What To Say To A Daughter On Her Wedding Day

If you don’t know what to say to a daughter on her wedding day, consider these four touching subjects. Whether you’re the bride’s dad or mom, these four tips should help you remind your daughter of your love and support, especially at her wedding when she might be feeling overwhelmed about everything.

You can apply these tips or use them all in your letter for your daughter. If you’ll have a speech at your daughter’s wedding, these things will surely resonate with her and the guests. 

what to say to a daughter on her wedding day

And as for the bride herself, you can check these tips on what to say to your groom on your wedding day


What Do I Say To My Daughter At Her Wedding?

Instead of providing your paragraphs and phrases to say to your daughter who’s a bride-to-be, we recommend using these themes on writing a wedding letter or wedding speech instead. That way, it will be more personal and touching instead of reciting pre-written sentences from the internet. 


  • Reminisce life with your daughter

First, it’s important to remind your daughter that she is still her person even if she’s about to start a new chapter of her life. Tell her of your favorite memories and moments while growing up and how she’s changed into the woman she is now. 

You can reflect on her younger years, how she tackled challenges, and how anybody would be lucky to call her their wife. This is also useful when preparing for a ceremony where your daughter might be feeling nervous. 

Reminding her of the best moments in her life can distract her from the nerves before the ceremony. More so, it’s the perfect time to give her a thoughtful gift, such as a family heirloom she can wear at the wedding. 


  • Reassure daughter that you’ll always support and be there for her

It’s important to reassure your daughter that you’ll always be there for her, even if she’s about to start her own family. Even though we grow and live away from our parents, we can always look back on them for encouragement and support. 

Dads usually remind their daughters that they’re always there to protect them and that they can feel at ease knowing that they are their dad’s daughter. So speak about how much you love your daughter, especially during your toast and speech. 

Don’t be afraid to get emotional and touching. After all, the wedding is the perfect day to talk about love, including parental love

  • Provide marriage advice

Do you and your spouse have a marriage worthy of being the standard? Then, you and your partner can serve as the role models for what a healthy marriage should represent. 

Whether in the speech or letter, you can talk about your marriage and advise your daughter as she’s about to start her married life. Talk about how to handle conflicts and maintain love for each other. 

You can even mention examples that she might’ve witnessed herself growing up. However, you don’t want to seem patronizing and dictate what her marriage should look like. 


  • Talk about your excitement for her wedding day and best wishes

Finally, don’t forget to talk about your excitement about her wedding day. If you’re giving a speech at the reception, you can wish them well and remind the newlyweds how the best years of their lives are ahead of them. 

You can always add humor and jokes regarding what to expect in married life. And if your daughter will read these in a letter before her wedding, express how proud you are of her and that she’ll make a wonderful bride and wife. 

Congratulate her on finding the best love, and you can even mention your love for her partner. Talk about why they’ll make the best couple and that you’re looking forward to witnessing them as husband and wife.


How Do I Start My Daughter’s Wedding Speech?

  • Start by greeting the wedding guests, similar to when you’re learning how to write a wedding toast
  • Thank everyone for coming and celebrating this event with the family and your daughter on her wedding day
  • Welcome your daughter’s partner as well and acknowledge them being part of the family 
  • Aim to have a speech not longer than 6 to 7 minutes
  • Avoid typical phrases mentioned to daughters, but instead, make the speech more personal
  • Add in some appropriate humor
  • Write the speech before the wedding and read it out loud to know the message you’re implying


Sample mother of the bride/father of the bride speech:

Thank you all for coming today. I would like to welcome xx and his family into our family. [Talk about your daughter’s partner and your favorite qualities about them]. [Talk about how you love your daughter so much and that you’re proud of everything she’s achieved, including this lovely marriage]. Please join me in a toast to xxx and xxx. Congratulations and best wishes!



Were these tips helpful? You just learned what to say to a daughter on her wedding day by reminiscing her younger days, reassuring her, advising, and getting excited about her married life. 

Remember our tips on giving a speech at your daughter’s wedding, so everyone can relate and enjoy your talk. 

Let us know below how you’d write or talk to your daughter on her big day. 


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