How Many In A Wedding Party: Big And Small Weddings

If you’re unsure how many in a wedding party, the average wedding party size is 20 or 10 people each for the bride and the groom. However, the size of the wedding itself will dictate how many people you should have for the wedding or bridal party. 

We will discuss the expected wedding party size for different sizes of weddings below. And if you’re curious about who to pick, here’s how to choose the wedding party as well. 


How Many In A Wedding Party: When To Go Big Or Small

Most weddings consider a 20-person wedding party a full-sized wedding party. However, the number of guests you’ll have at the ceremony and wedding will determine how many people you should have for your wedding party. 

Your wedding budget, venue size, and the number of people on your partner’s side will also dictate how many bridesmaids or groomsmen to have. Here are the average number of the wedding party to have in different sizes of weddings:


Wedding party size for a 20-person wedding

If you’re having a small or intimate wedding, having four to five people at your party is reasonable. Smaller weddings may even have very small parties of two people each for the bridal party and groom’s party. 

What about weddings with ten guests or lower? It’s acceptable to omit the wedding party and only have the best man and maid of honor accompany the bride and groom at the front. 

Don’t forget to use your partner’s side as a guide on how much to have. For example, if the groom will only have four groomsmen with the best man included, it’s preferred for the bride to have the same number on her bridal party for a symmetrical look and fair sharing of the wedding party. 


Wedding party size for a 50-person wedding

For a typical mid-sized 50-person wedding, you can have as many as ten people at the wedding party. This means that the bride and groom will each have five people on their sides at the altar.

Any number under 20 members should be appropriate for a 50-person wedding. Having a full-house 20-people wedding party might be unnecessary for this mid-sized wedding. 

Furthermore, consider the venue size. You don’t want an overcrowded altar as weddings this size are unlikely to rent ample space.  


Wedding party size for a 75-person wedding

How many people to have at wedding parties for a ceremony with over 50 guests? For a 75-person wedding, each partner can have up to 9 wedding party members. 

Therefore, you’ll have 18 wedding party members, including the best man and maid of honor. Determining how much to have should be based on symmetry and wedding budget. 

Weddings with asymmetrical wedding parties, like the bride or groom having more than their partner, would not only look awkward in photos. You also should ensure that your partner does not feel that the wedding party is unfair. 


Wedding party size for a 100-person wedding

The average wedding ceremony size is over 100 but under 200. And for this type of wedding, how much should each partner get for the party? 

You can have 15 members each for big weddings. It can even go higher, especially for weddings with over 150 guests. 

But of course, you don’t want it to seem over the top. And ultimately, the wedding party should be consists of the closest people to the bride and groom and not just random guests to fill a specific wedding party size. 


Who Is Included In The Wedding Party?

There are no rules on who should be included in the wedding party, especially in modern weddings. However, you still want the ceremony to feel intimate, especially with those who’ll accompany you at the altar. 

For example, it’s traditional for the bridal party to be composed of all the closest females to the bride, and they can be her sisters, cousins, and friends. On the other hand, the groom’s side of the wedding party can be his male relatives and closest male friends. 

But nowadays, there can be the best woman on the groom’s side or a man of honor on the bride’s side. The wedding party’s age range doesn’t also matter because there can be a matron of honor, junior bridesmaids, or junior groomsmen. 


How Many Are Too Many At A Wedding Party?

A 20-person wedding party is considered a full house. However, weddings with under 50 guests would not make sense to have this size of wedding party. 

For example, you can have nine people on each side, including the best man and maid of honor, for a 75-person wedding. But for bigger weddings, you can have as many as 15 members for each partner, which wouldn’t be too much. 

If you want, you can just omit to have a wedding party altogether. Here’s how to have a wedding without bridesmaids and groomsmen without hurting anyone’s feelings. 



And that’s it! You just learned how many in a wedding party, where the full-house is considered 20 people. 

However, you can have five people on each side for most sizes of weddings. And for bigger weddings, you can have as many as 15 members each, which wouldn’t seem over the top. 

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