How Much Does A Vera Wang Wedding Dress Cost

If you’re wondering how much does a Vera Wang wedding dress cost, prepare anywhere from $3,000 to $7,000, depending on the piece you want from a specific Vera Wang bridal collection. We will also compare this coveted wedding gown designer’s prices and the most affordable wedding dresses. 

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how much does a vera wang wedding dress cost


How Much Does A Vera Wang Wedding Dress Cost: Is It Expensive?

According to their official website, a Vera Wang wedding dress can cost anywhere from $2,900 to $6,900. There is the Vera Wang Collection and Luxe Collection, where the former’s starting price for the bridal collection starts at $2,900 and the latter at $6,900.

The Luxe Collection has a higher starting point, but these dresses are also more customizable. But regardless, Vera Wang typically introduces new designs twice a year in both collections. 


Most expensive Vera Wang wedding dress

The most expensive Vera Wang wedding dress has a starting cost of $6,900. This is the Luxe Collection, which is more costly than the dresses in the Vera Wang Collection. 

To compare the two collections, the Vera Wang Collection dresses start at $2,900. You can also browse Vera Wang bridal on their official website or use their store locator and book one near you to visit and see the gowns firsthand. 

Vera Wang Bride wedding dresses are available in all Nicole Milano and Pronovias stores. However, you can also call the shop near you to check if your desired wedding gown from Vera Wang is available. 


Most affordable Vera Wang wedding dress

The most affordable Vera Wang wedding dress comes from Vera Wang Bride wedding dresses. These dresses start from $1,900, which is more attainable financially by most brides than the other gown collections. 

According to Vera Wang, you can call their official wedding dress distributors for the prices of each dress. Unfortunately, browsing their online catalog does not list the prices, so it’s best to visit a store near you

Furthermore, Vera Wang does not offer the option for online buying. According to them, purchasing the wedding dress in-store is a better and more personal experience, especially since their boutiques have expert stylists to guide you. 


Is Vera Wang Expensive?

Vera Wang wedding dresses can be expensive, but some designs are still reasonable and affordable. There are bridal dresses under $2,000, which is realistic since brides usually spend $500 to $4,000 for their wedding gown. 

As for paying for a Vera Wang wedding dress, it will be divided into three steps. First, you will pay 50% of the total price the day you ordered the gown, then 30% on the first fitting, followed by the remaining 20% on the day you pick up the Vera Wang dress. 


Does Vera Wang Only Make Wedding Dresses?

Vera Wang also does Haute fashion, jewelry, eyewear, and fragrance. But for brides and bridesmaids, you can visit Vera Wang Bride. The Vera Wang Bride is a collection composed of 60 dresses designed by Vera Wang herself. 

Because of its diversity, these wedding dresses’ price points and designs are suitable for all brides. And even if the price range is accessible, Vera Wang still delivers the same craftsmanship and quality you can expect from any other Vera Wang collection.

According to Vera Wang, they have an expert team who always perform in-depth quality checks on each wedding dress delivered to their stores. The sizes available for each Vera Wang Gown are from European size 32 to 60 or US size 0 to 28. 


Can Vera Wang dresses be altered?

And once you order a dress, you can expect two fitting sessions. Allocate a budget since the costs for alterations are not included in the gown’s price.

But what if you want to customize your Vera Wang wedding dress and not just alter its size? All Atelier Vera Wang Bride gowns and some selected Vera Wang Bride dresses can be personalized. 

You can customize the gown shape, add sleeves or train, or even choose a different color. You can also change the neckline depth, sleeve length or remove the sleeve, depending on what the stylist in their store recommends. 


Is It Worth It To Buy A Designer Wedding Gown? 

A designer wedding gown is pricier than the average wedding dress cost, which usually starts at $500 only. A designer-made gown, significantly those custom-made for the bride like couture dresses, may even cost twice, thrice, or even higher than the usual wedding dresses price. 

So if you have a limited wedding budget, you may need to compromise and select a wedding gown that’s not from a famous designer. Alternatively, you also consider trunk show wedding dresses, where even iconic designers showcase their collections if you genuinely want to wear a designer dress. 

The designer may offer a good deal or discounts on their dresses. We also recommend knowing when wedding dresses usually go on sale



Was this helpful? We just learned how much does a Vera Wang wedding dress cost, which is  $2,900 to $6,900, depending on the collection. 

However, the more accessible Vera Wang Bride wedding dresses start at $1,900, a fantastic price for a designer gown. Overall, we recommend browsing their website or setting an appointment to see the Vera Wang dresses and assess if it’s the dream dress on your special day. 

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