How Much Does A Wedding Dress Weigh: Average Weight

The answer to how much does a wedding dress weigh is around 7 pounds. We will discuss below how to calculate the dress weight and what affects the weight of wedding dresses. 

You will also learn about the pound to expect in different marriage ceremony dresses, not just from a typical ball gown. And if you’re curious about the craftsmanship in making one wedding gown, you can refer to how long does it take to make a wedding dress

how much does a wedding dress weigh


How Much Does A Wedding Dress Weigh And What Influences It

The average weight of a wedding dress is about 7 pounds, depending on the size and fabric type of the dress. Of course, some wedding dresses are lighter than others, and you must know this information for comfort.

If you order or ship the dress from one country to another, its weight affects the costs with carriers. What about the weight differences among dress sizes?

The weight of each wedding dress size can be around 10 pounds. However, this information should not be your sole reference for determining your wedding dress size. 

It’s better to get fitted at the bridal salon since designers vary in the size chart they use for their dresses. Alternatively, you can always find out what your dress weighs in this order:


How to calculate the weight of your wedding dress

  1. Weigh yourself without wearing anything and take note of your pound information 
  2. Weigh yourself while wearing the wedding dress and take note of the weight
  3. Subtract your weight without the wedding dress from the weight with the wedding dress to get the weight of your wedding dress 
  4. Round up to the nearest pound to determine the potential charges of carriers when you ship or order the dress from one location to another


Factors that influence the weight of the wedding dress

The weight of wedding dresses varies because of the dress detail and fabric. The material of the dress dictates how heavy or light it will be. 

For example, chiffon is lighter than fabrics like satin. And, of course, the dress style or silhouette can mean some will need more fabrics, hence the heavier dress once it’s finished. 

A wedding ball gown will use more fabric for the iconic voluminous skirt than a sheath dress with less volume. So more than the style, be aware of how heavy the wedding dress will be for comfort, especially with the venue and weather. 

Then, don’t forget the dress detailing. Wedding dresses with more details like beads and stones will be heavier than dresses without many embellishments. 


How Much Does A Wedding Dress With A Train Weigh?

It’s tricky to mention a specific pound that will be added to the total weight of the wedding dress if it has a train since trains vary in fabric types and lengths. For example, crepe trains that are also short won’t add that much weight to the wedding dress compared to the heavier lace royal train that is also long.


How Much Does A Wedding Dress With Beading Weigh?

Expect that getting a beaded wedding dress will mean you’ll wear heavy attire on your wedding day. To give you an idea about the weight of beaded dresses, the bridal gown worn by Jennifer Lopez in Marry Me weighs 95 pounds. 

It is made of crystals and fabrics like tulle, horsehair, and nine layers of silk taffeta, which makes it heavy. It needed five people for transportation and people helping Jennifer to get in and out of the dress. 


How Much Does A Wedding Dress With A Veil Weigh?

Compared to the trains of wedding dresses, having a veil won’t add that much weight to the dress. But of course, you should consider the fabric and details on the veil for your comfort when walking down the aisle. 


How Much Does A Plus-Size Wedding Dress Weigh?

It’s tricky to determine the average weight of plus-size wedding dresses because each design may use lighter fabrics than others. Instead, consider the tip that each dress size can be around 10 pounds and if the average wedding gown is about 7 pounds, then add 10 for each size up. 

And for brides that want to find the most flattering gown, read what is the best wedding dress style for plus-size


How Much Does A Petite Wedding Dress Weigh?

A petite wedding dress has an average weight of 3 pounds. Some shorter dresses with few materials and details can even be half this weight or only weigh around 1.5 pounds. 


How Much Does A Vintage Wedding Dress Weigh?

Vintage dresses can weigh more than modern wedding gowns, as they are usually made from silk and lace materials. These fabric types can get heavy, even more so if the vintage wedding dress is embellished. 


How Much Does A Custom Wedding Dress Weigh?

A custom wedding dress can be light or heavy, depending on the bride’s silhouette, fabric, and detailing preference. Consider these factors when you order a custom dress, as remember that the weight will affect your expenses with the carriers if traveling with the dress. 



Was this guide helpful? You just learned how much does a wedding dress weigh, which is around 7 pounds. 

Each pound will depend on the fabric and detailing of the dress. Some silhouettes, like the ball gown, will need more fabric layers, so it’s heavier than shorter and less voluminous bridal dresses.

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