How Much Beer To Order For A Wedding

The answer to how much beer to order for a wedding, depends on the number of guests. We will discuss how many beer bottles, cans, or kegs you’ll need for the wedding. 

You will also know what beer is the fantastic choice for wedding alcohol and how to serve it for the occasion. But besides learning how much alcohol is needed for weddings, please browse our blog for other wedding beverage calculators. 

how much beer to order for a wedding

For example, do you know how much soda to buy for a wedding


Wedding Beer Calculator: How Much Beer To Order For A Wedding


Wedding open bar

When it comes to how much alcohol you’ll need for the wedding, it will depend on the number of guests. For example, you will need around 175 beers for 100 guests if you have an open bar at your wedding. 

Remember that how many beer bottles to order is also influenced by the other types of alcohol you’ll serve at the wedding. Therefore, this ratio of 175 beer bottles for every 100 guests is not constant. 

If you have a bigger wedding, say you’ll have 150 guests with an open bar, then expect to order around 266 beer bottles. Manage your budget for the wedding alcohol wisely to know how much beer you’ll need. 


How much beer to buy for a wedding reception?

To identify how much alcohol to get for a wedding reception, consider the event’s length. For beers, you can remember to get one beer per guest per hour. 

The longer your reception and the more guests you have, you’ll need to order more beers. To save on costs, consider beer kegs over beer bottles and cans. 

On the contrary, you can buy beer bottles or cans if not all guests have a beer. If it’s an intimate wedding and you want a unique experience for the guests with your wedding alcohol, then why not serve them homebrew beer


How Many Cans Of Beer Do You Need For A Wedding?

You can count five beer cans per wedding guest or use the formula of one beer can per wedding guest per wedding reception hour. If you do not have an open bar, then 25 guests can use a bar with a stock of 50 beer cans. 


How Many Beer Kegs Do I Need For 150 Guests?

It’s more cost-efficient for weddings to buy wedding alcohol in larger quantities. So for beers, consider buying kegs for your wedding.

You will need to purchase around six kegs every five hours of the wedding reception if you have 150 guests and you’ll only serve beer. Remember that a keg is equivalent to an order of 15.5 gallons of beer. 

That being said, you can get around 124 pieces of 16-ounce beers. So, if you’ll also serve other drinks at your wedding, you can compute one serving of beer for every two hours of the wedding reception. 


What Is The Most Popular Beer At Weddings?

Both domestic and imported beers are popular for weddings. For example, you can never go wrong with Bud Light, Budweiser, Coors, Sam Adams, or Miller. 

You can also offer your guests light beers. And as for imported beers, serve Corona, Newcastle, or Heineken at your wedding for an interesting alcohol menu. 


Beer keg vs canned beer vs bottle of beer

A keg of beer is a practical option if you’ll only serve this alcohol at your wedding. Otherwise, you can get cases of beer cans or bottles, and how much you’ll order will depend on the length of the reception and the number of guests. 

If you don’t have a wedding alcohol menu yet, here’s a discussion on what drinks to serve at a wedding


How Many Types Of Beer Should You Have At A Wedding?

The types of beers you must purchase for the wedding can be around two to three types. However, you don’t need to buy many kinds of beers because most weddings usually have other types of alcohol to serve.   


How do I pick a beer for my wedding?

  • Consider the time of the wedding; darker beers are fantastic for nighttime events, while lighter beers are more suitable for daytime weddings
  • The season or temperature at the venue can dictate the best beer to drink; for a hot wedding, it’s better to serve light beers, while dark and heavy beers will be delicious for cold weddings
  • Select a beer that suits the theme or season of the wedding; citrus beers, for example, will match a summer or spring wedding, while you can provide Oktoberfest ales if it’s a fall wedding
  • Assume the beer types that your guests will love
  • Be practical with your wedding budget regarding what beers to buy
  • Consider sentimental beers between you and your partner 


What Is The Proper Way To Serve The Beers At The Weddings?

  • In kegs
  • By the tap
  • Personalized cans
  • Beer wall
  • Beer flights
  • Beer displays



And that’s it! You just learned how much beer to order for a wedding, which can be one beer per guest per hour of the wedding. 

You can also consider ordering a beer keg that can serve 124 pieces of beers for a 100-person wedding, especially if you’ll have other drinks to offer at the wedding. Ultimately, your alcohol menu, type of guests, and wedding budget will decide how much beer to purchase. 

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