Where To Buy Wedding Cakes: Best 5 Stores To Try

If you’re unsure where to buy wedding cakes, consider five cake and pastry shops all around the US. We will compare them to help you find the best bakery for your dream wedding cake. 

We will also find out if they offer other desserts and sweets besides wedding cakes. But if you want the traditional and signature taste for your big day, read what flavor is wedding cake

where to buy wedding cakes


Where To Buy Wedding Cakes In The US


Bronwen Cakes

If you’re in Texas, consider Bronwen Cakes as your wedding cake shop. The edge of this cake shop from other wedding cake makers is they have experience for over 50 years in making custom cakes. 

As of this writing, you can acquire a zoom cake design consultation for 30 minutes for free with Bronwen Cakes. This helps achieve your dream wedding cake, especially if it’s unique and creative. 

To order, you will purchase a tasting kit with six flavors and then fill out their form to help them know your dream wedding cake. Then, schedule a session with them for more accessible designing of your cake, place a deposit, and complete the payment a month before your wedding day.


Buttercream Bakeshop

Different weddings vary in wedding cakes, but there’s no doubt that nothing beats the classic buttercream or fondant wedding cake. Whichever of these two that you prefer, one of the best wedding cake shops you can try is Buttercream DC.

This cake shop specializes in buttercream and fondant cakes for different weddings. However, because they only allow limited bookings, contact them 6 to 8 months before your wedding day. 

You can choose from tiered cakes at under $6 per slice, while fondant cakes are rated at $8 per slice. But, of course, the wedding cake design can increase the price of your order, so make sure to discuss all your expectations when you consult the shop. 


Dessert Works

If you want a wedding cake shop where you can easily view their works, why not acquire your order in Dessert Works? Browsing their wedding cake gallery will help you find inspiration if you don’t know what you want for your wedding cake. 

It’s best to set an appointment with them as early as eight months before your wedding to ensure you’ll get the design you want for your wedding cake. You can browse the menu for classic and gourmet flavors, and they’ll also help you determine the best wedding cake size according to your number of guests. 

And if needed, you can also ask for dairy or gluten-free cakes. The cake price to expect with this shop is $5 per person, but you can expect additional design charges, so clarify everything during the consultation process. 


Vanilla Bake Shop

If you’re from California, consider visiting the Vanilla Bake Shop for your wedding cake. You can get a sampler box and email their design team to create your dream wedding cake. 

What makes this wedding cake shop more unique is they have options for elopement weddings. And if you prefer wedding cupcakes, you can get them for under $5 each from this bakeshop. 

You can check out their wedding cake gallery to find the ones they made for other weddings. Then, you can call them or fill out their consultation request form if you have a question about your order. 


Bittersweet Pastry Shop

A landmark wedding cake shop in Chicago that you can consider for wedding cakes is the Bittersweet Pastry Shop. It was founded in 1992, and they are known for inventive wedding cakes. 

They have made cakes for Oprah and Eddie Vedder to name some notable personalities as their clients. And if you decide to have a last-minute celebration after your elopement, they have signature cakes available for same-day pickup. 

What about the prices for their wedding cakes? You can expect a starting cost of $7 a serving for their tiered cakes, and do note that if you want a customized cake, it should be big enough for 55 servings. 


How Much Is A Real Wedding Cake?

Most couples are willing to pay an average of $500 for their wedding cake. But of course, the complexity of the design and the number of tiers ultimately affect the final price of your wedding cake. 

You can also expect to pay $1.50 per slice or per wedding guest serving a wedding cake. Therefore, keep your budget in mind if your wedding cake is also the sole dessert you’ll serve at the wedding. 

If you don’t find the one that suits your budget after comparing wedding cake shops, consider cupcakes for the wedding reception. Read how to make wedding cupcakes for an easy tutorial. 


How Do I Choose A Wedding Cake Vendor?

  • Location availability
  • Practical prices
  • Wedding date availability
  • Ease of communication regarding your design requests



And that’s it! You just learned where to buy wedding cakes where we discovered five bake shops in the US. 

Most of them recommend contacting them early on, especially for customized cakes. Therefore, be specific during the consultation process, so both sides know the expectations for what you want. 

Let us know below which shop you think can make your dream wedding cake. 

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