How To Make Candy Pacifiers For Baby Shower

It’s pretty easy to learn how to make candy pacifiers for baby shower as you’ll only construct a pacifier from chocolate, ring candies like Life Savers, and jelly beans. We’ve also included a cookie pacifier recipe to add to your baby shower candy table. 

And speaking of candy recipes for baby showers, perhaps you want to add something soft to the selection of candies? You can read how to make marshmallow lollipops for the baby shower for cute ideas in assembling them. 

how to make candy pacifiers for baby shower


How To Make Candy Pacifiers For Baby Shower



  • Ring-shaped candies like Life Savers
  • Different colors and flavors of jelly beans according to the baby shower theme
  • White chocolate chips or any melting chocolate
  • Ribbons and other decoration ideas for the candy pacifiers 



  1. Melt the white chocolate as you’ll use it to glue the candies together to form the pacifier
  2. Dip a toothpick in the melted chocolate and dot onto the ring candy; make two dots across from each other 
  3. Lay the ring candy with the dotted side up on the table and put another ring candy vertically over the chocolate dots
  4. Wait for a few seconds before removing the pressure so the chocolate sets and adheres to the two candy rings 
  5. You now have the ring and the mouth shield of the candy pacifier 
  6. Make as many pacifiers as needed and wait for the “glued” candies to set together
  7. An easy way to let the candies set is to put them with the “mouth shield” side facing the table and the ring sitting upright 
  8. Once the candy rings have set, line the inside circle of the “mouth shield” part of the candy pacifiers with melted chocolate and a toothpick or piping bag
  9. Insert a jellybean in the center of the hole of the “mouth shield,” as this will be the pacifier’s “nipple” 
  10. Continue finishing the other candy pacifiers for the baby shower 
  11. Place the finished pacifiers upright in the cooling rack to allow them to set for an hour
  12. Add ribbons or details with a different color frosting on the pacifiers before displaying them or putting them in bags as baby shower favors for the guests


How Long Do The Candy Pacifiers Last?

Candy pacifiers can last for months or possibly a year since they are made from hard candy. They should last longer than softer homemade baby shower candies, especially if stored well.

Hard candies can last a year, and gummy candies, like the jelly beans used on candy pacifiers, are suitable for six months. However, this assumes you store the candy pacifiers somewhere cool and dry. 

A storage tip for hard candies is to sprinkle them in finely ground sugar before placing them inside an airtight container. This will prevent the candy pacifiers from absorbing any moisture from the air. 


Can I Make The Candy Pacifiers Ahead Of Time?

Since candy pacifiers are mostly hard candies and the amount of melted chocolate used is minimal, you can make them early for the baby shower. It’s possible to do them several days before the baby shower.

Hard candies last for months to a year, but since you’re adding chocolate and jelly beans to the baby shower pacifiers, it’s best to do them the same week as the baby shower. Most homemade candies can last two to three weeks, but candy pacifiers are easy to make anyway. 

You shouldn’t combine them with other candies or keep the jelly beans from touching each other, as they might get soft and sticky. 


Do I Need To Refrigerate The Candy Pacifiers?

You can refrigerate candy pacifiers if you have no cool and dry spot to store them. This might also hasten the time needed for the chocolate adhering the candies together to set. 

However, remember to store them upright than mixed up, as the jelly beans might fuse. Jelly beans can last six months if opened, but they should never be exposed to light or heat. 

You might also risk refrigerating the candies for too long, and the temperature change when they’re displayed at the venue may cause them to sweat. 


How to Make Pacifier Cookies For Baby Shower

You can also make baby shower pacifiers from cookies. They pair well with tea or coffee for an afternoon party. 



  • Your choice of cookies
  • Melting chocolate bars
  • Candy rings
  • Jelly beans
  • Ribbons and other decors



  1. Melt the candy bars and use the melted chocolate to glue the candy rings to the cookies
  2. Lay a cookie down and add some melted chocolate in the center
  3. Position a candy ring vertically on top of the chocolate and let it set
  4. The cookie will be the “mouth shield” of the pacifier, and the candy will be the ring
  5. Dot melted chocolate on the other side of the cookie and stick a jelly bean on it as the “nipple” to finish the pacifier
  6. Tie a ribbon strip inside the candy ring and decorate the pacifiers as you want 

With all these goodies, we recommend reading how to make a candy table for a baby shower to put them on display. 



And that’s it! You just learned how to make candy pacifiers for baby shower by assembling two candy rings with melted chocolate to make the mouth shield and ring. 

Then, put a jelly bean in the center of the pacifier’s nipple. You can also use cookies assembled the same way.

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