Complete Guide For The Best Gender Neutral Baby Shower

If you want to throw the ultimate gender neutral baby shower, here is a planning guide of everything to know and what to expect for this type of party. We’ve also listed the five best themes for gender-neutral baby showers, and deciding the decorations would be a breeze with our two color palettes discussed below. 

Furthermore, you’ll have the baby shower games, food, and favors that best suit this theme. And for those who want to include an event to reveal their baby’s gender at the gender-neutral party, you can read how to do a gender reveal baby shower


How To Throw The Ultimate Gender Neutral Baby Shower


What is a gender-neutral baby shower?

A gender-neutral baby shower is an event where the theme does not point out the specific gender of the baby. Compared to other baby showers where the guests easily know that the couple is having a baby boy or baby girl, a gender-neutral celebration is unisex. 

Instead of having pronouns in the banners and baby invitations or themes like a baby gentleman or little princess for the event, a gender-neutral party typically only uses the word “baby” or other descriptions where gender can be anything. 

The parents may choose to be surprised with their baby’s gender, or they already know the gender and would prefer a unisex theme or receive unisex gifts from the guests. Nowadays, expecting parents raise their children without conforming to any specific gender and let them choose their identity later in life. 


Why should you have a gender-neutral shower?

There are different reasons and purposes why many people nowadays have unisex or gender-neutral themes for their baby showers.

Here are some of them, and you can consider the benefits if you don’t have a baby shower theme in mind yet: 

  • The expecting parents don’t want to know their baby’s gender yet
  • The new parents prefer unisex gifts and don’t want to be limited to themes
  • The parents-to-be plan on raising their baby without gender to let it decide on its own later in life
  • You are not limited to pink and blue baby shower themes
  • You can be creative with the event decorations and baby shower games


How to have a gender-neutral baby shower

Planning for a gender-neutral celebration will follow the same process as any other baby shower theme. For example, start by setting a budget and stick to it, then secure the party date, time, and venue. 

From here, these are the guidelines to remember when throwing a gender-neutral celebration for the parents and their baby: 

  • Ask the expecting mom if they’re also having a co-ed party; most gender-neutral baby showers honor both the mom and dad-to-be
  • Indicate the gender-neutral baby shower theme on the invitations
  • Use social media, email, or text the guests to inform them of the gender-neutral party further; for example, make sure the gifts that everyone will bring to the celebration are unisex
  • List the best gender-neutral baby shower themes or choose from the ones below; avoid any theme or colors that can insinuate that the party is for a baby girl or baby boy
  • Check with the parents on the type of baby shower they want to have (e.g., morning, brunch, outdoor, indoor, drive-by, drop-in, etc.,)
  • Ensure the decorations, food, games, and favors follow a gender-neutral theme. 

If you need additional how-tos for hosts to ensure the smoothest baby shower event, you can read our guide on how to plan a baby shower


5 Cutest Gender Neutral Baby Shower Themes For A Standout Party

The most significant part of planning the ultimate gender-neutral baby shower is picking the theme. There are many common baby shower themes, but some can be interpreted as limiting to one gender only, so here are some out-of-the-box ideas:


All-white baby shower theme

Typical baby showers for the baby girl or baby boy have a pink or blue party theme. So for a gender-neutral celebration, the host can choose a color that’s not associated with any specific gender, such as white. 

This is also a classy theme for the event, and you can encourage the guests to wear white or incorporate white in their outfits. But if you need some variety, gray or silver accents can also be added to the baby shower venue. 


Rustic baby shower theme

If you’re having a fall or outdoor baby shower on the farm or park, the rustic theme is one of the best gender-neutral themes to inspire your celebration. You can even create a rustic-boho blend where neutrals are mixed with muted pastels on the decorations. 

You can have dried flowers and wooden centerpieces mixed with macaron-colored balloons. And, of course, don’t forget to serve the guests hearty meals to fit the rustic theme. 


Bee baby shower theme

The bee party is a unique and creative gender-neutral baby shower theme that guests will adore. You’ll have bee decor and colors like yellow and black at the party. 

You don’t need to indicate the baby’s gender on the baby shower invitations and banners, but you can be creative with this theme to amuse everyone. For example, create a banner that spells out “mama to bee” and send honey bottles as favors. 


Woodland baby shower theme

If you’re a fan of cute baby foxes, raccoons, owls, and bears, a gender-neutral baby shower theme you should throw is a woodland party. The table decor can be a stuffed toy, and some ideas to dress up the event are wooden baby blocks, neutral-colored balloons, and wildflowers. 

A great way to thank the guests for coming is to plant favors like seed pockets or succulents. And for the food, arrange them like you’d imagine cute woodland animals would have a tea party in the forest. 


Nursery rhyme baby shower theme

For hosts who find rustic and woodland baby shower themes too familiar, why not be inspired by a popular nursery rhyme? Your party decorations can be from “Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars,” for example. 

And, of course, use these familiar tunes in your games. You can play “guess the tune” or “finish the lyrics” with guests. 


2 Absolutely Gorgeous Gender Neutral Baby Shower Color Schemes 

Instead of the typical blue or pink party, these are the cutest color schemes you can use for your gender-neutral celebration: 



You can never go wrong with a neutral color palette for a gender-neutral baby shower. Think of different shades of brown and white for the decorations, and the colors are perfect for any modern or sophisticated baby shower theme. 



If you’re yawning from pastel colors for the baby shower, consider a metallic color palette that would easily add glamor to any gender-neutral party. Glittery shades, silver, rose gold, or gold can be seen as mylar balloons, metal centerpieces, and fabric banners and backdrops. 


3 Gender Neutral Baby Shower Games That Don’t Suck

These are the perfect games that don’t insinuate any specific gender in the baby. They are also enjoyable if you have a co-ed baby shower where guests of mom and dad can compete against each other. 


Baby Charades

A classic party game with a baby shower twist. Have guests act and guess words related to pregnancy, babies, labor, and parenthood. 


Stroller Race

Best played outdoors; you can group guests in two teams who’ll race strollers through a course with obstacles like diaper boxes and large baby toys. 


Guess The Baby Food

Guess The Baby Food is a fun baby shower game that won’t require pink or blue props. Blindfold guests and have them taste and guess the flavor of baby food. 

A baby shower typically has three games. But if you want more ideas on what to play at the party, check out these top baby shower games guaranteed to have guests laughing and having the best time. 


5 Mouthwatering And Instagram-Worth Baby Shower Food For Gender Neutral Baby Showers

When preparing the food table for a gender-neutral event, the key consideration is how you decorate and set them up. If possible, avoid pink or blue food items and utensils, but arrange everything on the menu to follow the theme of the celebration. 


Taco Cups

Taco cups are easy to make for the host and easy to eat for the guests. You can use wonton wrappers and shape them like flowers to make these finger foods more eye-catching. 

Set the taco cups over a wooden board or white plate. Decorate with lime slices, and use the freshest vegetables for color vibrancy. 


Chicken And Waffles

You can serve chicken and waffles in a chic way for gender-neutral baby showers. Use small waffles and stack the juicy and crispy chicken over them. 

Arrange the food table with a checked tablecloth and have these mini chicken and waffles on elongated plates. Don’t forget to have maple syrup and bacon beside them. 


Shrimp Kebabs

Do you want seafood for the gender-neutral party? Shrimp kebabs are easy and Instagram-worthy to add to your baby shower menu. 

You can serve a full stick or shorter skewers with fewer ingredients. Then, arrange them over a black or solid-colored tray or use smaller plates and place three kebabs per piece. 


Fruit tarts

For desserts, instead of blue and pink cookies and cupcakes, add more colors to the food table with fruit tarts. This baby shower dessert is also easy to make, as you can use puff pastry for the crust.   

For the set-up, use tiered stands or arrange them in circular platters. You can also place them on each table as edible centerpieces. 


Gender-neutral baby shower cake

What cake to serve at a gender-neutral baby shower? Instead of a pink or blue fondant cake, you can serve the iconic celebration cake: confetti cake. 

This vanilla buttercream cake is not only fitting for a birthday celebration. You can even add a topper that suits the gender-neutral theme. 


5 Unique Gender Neutral Baby Shower Favors Your Guests Will Love


Onesie cookies

You can give baby shower guests a bag of onesie cookies made from any sugar cookie and royal icing recipe. Opt for neutral colors like green, yellow, and purple, and decorate each onesie to your imagination’s content. 


Honey jars

Whether it’s a rustic or bee-themed baby shower, your guests will adore honey jars. You can even print custom labels for each jar to make them more personal. 


Coffee bags

Who wouldn’t like receiving fragrant coffee beans? You can customize the sticker on their bags to suit the gender-neutral theme better. 


Tote bag

A tote bag is a practical baby shower favor that guests will surely use. It’s the perfect canvas for any gender-neutral theme design, and you can purchase them in bulk for cheap. 


Bath bombs

You can also give bath bombs in pastel colors as the party favor for the gender-neutral event. And to make them more memorable, add dried flowers to them. 

Here are the best baby shower favors if you need more ideas on what to give to your family and friends. 


5 Perfect Gender Neutral Baby Shower Gifts

For guests attending a gender-neutral baby shower, always check the registry and select items that aren’t associated with gender. This means picking gender-neutral colors and designs or avoiding those with texts for a baby boy or girl. 


Diaper cake

Stand out from other guests by rolling diapers and arranging them like a cake as your baby shower gift. You can also learn how to make baby shower gifts made from diapers for cute but practical gift ideas. 


Baby bath essentials

The new parents might forget to include baby bath essentials in the registry. Pick baby skin-friendly soaps and soft washcloths in cute colors or prints. 


Diaper bag

The expecting parents might receive a lot of diapers as baby shower gifts. But to make their trips with their baby more convenient, gift them a diaper bag with lots of compartments. 


After labor essentials gift basket

Your baby shower gift can also be something for the new mom. You can create a gift basket with after-labor essentials like soothing balms, comfortable nightwear, and nursing pads. 


Food delivery gift card

Busy parents will surely appreciate a food delivery gift card for the days when cooking meals are too time-consuming. You can also set up grocery subscriptions to help them stock their pantry once the baby arrives. 



Was this comprehensive guide helpful? We just tackled everything you need to know for a gender neutral baby shower, including ensuring that the type of party is communicated with the guests, so they can also pick the appropriate gifts. 

And as for the theme and colors for the celebration, you should explore themes like woodland or bee and colors like metallic or neutrals. They are not often related to the baby girl or baby boy compared to colors like pink or blue.

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