What Is A Trunk Show Wedding Dress

The answer to what is a trunk show wedding dress is from the name itself: it’s a wedding dress that came from a trunk show. To further help you understand what a trunk show is, continue reading below as it might be perfect for you. 

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what is a trunk show wedding dress


What Does A Trunk Show Wedding Dress Mean?

A trunk show wedding dress comes from the bridal boutique’s trunk show event. But what is a trunk show? 

A trunk show is when the boutique or store invites a wedding dress designer to showcase their collection for a day or longer. This is why brides who have a favorite designer should be on the lookout for trunk shows to try different designs. 

Usually, a bridal boutique will only have a few dresses of a designer. So if you want to try an entire collection from a specific designer, you can consider a trunk show during your wedding dress shopping. 

Another advantage of buying a wedding dress trunk show is it might also come with a promotional discount. Check out who to bring when wedding dress shopping, so you’ll have trusty people help you find the best dress from the trunk show. 


What Exactly Is A Trunk Show?

A trunk show is when a store host an event for a particular designer to showcase their entire collection of designs. For wedding dress designers, this is an opportunity to have brides see and try all of their gowns rather than being limited in designs. 

After all, a bridal boutique or store can’t have all the designs from each season as their inventory can only hold several dresses of multiple designers. So if you’re a bride who’s fond of a particular designer, be on the lookout for trunk shows. 


Why is it called a trunk show?

A trunk show is so-called because the products or merchandise of the vendor or designer were used to be transported in trunks when going to this event. Then, the products will be shown to the customers at a particular store or retail location. 


How does a trunk show work?

A trunk show works by having the designer bring all their designs from their line or collection to the store. The trunk show can run for several days, and the designer might also be present at the event.


How do I find out about trunk shows?

The bridal boutique will usually announce an upcoming trunk show in their social media or newsletter if you signed up for it. You can also follow your favorite designer on social media as they will also usually post about it. 


What’s Special About Trunk Shows For Brides?


You get to see and try a designer’s full collection

When wedding dress shopping, you might notice that the styles you want are coming from one designer. However, the bridal boutique only carries a few dresses from this designer’s collection, so you’re limited in trying their work.

A trunk show means that you can see and try the entire collection of a particular designer. So if you are fond of a wedding dress designer, make sure that you know when they’ll have a trunk show. 


You’d be first to see the entire line

Trunk shows can mean that you can view and try dresses of a designer’s collection straight from the runway. However, it’s also common for the designer to showcase the line before it’s even launched. 

Designers can send styles to a store early in the season for a trunk show. Any bride will surely love it to be the first one to see these designs. 


Potential savings on your purchase

Besides seeing all the designs from an entire line or collection, the designer may also allow extra discounts on orders during a trunk show. Therefore, you may even get extra savings on a design usually not seen in the bridal store. 


The designer might be present

The designer might be present at the trunk show. So if you have questions about their designs or want some guidance from their team regarding styling and choosing, do your wedding dress shopping at a trunk show. 


How Much Do You Get Off At A Trunk Show?

Dresses purchased at a trunk show might be offered at a 10% discount. However, this isn’t a number you must expect in any trunk show as exclusive offers vary per store and designer. 


Trunk Show Vs Sample Sale

A trunk show is when you’ll see a designer’s entire collection at the store for a limited time. On the other hand, a sample sale refers to the store selling off-the-rack dresses at a discounted rate.

Sample sales often carry discontinued styles, dresses tried on by many people, or those with minimal wear. So if you want to save money, it’s ideal to go to a sample sale. 



And that’s it! We found out what is a trunk show wedding dress, which is a dress from the store’s event that showcases the entire collection of a specific designer. 

You must consider shopping on a trunk show if you have a designer you like to try all their collections. You might even score discounts and save a couple of bucks. 

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