What Is The Best Wedding Dress Style For Plus Size

If you want to identify what is the best wedding dress style for plus size, it’s not enough to know the flattering silhouettes for your body type. You also need to know the tips and tricks to highlight your best assets and conceal the areas you wouldn’t want to stand out. 

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what is the best wedding dress style for plus size


How To Find What Is The Best Wedding Dress Style For Plus Size?


Flattering plus size wedding dress silhouettes 

Wedding dresses come in different silhouettes and styles, so it should be easy to find one that complements your body type best. The best wedding dresses for plus-size brides can range from the classic royalty-looking bridal ball gown, mermaid dress, and sheath dress to even something more straightforward like an A-line wedding dress.

Keep these dress silhouettes in mind when going through different bridal boutiques. Some will look extra flattering on you, so it’s best to bring your trusted friends and family during a dress fitting. 

You can also consult the assistant at the bridal salon regarding the different wedding dress styles. Remember to choose something where you feel the most confident because it will translate to how well you’ll handle yourself and look your best on your wedding day. 


Bridal style to conceal volume

One of the areas that plus-size brides often want to conceal is their belly region. So if you also want a wedding dress that hides your belly fat, you want something that’s not fitted in this region. 

However, this doesn’t mean that you must lose your natural curves. For example, one of the best wedding dresses to hide belly fats are ball gowns and A-line dresses because they still show the waist. 

But because they have the volume on the belly region, the stomach is less pronounced. It’s like having an hourglass figure instead of hiding the belly fat but losing shape. 


Best slimming wedding dresses

But what if you want to wear a wedding gown that makes you look slimmer? This can mean having a cinched waist, slimmer legs, and a pronounced upper body. 

Start with the silhouette and style of the dress. For example, you can opt for something that flares out from the hips, so your upper body looks slimmer. 

Then, consider the sleeve type of the wedding dress where mesh long sleeves with details can conceal flabby arms. And finally, you don’t need to limit yourself to white wedding dresses as other colors for the bridal attire are the trend nowadays.


What Color Should A Plus Size Bride Wear?

Nowadays, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear wedding dresses in colors besides white. And for plus-size brides, you can find the perfect shade to look slimmer and conceal any bumps and creases. 

For example, the best wedding dress colors to try for plus-size include maroon, navy blue, and dark green. These can look elegant for a wedding, and you can even request the wedding party to wear a lighter shade than what you’re wearing for the best wedding photos. 

You want to wear a monochromatic wedding dress rather than combining multiple colors in your bridal outfit. Then, pick the same color for your groom’s necktie or inner shirt for a cohesive look when you take your newlyweds’ portraits. 

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What Should A Plus Size Bride Wear?


Ball gowns and A-line wedding dresses

While mermaid and sheath wedding dresses are also perfect for curvy brides, your plus-size body type works to your advantage if you want a classic bridal look. Plus-size brides look best in ball gowns and A-line wedding dresses.

It’s no secret that some of us dream of being a fairy tale princess when we were kids, and you can live this dream on your wedding day. Opt for a ball gown with a fitted bodice to create a slimmer waist, and the poofiness of the skirt should hide your lower belly if you’re conscious. 

If you want a less glamorous dress, A-line silhouettes are perfect for plus-size brides. The shape also highlights your curves, but it’s not as voluminous at the bottom as a ball gown. 


How Can A Plus Size Bride Be Confident?

  • Talk with your seamstress about altering the wedding dress accordingly
  • Opt for slightly thicker bridal gown fabrics to smoothen out your silhouette
  • Check where the beads and details of the wedding gown areas they’ll draw attention to these areas
  • Accentuate your best assets by modifying the wedding dress 
  • Get the right wedding dress length for your height 
  • Do not force yourself on a wedding dress size
  • Experiment with your wedding hair, makeup, jewelry, shoes, and accessories
  • Prioritize comfort
  • Don’t overlook self-care, so indulge in massages and facials to alleviate wedding day nervousness 
  • Practice affirmations and know that you are beautiful



Was this guide helpful? To recap what is the best wedding dress style for plus size, the best silhouettes are A-line and ball gown. 

Then, experiment with the dress color, length, and overall bridal look to feel extra confident. And finally, talk with your seamstress about altering and modifying your dress to highlight your assets. 

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