How To Make Cute Baby Shower Gifts: Easy And Cheap

Here are five ideas on how to make cute baby shower gifts! We’ve included DIY babies made from diapers, sundaes made from baby blankets, a baby sock bouquet, baby clothes that look like cupcakes, and no-sew stuffed toys. 

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how to make cute baby shower gifts


How To Make Cute Baby Shower Gifts At Home For Those Who Hate Crafts


Diaper babies

Instead of diaper cakes, you can make cute babies from diapers. For this tutorial, your baby shower gifts for the expecting mom or dad include washcloths, baby socks, and a reusable basket for the mommy survival kit. 


  • Diapers
  • Baby socks
  • Washcloths for babies in different colors
  • A basket for the diaper babies
  • Pen


  1. Roll each diaper tightly and secure it with tape to create the baby’s boy
  2. Construct the baby’s head by inserting the other end into a baby sock for the baby’s hat
  3. Draw on the baby’s eyes and swaddle the baby with the washcloth
  4. Make several babies and organize them inside the basket
  5. Fill the basket with other rolled diapers 


Baby blanket sundaes

Do you know that you can wrap your baby blankets more cutely as sundaes? They can come in different colors and fabrics, or you can purchase a set for the expecting parents. 


  • Different sizes and colors of baby blankets
  • Different heights and colors of cups 
  • Straws
  • Spoons
  • Cotton balls
  • Red crepe fabric
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors


  1. Roll each baby blanket and carefully raise the inner rolls to mimic the shape of soft serve ice cream and tape to secure the roll
  2. Insert the blanket sundae on the cup and reshape it so it looks more like a sundae
  3. Decorate the cup with a ribbon
  4. Add a cherry by wrapping a cotton ball in red crepe paper
  5. Insert a straw or spoon into the cup 


Onesie cupcakes

The expecting moms and dads will surely appreciate receiving baby clothes as gifts. Try this DIY baby shower gift to present your onesie gift at the baby shower. 


  • Baby onesies
  • Baby socks
  • A box for the cupcakes
  • Cupcake liners
  • Ribbon
  • Tape


  1. Smoothen the baby onesie over a surface and fold it into a rectangle 
  2. Insert a baby sock onto the other end of the folded onesie and roll them together into a ball so the sock’s tip is showing at the top 
  3. Take the ankle part of the baby sock and flip it over to secure the rolled onesie
  4. Put the onesie cupcake inside the colored or printed liner
  5. Make several cupcakes and put them inside a box with a see-through lid
  6. Tie with ribbon


Baby sock bouquet

While it’s common to see DIY bouquets from baby socks, you can always make yours more unique and eye-catching. Consider unique color combinations or add flowers to the arrangement. 


  • Baby socks in gray, blue, and pink
  • Sticks for the stems
  • Filler flowers like faux flowers or baby’s breath
  • Floral foam for the flowers
  • Green tissue paper
  • Ribbon
  • Silver bucket


  1. Flatten the baby sock and lift the cuff if it’s folded
  2. Roll the sock from the toe to the top and turn it over to secure the roll
  3. Adjust the shape of the sock rose like pulling the center or flattening the petals
  4. Take a stick and push it upward into the bottom of the DIY sock flower
  5. Put the floral foam inside the bucket and arrange the baby socks in it
  6. Fill the arrangement with silk flowers and fillers like baby’s breath 
  7. Play with the height of the stems
  8. Hide the visible foam with green tissue paper
  9. Add a bow around the bucket


DIY animal plush toys

Plush toys are a cute baby shower gift that the child can someday use. If you hate sewing, you can buy one. 

However, try these no-sew instructions, and you might enjoy making these cute plush animal projects:


  • Borg fabric
  • Fabric scraps
  • Hot glue or fabric glue
  • Cotton
  • Chopsticks or pen
  • Yarn


  1. Design your pattern for the plush animal; an easy shape is a dog with a simple shape for the ears and four legs with two on the sides and two underneath the main head; include the details like a cute heart and two circles for the eyes
  2. Cut some yarn for the lashes and whiskers of the plush animal
  3. Roll two balls from scrap fabric and wrap them with black fabric as eyes; you can secure the wrap with tape since you’re gluing them to the plush later
  4. Cut the borg fabric into two pieces of the pattern
  5. Line the sides of the materials with glue and check if the right sides face inside since you’ll flip the plush later
  6. Leave a gap for stuffing
  7. Press the sides of the plush together and let the glue dry completely 
  8. Flip the plush animal inside up through the gap and stuff it with cotton
  9. Use a pen or chopsticks to push through the corners 
  10. Glue the gap shut and let the plush dry
  11. Add the details with glue 



And that’s it! You just learned how to make cute baby shower gifts with five tutorials!

Transform baby essentials like diapers, blankets, onesies, or socks as cute displays and toys. You can even make a plush animal without sewing.

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