How To Wear A Wedding Veil: Best Complete Guide

You can learn how to wear a wedding veil by knowing the proper ways of putting it on and taking it off. We will also share some tips on how to keep the wedding veil in place. 

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how to wear a wedding veil


How To Wear A Wedding Veil Properly


How to put on a wedding veil

  • Have your stylist put on the wedding veil after the final touch-ups 
  • Those who will need to travel after hair and makeup should put on the veil until they arrived at the wedding location to avoid damaging the veil or ruining the hairstyle
  • Consider the design and length of the veil when positioning it on your head
  • Having the veil higher on the crown of your head will have it fall on your shoulder and show its edge well if it’s intricately designed and embellished
  • Having the veil lower on the base of the head will have it drape on your back for a more subtle look 
  • Locate the veil’s comb and hold it upside down
  • Angle the teeth of the comb towards your forehead 
  • Pull the tulle layers down your back and out of the way
  • Make sure that the blusher is on top of the veil
  • Rotate the comb backward with the concave side facing down, then push it into your hair 
  • Slide the comb deeper to secure the veil in place
  • Add bobby pins as needed and have your hairstylist work with you 


How to take off the wedding veil

  • Have someone assist you when removing the wedding veil, especially if it has a blusher
  • Depending on the length of the veil, you can remove it after the ceremony and portrait-taking for easier movement at the reception or cocktail hour
  • Some brides also plan an alternative shorter veil after the ceremony 
  • Carefully remove the bobby pins and reverse the method you did when putting on the wedding veil comb
  • Since some bridal hairstyles are intricate, it’s best to have someone or your hairstylist remove the veil for you 


How Do You Hold A Wedding Veil In Place?

The secret to securing the wedding veil in place is a couple of bobby pins. Your hairstylist will usually use bobby pins that are the same color as your hair and position them criss-cross to attach the veil to your head further. 

Most bridal veils also have loops on their combs for receiving bobby pins and allowing better anchorage on the head. Your hairstylist is also strategic with your hairstyle so that the veil comb will sit nicely on your head throughout the ceremony. 

A helpful tip is to get a two-piece veil if you’re wearing a blusher. This way, you can remove the blusher much easier without touching the hairstyle. 


What Does Wearing A Veil At Your Wedding Mean?

The wearing of bridal veils can be traced back to Rome. It was done to disguise the bride from evil spirits and ward them off. 

Another history of the wedding veil is from the notion of wrapping the bride head to toe as a symbol of modesty. It can be viewed as having the maiden delivered untouched. 

But nowadays, wearing a veil at your wedding is no longer associated with being a virgin or as a way to protect your happiness from evil spirits. Instead, the veil is the bride’s choice, and she can decide if she wants to wear one at her wedding. 

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Do You Walk Down The Aisle With Veil Over Face?

Traditionally and based on the history of wedding veils, the bride walks down the aisle with the veil covering her face. This part of the veil is called the blusher and will only be lifted up once she stands by her groom. 

However, no rule prevents you from not having the veil covering your face as you walk down the aisle. Some brides have it flipped over or even tucked underneath instead of having it draped over their heads. 


How to wear different types of wedding veils

  • Double layer veils are tucked into the crown of the head, so it falls on both sides equally 
  • Birdcage veils should be placed towards the crown of the head so it falls below the bride’s nose
  • Fingertip veils are best with a bun hairstyle where it can attach above it
  • Mantilla-style veils should be pinned back from the hairline


Who Lifts Up The Bride Veil?

The bride’s father traditionally lifts her veil before handing her off to the groom, but the veil can also remain covering the bride’s face throughout the ceremony until her groom raises it to kiss her. 



And that’s it! This article discussed how to wear a wedding veil, where your hairstylist will secure it in place with the veil’s comb and additional bobby pins. 

The type of the veil will also dictate how it should be worn as some are best attached to a bun, and others must be tucked higher or lower on the head. We hope you learned a lot; leave us a question if you have any. 


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