The Only Baby Shower Favors You Should Give Your Guests

Are you looking for baby shower favors you can give your guests to thank everyone? Here are the best favor ideas for the baby girl, baby boy, co-ed, drop-in, and drive-by baby showers!

You’ll also know the most unique, personalized, DIY, and cheap gifts you can give to any guest to show your appreciation. And if you need a baby shower favor for the host, we’ve listed the best gift ideas to thank them for throwing you the party. 

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10 Best And Unique Baby Shower Favors Your Guests Will Actually Use 


Girl Baby Shower Favors Your Guests Will Adore

If you have a girl baby shower, the most common baby shower theme for the gifts to give to everyone is pink. But of course, your specific party theme can inspire the favors you’ll provide the guests with as a way of saying thanks. 

  • Jars with different shades of pink candies: you can purchase candies in bulk and repack them in decorated mason jars that suit the girl baby shower theme
  • Nail polish: the nail polish colors can be inspired by the party’s color scheme
  • Hair ties: different colors and styles of hair ties in cute bags or boxes


Cute Baby Boy Shower Favors

While the pink baby shower theme usually implies a baby girl shower, the blue theme typically relates to the party for the little boy. And for this baby shower, your favors for the guests can be something like:

  • Themed lollipops: give the guests lollipops that match popular baby boy shower themes like nautical or jungle
  • Stationery bags: prepare cute blue bags with pens and printed papers inspired by the little man’s baby shower theme
  • Mini toys: they can be a mini toy car or mini dinosaur placed in a decorated jar or box 

You can also check how to make baby shower favors for a boy for gifts you can DIY.


Brilliant Co-Ed Baby Shower Favors

Nowadays, most baby showers have men and women as guests and celebrate the expecting parents together, not just the mom. And for this party, remember to think of treats and gifts that any gender will enjoy. 

  • Colorful loofah favors: you can also attach personalized tags to thank each guest; do you know it’s easy to learn how to make loofah baby shower favors?
  • Succulents: a cute baby shower favor that your guests will surely put on their homes
  • Bottle opener: you can purchase them in baby shower themes like baby bottles or the shape of a baby stroller


The Perfect Drop-In Baby Shower Favors

The drop-in baby shower refers to a party where guests arrive at specific timeslots. Since you’ll be spending time with each guest personally, you should give a well-thought-out favor, like boxes or bags of treats and gifts.

  • Pamper basket: baskets with skincare and home spa essentials like scrubs, creams, and oils for relaxing
  • DIY bead set: a cute baby shower favor, especially for guests who also have kids
  • Blended tea collection: boxes of your favorite tea flavors, which everyone will surely enjoy 


Drive-By Baby Shower Favor Ideas

The drive-by baby shower is a slightly similar type of party to the drop-in baby shower. Guests “drive” by the expecting parents’ home so you can hand them gifts to show appreciation for their effort. 

  • Goodie bags: bags with your selected sweets and pastries that guests can snack on while on their way home
  • Coffee bags: fresh coffee beans for an aromatic drive 
  • Themed magnets: you can get creative with the design or print inspired by the drive-by baby shower; designs like cute cars, or words like “Thanks for driving by!”, for example


Unique Baby Shower Favors That Stand Out

Your baby shower favors for the party can be unique, so guests will laugh or feel touched each time they see them. The favor might be so unique that the guests only had it from your baby shower. 

  • Baby shower temporary tattoos: you can order tattoos in packs inspired by the baby theme, like baby socks or diapers
  • Themed seed papers: you can make seed papers with wildflowers and shape them like onesies for the baby shower
  • Bottle stoppers: a memorable gift idea for the guests are bottle stoppers in cute shapes, designs, or messages according to the party; for example, they can be shaped like crowns for the princess baby shower or has a question mark print for a gender-reveal baby shower


Personalized Baby Shower Favor Ideas 

Your guests will surely appreciate personalized baby shower favors because their names or particular messages are on them. Here are some personalized gift ideas that are affordable and doable for everyone:

  • Customized mini champagne bottles: you can get labels printed for the guests and surprise them with the custom bubbly
  • Memory coasters: most printing companies offer customized coasters for different occasions, and you can even use photographs to surprise the guests
  • Printed mugs: be creative with the slogans and quotes you’ll print on your mug baby shower favors; you can also put sweet treats, coffee beans, or a tea bag inside


Cheap But Cute Baby Shower Favors

You don’t need to spend too much on baby shower favors if your budget is limited. Here are some cheap but cute gift ideas for the guests that everyone will still appreciate: 

  • Honey jars: you can put them in cute jars with honey dippers, perfect for popular baby shower themes like woodland, rustic, or even bee
  • Trail mix bags: use cute paper bags with transparent fronts to show the different colors of nuts and candies
  • Bath bombs: you can make colorful bath bombs at home in cute pastel colors 


Easy DIY Baby Shower Favors

Another way to cut costs for baby shower favors is to consider DIY gifts. You can always make the favors and put them in cute bottles, jars, boxes, or bags with sweet messages, according to the baby shower theme.

  • Homemade soaps: you can even make them look cuter with flower petals and dried fruit slices
  • Pressed flower crafts: there are also resin kits for DIY pressed flower keychains or jewelry
  • Easy cloth tote bags: you don’t need to be an expert in sewing to make cloth tote bags because you can make a no-sew one from a shirt

For more DIY baby shower favor ideas, we have a tutorial on how to make baby shower favor at home that anyone can do. 


Baby Shower Favor Ideas For The Host

It’s only fitting to give a gift to the party host to show your appreciation for everything they did for the baby shower. Here are the most thoughtful gifts for the baby shower host or hostess:

  • A vinyl record of their favorite artist: perfect for the music-lover host
  • A gift card from a store they frequent to: gift cards for Amazon, Target, or Sephora, to name a few
  • Subscription boxes to surprise them each month: some popular options are Birchbox, BarkBox, or Universal Yums
  • Basket or box of selected treats from specific countries, like snacks from Italy, or home essentials like decors and useful productivity items

And for your budget, refer to how much to spend on baby shower hostess gift


What Is Usually In Baby Shower Goodie Bags?

Instead of giving one generic item as a gift for each guest, a trend with baby showers nowadays is to provide goodie bags as favors. Each bag can contain a set or selected items, depending on the theme. 

  • Sweets and pastries bag: a selection of candies, cookies, and other sweet treats
  • Coffee and tea set: a tasting kit of different coffee or tea blends
  • Spa-in-a-bag: pamper kit with relaxing oils, creams, and scrubs
  • Green thumb bags: starter kit for planting like seed bags and seed papers
  • Arts and crafts kit: stationery, paper, paint, and pens for the artsy guests
  • Custom tote bag kits: the bag itself can be decorated with the items inside


How Many Items Should Be In A Baby Shower Favor Bag?

Put three to five items in your party favor bags for the baby shower. Typically, you’ll spend around $6 per favor for each guest, so keep this in mind when shopping for things to put in gift boxes or bags.

Remember that you might also get the bags, boxes, or bottles containing the favors personalized, which will add to the total favor expenses. Consider the DIY route for them by printing on cardstock as tags or sticker paper to save on costs. 


Should Baby Showers Have Favors?

It’s only fitting to prepare favors for the baby shower to show appreciation to everyone who came. The gifts are also mementos for the party celebrating the first child of the people close to them. 

However, your budget for the event might be limited, so it’s acceptable not to have any favors in some instances. You can still give thank you cards or include take-home gifts from your orders for the party. 

Some of the cookies on your dessert table could also be your favors, for example. 


Who pays for baby shower favors?

The host pays for the baby shower favors as they are responsible for the entire party budget. However, the guests of honor or the expecting mom and dad can feel free to chip into the favor budget if they think the host has spent too much for the party. 



And that’s it! You just learned some cute and creative ideas for baby shower favors, including themed bags and jars for the baby boy or baby girl shower and unique items for co-ed, drive-by, and drop-in baby showers. 

We hope our list of cheap and personalized baby shower favors inspires those on a budget. Let us know below which favor in this list caught your attention. 

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