How To Make Wedding Ring Smaller: 5 Best Hacks

There are six ways you can try to learn how to make wedding ring smaller. These are all easy to do at home, and you won’t risk damaging your ring to make it tighter. 

We will also discuss the cost you can expect to spend to make a wedding ring smaller to fit better. But to avoid such issues in the future, please know how should a wedding ring fit

how to make wedding ring smaller


How To Make Wedding Ring Smaller At Home


Use snuggies to make the ring smaller

If you’re looking for an easy way to make your wedding band smaller, there are cheap and readily available plastic snuggies you can order online. They come in different forms, such as sleeve, tube, or coil-type, so you can select whichever you think will adjust your ring the best. 

What’s fantastic about ring snuggies is they are transparent, so they’re not noticeable when worn. But if you want a better quality snuggie, go to the jewelry store for a custom spring insert. 

A custom spring insert from a jewelry store is usually made of metal, making it more durable and secure than plastic ones. Just select the one that feels comfortable when worn for an extended period. 


Glue to change the ring size

Do you know that readily-available household items can be helpful to make a wedding ring smaller? For example, if you have a hot glue gun, you can melt glue rods to add some thickness to the wedding band. 

However, don’t mistake using your glue gun or applying the glue directly on the wedding ring shank because you might put too much glue. Instead, prepare a separate surface where you can melt the glue rod. 

Use something pointed for precision, dip it into the glue, and then the wedding band shank. Just be fast and smoothen the melted glue so it won’t look messy. 


Silicone for making wedding bands smaller

Those who have access to food-grade silicone can also use it to adjust the size of a wedding band and make it tiny. Don’t use silicone sealant; instead, spray or gel-type silicone. 

You’ll use the food-grade silicone similar to melted glue rods, where you’ll apply it to the wedding ring shank with a toothpick or anything pointed. Please work fast because the silicone might set quickly into a layer thickness that doesn’t look good. 

Smoothen the silicone onto the ring band’s back portion to add another layer or thickness to the metal. However, some don’t like this method of resizing a wedding band since the finish is noticeable. 


Fishing line for ring resizing options

If glue and silicone don’t seem like attractive solutions for you, you can make the wedding ring smaller with a fishing line. It’s similar to using a string or rubber band that will add thickness, but the fishing line is preferred because it’s more subtle-looking. 

Furthermore, fishing lines are better to wear in the long run as they won’t soak sweat or collect grime. It’s also waterproof, and the texture keeps the ring in place. 

Just cut an appropriate length and wrap it around the back of the wedding ring. Make sure it’s neat and secure well. 

If you want to avoid irritation and have your wedding ring look nasty from the dirt build-up, read our separate tutorial on cleaning a wedding ring at home


Beads to resize wedding band

Consider returning to your jeweler and ask if they can install a sizing bead to the ring. This is no longer a home DIY method, but it’s more secure and long-term. 

The jeweler will weld a metal bead inside the ring band to create thickness and make the ring size smaller. Usually, they can also add a bead or two at the inner top of the band if the ring is too oversized.

You won’t lose any decorative details around the band since you’re not wrapping anything on it. And best of all, you can remove beads as needed, making the band’s size versatile. 


Use spring insert on the ring

Another item to resize a ring band and make it smaller is a spring. It’s a U-shaped bendable detail that the jeweler will weld into the bottom interior of the wedding ring. 

What’s fantastic about this solution is the spring’s elasticity so it can adjust well to your finger. Therefore, the ring will match the size needed as your finger changes over time. 

After all, our fingers tend to change their size from various factors. Just make sure to invest in quality springs so they won’t get discolored or cause skin irritation. 


What Do I Do If My Ring Is Too Big?

As discussed above, there are many easy DIY home solutions to make the wedding ring smaller. However, please consider going to your jeweler for a more long-term solution without worrying about the ring falling or getting dirty. 


How Much Does It Cost To Resize A Ring Smaller?

Expect to spend as much as $50 or over to resize a too big wedding ring. But depending on the material, complexity, and shop itself, you may only need to pay as low as $20.



Was this tutorial helpful? You just learned how to make wedding ring smaller by using snuggies, glue, silicone, or a fishing line.

You can also get the wedding band welded with beads or spring to resize it. 

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