How To Decorate A Car For Wedding: 3 Decorating Ideas

Those who want to know how to decorate a car for wedding can consider three ways. We will also share tips for attaching the decors to a wedding vehicle. 

But first, do you know how much does a limo cost for a wedding? It’s always helpful to understand how to budget for your wedding, especially for the iconic elements like the bridal car. 

how to decorate a car for wedding


How To Decorate A Car For Wedding: 3 Best Wedding Car Decoration Ideas


Kit of wedding car decorations

One of the easiest ways to decorate a car for the wedding is by buying a wedding car decoration kit. The decors in a kit are pre-selected, so you’re saving time sourcing them and finding the items that will complement each other. 

You also don’t need to worry about having a chaotic-looking vehicle because wedding car kits come in single themes. Therefore, know the look you want for the wedding vehicle, whether glamorous or more minimalistic. 

What to expect in a wedding car decoration kit? It should have ribbons, flowers, instruments, paint, banners, streamers, signages, and lights, to name a few. 


Classic decorating ideas

If you can’t find the car decorating kit that matches what you want for the bridal vehicle, you’ll handpick the decors yourself. This way, the decorated wedding car will look according to your preference, and it’s guaranteed to be unique. 

However, you must know what to decorate your wedding car with. It can be as simple as a signage or plate number announcing that you just got married or a classy but sizable bouquet at the car hood. 

There are no rules on how you must decorate the car for a wedding, but it’s often included in photos, so make sure it suits the wedding theme. You also don’t want it to have its decors falling out. 


Attention-grabbing vehicle

Another way to decorate a bridal car is to make it your signal to the world that you just got married. Think of decors like a “Just Married” sign to announce to the public your union with your partner. 

Then, add the classic cans, strings, and streamers to make the vehicle more bridal. Finally, take inspiration from the getaway cars used in movies when the main characters leave the church

Feel free to make the car as traditional or modern as you want. But of course, consult your partner for their opinion regarding the look of your wedding vehicle. 


How Do You Attach Decor To A Car For A Wedding?



The easiest way to attach wedding car decorations without ruining or accidentally damaging the vehicle is by sticking them on with duct tape. You can also use masking tape, but remember only use stick-on on the window.

Make sure that the bridal car won’t be under the sun for a long time to avoid any residues. 


Twist-ties and wires

You can use twist-ties for the wedding streamers and garlands to secure them on the bridal bumper or front grill. Just make sure that everything is twisted securely so nothing will be obstructive or popping out of the car. 


What Can You Decorate A Car With?



Flowers or even a single large bouquet in the car can make it instantly bridal. You can use suction cups or magnets to mount the floral arrangement on the car bonnet without scratching it. 

And as for the bouquet itself, make sure you’re using long-lasting flowers. Consider learning how to make a wedding bouquet with fake flowers if you want to save on costs. 


Flags and banners

Another way to make your car look more like a wedding vehicle is with banners and flags. You don’t need to use plenty, as a simple flag saying “Just Married” at the side of the car is sufficient, especially if you’ll have other decors. 

You can also have the banner at the front, or rear end of the car, then use floral garlands or ribbons for added appeal. Secure them well with ties to ensure they won’t fall out when the car runs. 



Balloons are the answer if you want your wedding car to be extra festive without overspending. Use your wedding color theme as the balloon colors, or opt for white and pastels.

You can tie many balloons behind the car, so they’ll move while it’s running. Some even replace the hood bouquet with balloons arranged in a heart. 


Can I decorate a car with paint?

The safest paint to use for decorating a car is acrylic paint. You can also use it for the banners to save on costs. 

After the wedding, you can safely use soap water to remove the painted decors on the car. Just don’t mistake using markers or other non-water-based paint on the car as they’ll be hard to remove. 


What can I use to write on a car?

The safest option to write on a wedding car is a chalk marker. You can get creative with the colors and handwriting, and they should stay well throughout the day. 



Was this guide helpful? You just learned how to decorate a car for wedding by considering kits, classic decors, or using announcement-style designs. 

As for attaching the decors, you can use twist-ties or tape. You can also use paint or chalk markers to write or decorate the wedding car directly. 

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