guide On What To Wear To A Barn Wedding In Summer


Consider comfort for the summer wedding

Since it’ll be a summer wedding in the barn, it’s important to select comfortable outfits on what to wear as a wedding guest. For example, select breathable fabrics and light colors to remain calm in the summer rustic setting. 

Think of summer-friendly materials like cotton, linen, and rayon and light colors like soft blue, green, or neutrals like apricot. And since it’s a barn wedding, think of the rustic theme. 

Opt for natural fabrics and colors usually seen outdoors. Patterns like florals and plaid can also suit a barn summer wedding. 


Country barn wedding in summer

The barn wedding in summer may request a country or rustic wedding theme for the guest attire. If this is the case, use the specific wedding venue to determine what you should wear. 

Likely, the barn wedding is not air-conditioned, so cool summer and flowy dresses are appropriate for female guests. On the other hand, male guests can opt for a lightweight suit, but if it’s not a formal wedding, a cotton buttoned shirt would also be suitable. 

Your barn wedding attire should also be inspired by the country setting besides being comfortable for the summer. Country clothing elements like leather boots, lace, or tattersall pattern can be incorporated into your outfit. 


Western summer barn wedding

Another possibility for the rustic barn wedding you’re attending is for the couple to have a Western theme. And for Western summer wedding attire, you should be mindful of the layers and materials in your outfit to maintain comfort at the barm. 

Instead of long sleeves, men can wear ¾ sleeves or short sleeves for the wedding. A light blue plaid shirt and plain denim with a leather belt, shoes, or cowboy hat might also be suitable for the Western barn wedding in summer. 

And as for women attending a Western summer barn wedding, cowboy boots paired with a floral maxi dress can be appropriate. You can also wear a dressy jumpsuit with a denim jacket for these types of weddings. 

For more tips on what to put on and remain comfortable for a barn wedding during hot summer months, you can read what to wear to a summer wedding.  


Can You Wear Pants To A Barn Wedding?

Female guests can wear pants to a barn wedding; some might even prefer pants over skirts and dresses because of comfort and practicality for the country or rustic setting. The dress code and season should help you decide how formal your outfit should be. 

For example, a casual barn wedding can have guests in dark and plain denim. For semi-formal or dressy simple barn weddings, opt for trousers or wide-leg palazzo pants. 

You can select a long-sleeved blouse or partner a coverup such as a blazer with a sleeveless dressy top for your pants. A formal barn wedding is perfect for pantsuits for female guests. 

But of course, since it’s a barn wedding, make sure your attire looks rustic. Consider country patterns and natural colors to follow the wedding theme still. 


What Shoes To Wear To A Barn Wedding?

The theme of the barn wedding you’re attending will dictate the best shoes to wear. For example, Western country weddings can be suitable for boots. 

Men can opt for dressy boots with their barn wedding, and even cowboy boots can be partnered with dresses for women’s barn wedding attire. Of course, formal weddings can still have guests in Oxfords and dressy sandals. 

But with heels, consider your comfort. You can opt for a wedge or kitten heels as they are more comfortable for a country venue. 


Fall Barn Wedding Guest Attire

Rustic weddings in the barn during fall are popular as couples take advantage of the beautiful country backdrop. For this wedding, guests can opt for floral patterns, lace fabrics, and chic colors for sophistication. 

Think of floral maxi dresses for women and unstructured suits for men attending a fall barn wedding. Colors like dusty purple, light blue, dark green, and even neutrals would look amazing for a fall barn wedding attire. 


Winter Barn Wedding Guest Attire

The barn wedding attire for a rustic wedding during winter is typically composed of dark and deep colors of brown, blue, and red. Of course, dress comfortably for this wedding, so select warm fabrics even if the venue is inside a barn.

Boots would be the perfect footwear for a winter barn wedding. And of course, you can accessorize with blazers, jackets, sportcoats, or even a simple scarf with your rustic-style dress or dark buttoned shirt. 



And that’s it! You just learned what to wear to a barn wedding in summer which should suit the rustic, country, or Western theme. 

But of course, pick breathable clothing fabrics in light colors to keep cool during summer. Floral maxi dresses and plaid buttoned shirts are some examples of what to wear.

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