How Much To Rent A Tent For A Wedding: Average Costs

If you’re curious about how much to rent a tent for a wedding, prepare anywhere from $2,000 to $7,000. We will discuss below what affects the rental rates for wedding tents in more detail.

And more than knowing the wedding tent cost to expect for different size weddings, we will also help you learn how big of a wedding tent you’ll need. Then, you can refer to this tutorial on how to decorate a wedding tent on a budget to dress up your rentals. 

how much to rent a tent for a wedding


How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Tent For A Wedding?

Wedding tent rentals start from $2,000 to $7,000, depending on the size and type of tent you’re getting. And while the rental rates vary from every tent rental company, this range should be a reasonable expectation if you’re planning on renting a tent or two for your wedding. 

Consider these costs on your wedding budget, especially if you have an outdoor wedding. Another example is if you’ll have a backyard wedding and you have already allocated a small budget because you think the venue is already free.

If the area is open, you’ll need tents for the guests or wedding vendors. You can consider buying a tent, but some couples might be better off renting wedding tents, especially if they don’t plan on having outdoor parties often. 


What affects wedding tent rental prices?

When renting a tent for a wedding, you’ll find different prices from one tent rental company to another. This is because the tent size and style affect each tent’s rental fee.


  • Wedding tent size

For example, the tent size you’ll need for the wedding depends on the number of guests and the generally available space in the venue. Consider that each wedding guest will need 10 square feet for comfort. 

Typical small backyard weddings with under 50 guests can use a tent that is 400 square feet, and standard 20 by 20 wedding tents usually offer this size. On the other hand, you’ll need a bigger budget if you must rent a giant tent. 

A wedding with more than 100 guests means you must rent a tent that has more than 1,000 square feet of interior space. And even if you don’t intend to fit everyone under a single tent, you’ll still pay a higher rental fee for renting multiple wedding tents. 


  • Wedding tent style

You can rent different types of wedding tents for aesthetics and comfort. A popular one is the pole tent because they are cost-effective, but of course, the center poles affect the space inside. 

Couples who want the classic appearance of tent weddings without sacrificing interior space can consider high peak tents. They are pretty expensive but perfect for weddings’ aesthetic and space needs. 

You can also rent a frame tent, ideal for housing many guests. It’s another classic tent for events because it’s easy to decorate. 

Finally, why not rent a smaller pop-up tent for the wedding vendors like the DJ or band? Pop-up tents are easy to set up and small enough not to be obstructive. 


What Size Tent Do I Need For 100 Guests?

Each wedding guest will need an area of 10 square feet. Therefore, a wedding with 100 guests will require a tent with about 1000 square feet of space.

However, this computation is only based on the size needed for seated guests. So, for example, if you want to include a bar and buffet, you’ll need a giant tent with 200 square feet more space. 

Depending on the style of tent, a 20 by 50-feet tent offers 1000 square feet of space, ideal for a 100-guest wedding. Then, if you include space for the catering and bar, a 30 by 40-feet tent should offer 1,200 square feet of interior space. 

Read how to plan a micro wedding if you don’t want a wedding with 100 guests and prefer a very intimate event instead. 


How Big Of A Wedding Tent Do I Need?

The wedding tent you need to rent depends on the venue and how big your wedding is. So first, confirm with the venue regarding the space you’re allowed to put in a tent. 

Then, consider 10 square feet of space per seated guest. You also don’t need to buy a tent to fit everyone at the wedding. 

It’s possible to create a tent wedding layout with multiple smaller tents and save on rental costs. If the venue is shaded, you may not even need various tents for some areas. 

For example, maybe you only need to provide a tent for the caterers and wedding bands. Then, the guests can comfortably be shaded in one spot by the venue’s trees. 


How To Organize A Tent Wedding?


Circular tent

Have four rectangular tables surrounding the center as the dance floor. 


Square tent

Leave the middle space open and use circular tables to outline this area.


Rectangular tent

Start the dance floor on one side up to the center, then fill the other end with circular and square tables.



Was this price guide helpful? To recap how much to rent a tent for a wedding, prepare $2,000 and over for your budget.

Certain styles and sizes of rental wedding tents can even go for $7,000 or higher. Plan the layout and know the size and type needed based on your guest number to save on costs with your wedding tents. 

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