Does Costco Make Wedding Cakes And Sheet Cake Hack

The answer to does Costco make wedding cakes is yes, and the following types are available as of this writing when you visit Weddings by Costco. We will also discuss if you can buy a sheet cake from Costco and if it’s possible to make a wedding cake from them. 

And speaking of wedding cakes, do you need help setting a budget for them? Read how to save on wedding cake to help you cut cake expenses. 

does costco make wedding cakes


Does Costco Make Wedding Cakes?

When you visit Weddings by Costco, you can click on the food category to find a Costco wedding cake. As of this writing, there are two Costco cake flavors available for weddings:


David’s Cookies Premier Chocolate Cake

With more than 600 reviews, David’s Cookies Premier Chocolate Cake is described by Costco as the dream cake of the ultimate chocolate lover. So if you and your partner want a premier chocolate overload cake for your wedding, try this four-layered rich chocolate cake. 

It features a smooth milk chocolate mousse, chocolate ganache, and dark chocolate bark pieces. It comes in precut slices and can do 14 servings. 

Furthermore, it has no added preservatives and OU-D certified, which means it is kosher-certified. It’s under $60 as of this writing, and the design would fit a rustic wedding. 


David’s Cookies Mile High Peanut Butter Cake 

According to Costco, David’s Cookies Mile High Peanut Butter Cake is their top-selling cake. It would look fantastic on your wedding cake table and is perfect for couples who want something indulgent for their wedding cake. 

The David’s Cookies Mile High Peanut Butter Cake uses a fudge brownie base, smooth peanut butter mousse, peanut butter chips, and fudge. Like the other cake, it’s also precut into slices for 14 servings. 

It’s also OU-D certified and has no added preservatives. And for price of this 10-inch cake, it costs under $60.  


What Kind Of Cake Does Costco Make?

The Costco cakes available on their Weddings by Costco catalog are a chocolate cake and a peanut butter cake by David’s Cookies. There is also a two-pack cheesecake that serves 28 people. 

If you want the cheesecake, the two-pack that costs under $55 will give you a triple chocolate cheesecake and turtle-style chocolate, caramel, and pecan cheesecake. It’s OU-D certified and trans-fat-free as well. 

Understandably, these cake options do not speak traditional wedding cakes. So for the other cakes that Costco provide, you can check their catalog for bakery and desserts. 

As of this writing, we found a 9-inch rainbow cake from David’s Cookies. It can serve 12 people, but it’s not your traditional multi-tiered wedding cake. 

For other options, we’ve reviewed where to buy wedding cakes. The stores we listed are popular, and you might find someone that can create your dream wedding cake. 


Is Costco Making Sheet Cake?

While wedding cakes are usually round and tiered, they can also serve as a sheet cake at your wedding. Sheet cakes can make multiple servings and be decorated to look fitting for a wedding. 

The good news is Costco stores sell two flavors of sheet cakes at an affordable price. These basic cakes were so popular that other recipe websites have their own take on them.  

Costco sheet cakes come in 12 x 16 inches, either in vanilla or chocolate. The vanilla one uses vanilla cheesecake mousse and white buttercream made from vegetable shortening, while the chocolate sheet cake uses chocolate mousse and chocolate buttercream icing. 


How Far In Advance Do You Have To Order A Costco Cake?

You must order a Costco cake two days before sending an order form. According to their customer service, Costco recommends that you order at your local Costco warehouse’s bakery. 

They don’t provide online cake-ordering options for the Costco cakes they sell. You can also contact your local Costco if they accept fax orders. 


Can Costco Cakes Be Customized?

Costco offers cake decorations that you can check in their options available when you order. If you’re on a budget and you’ll have a sheet cake for the wedding, you can also get a custom sheet cake from Costco. 

Visit your local Costco warehouse and fill out their custom cake order form two days before you need it. Select the flavor and decoration style, which range from around 30 options. 


How Do You Make A Costco Wedding Cake?

You can create a Costco wedding cake at home by buying sheet cakes and stacking them to create a traditional-tiered wedding cake. This hack is even applicable to any grocery store sheet cake.

Start by buying two vanilla Costco sheet cakes and removing their frosting and decorations. Cut off two cake rounds from them, and then frost them with your preferred white icing. 

You can also add fresh strawberries when filling the cakes. Then, do a crumb coat and frost the exterior of the cakes. Stack them accordingly and decorate them to finish. 

Read how to stack a wedding cake for more tips on stabilizing your sheet cake wedding cake. 



Was this guide helpful? You just learned about does Costco make wedding cakes, and the answer is yes. 

Checking Weddings by Costco revealed chocolate and peanut butter cakes. However, you can also get creative and buy sheet cakes from Costco, transforming them into tiered wedding cakes at home. 

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