How To Dip Dye Wedding Dress In 2 Steps

Do you know that it’s only two steps and you’ll learn how to dip dye wedding dress? This guide will help you achieve the dip dye wedding dress trend at home without accidentally ruining your wedding dress.

Take note that this is a different technique compared to changing the entire color of the wedding dress with dye. Read how to dye a wedding dress if you’re not looking for an ombre effect on the hem of the wedding dress. 

how to dip dye wedding dress


How To Dip Dye Wedding Dress At Home


Step 1. Prepare the dye for the wedding gown

  • Wedding dresses come in different materials, so please check if the fabric of the gown will react nicely with the dye
  • Dyed wedding dresses can be tricky, but you can always practice with a scrap fabric that’s the same on the wedding dress with different amounts of dye and timings to achieve the color you want
  • Take note of the type of dye that can change the color of your wedding dress fabric without damaging it; for example, some wedding dresses are dry-clean only or are made from delicate fabrics that some dyes like RIT dye can’t be used on them
  • After securing the compatible product for the specific wedding dress you have, prepare the place where you’ll dip the wedding dress
  • Fill a bucket with hot water and add some wetting agent like Calsolene oil to ensure that the dyeing will be even on the wedding dress fabric; a ratio of one gallon of water per half a teaspoon of Calsolene oil is recommended 
  • Check the ratio guide on the dye product and create your mixture 
  • Mix the dyeing solution completely and add some vinegar if the wedding dress is made of silk; use an ounce of vinegar per gallon of water to ensure that the dye will bond with the fabric
  • It’s also recommended to add a cup of salt for every gallon of water in the dyeing mixture to ensure that the dyes will adhere perfectly to the wedding dress material


Step 2. Dye the wedding dress

  • The difference between dip-dyed wedding dresses versus dyed wedding dresses is you’re only dying the ends of the wedding dress skirt, so the process of dyeing will be slightly different
  • Dip your wedding dress into the dye as far as where you want the color to begin; remember that dip dye wedding dresses have a gradient look where the dye starts from light to dark
  • Keep your wedding dress in the dye until the color begins to change, then lift an inch of the dress every few minutes to achieve the ombre look 
  • The more noticeable the color contrast, then the bigger section and the longer the waiting time you’ll move the dress; for example, you’ll lift two inches of the dress every five minutes
  • You can also create a darker color change by strengthening the dye solution
  • After you finish the dip dye wedding dress, rinse it in cold water until the water runs clear
  • Then, wash the wedding dress in warm water to thoroughly rinse off the dye
  • Hang the wedding dress somewhere nicely ventilated and allow it to dry 


How Do You Dip Dye A Wedding Dress Ombre?

You can use different colors of dyeing solution if you want an ombre wedding dress where the color gradient is not from the same tone. However, the more straightforward method to achieve this multi-colored ombre wedding dress is with paint sprays. 

For standard wedding dress fabrics like silk, tulle, and lace, you can test if they would be compatible with flower color sprays. 

  1. Set the wedding dress over a mannequin so you can readily see what the colors will look like as you work
  2. Don’t forget to place the wedding dress over a plastic sheet and spray paint outside to avoid messes
  3. The order of colors depends on you, but to achieve the dip-dyed wedding dress look, cover the trim with tape first
  4. Paint below the trim with two shades of one color, then another color, and a different color
  5. Spray outwards towards the hem and ensure that the area you’re covering gets wide, especially around the back of the wedding dress train
  6. Make sure to allow one color to dry first, then consider if you’ll need to do more coats of the same colors if they need to pop out more


Can I Dye My Wedding Dress?

You can dye your wedding dress completely to change its color if you don’t want the traditional white bridal look. You can also try dip-dyed wedding dresses if you want an exciting gradient or ombre look at the base of your wedding dress skirt. 

But if you’re dyeing your wedding dress at home, please test the product you’ll use on a scrap fabric that’s the same as the one on your wedding dress. And if you don’t know it yet, read what color wedding dress should I wear



And that’s it! You just learned how to dip dye a wedding dress in two steps. 

Start by testing the dye on scrap fabric to ensure it’s compatible with your wedding dress. Then you can dip the dress hem into the solution and move it an inch as you continue creating the gradient. 

We hope this was easy; let us know below if you find this helpful. 

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