How To Save On Wedding Cake: 6 Best Tips

Those who want to know how to save on wedding cake can consider six money-saving tips. This tutorial will help couples get their dream wedding cake with reasonable compromises to save on costs. 

We’ll also offer alternatives you can do to get a wedding cake that may not be your top choice but would still satisfy you and your guests without breaking the bank. And if you also need money-saving tips for the reception food and catering, you can read what is the cheapest food to serve at a wedding

how to save on wedding cake


Money-Saving Tips On How To Save On Wedding Cake


Have two wedding cakes

  • If you want to know how to save on wedding cake without compromising too much to have two cakes at the reception
  • Talk with your baker and have a smaller tiered cake that you’ll cut at the cake-cutting ceremony; then, serve a sheet cake for the guests at the reception
  • You’ll be saving on the wedding cake cost because your primary cake will be smaller or have fewer layers
  • But of course, select a cake sheet flavor that you think most of your guests will enjoy
  • You can also do it in reverse, where you’ll have a simpler wedding cake and then serve a tastier cake for the guests; this is reasonable, especially if you and your partner are not that fond of cakes 


Use faux cake tiers

  • Saving wedding cake is not limited to ordering a smaller cake or fewer tiers; instead, why not talk with your baker and use foam tiers on the unit
  • This will maintain the classic look of the reception centerpiece, which is a tall wedding cake; you are also saving on costs because you risk having many leftover cakes
  • The cake tiers are decorated the same way as the other actual cakes, so your wedding cake is still tall and eye-catching on the wedding cake table
  • Not only will this cut the cost of the cake because of fewer ingredients, but it’s also less labor for the bakery
  • Just notify the server about the actual cake tiers, so they’ll know which to slice and prevent guests from finding out that some layers are foam


Consider local bakeries

  • A fantastic way to save on wedding cakes is not to go to a specialty bakery; some bakeries specialize in making event cakes, so they charge higher
  • You can try your local bakery or a newly-opened shop as they usually offer cakes at lower prices
  • This doesn’t mean that you’re settling for an untasty or tacky dessert, as there should be flavors that you’ll like even in smaller bakeries
  • You can also ask friends and relatives if they can recommend an ethnic bakery
  • Some would say that a supermarket cake would be tacky for a wedding, but some weddings are casual and loose anyway, and you can always make up with the reception menu, especially if most guests are not a sweet tooth


Choose simpler cakes

  • If you can’t find a local bakery that can provide you with an affordable but satisfying cake, then adjust and save on costs by choosing simpler cakes
  • For example, buttercream icing is cheaper than fondant, or you can select cakes and flavors that would be easier and cheaper to make, so they are also more affordable
  • You can also opt for simpler cake toppers, sugar flowers, and other affordable cake decors; your wedding flowers might also be safe, so why not read how to decorate a wedding cake with fresh flowers
  • Consider more straightforward frosting techniques and patterns as intricate details on the wedding cake won’t help you with saving wedding cake costs
  • Schedule two frosting or cake-tasting sessions with the bakeshop, or select the best flavors only for the tier of the wedding cake you’ll slice or serve at the reception 


Serve mini cakes

  • Another alternative for you to learn how to save on wedding cakes is not to have a traditional cake
  • Consider deconstructing the cake for lesser labor in the bakery
  • You can also have multiple mini wedding cakes, so you don’t feel like you’re settling for flavors you don’t like
  • Wedding cupcakes are also the trend nowadays, and you can set them up beautifully on the wedding dessert table
  • Cake slices might look fantastic, especially if it’s an intimate wedding reception where you don’t need to serve many food items


DIY the cake

  • The final to save on wedding cake is why not do it or some elements of the dessert yourself?
  • It’s easy to make your wedding cake topper or decors, then decorate a plain cake yourself
  • You can also buy naked cakes and frost them yourself
  • If you have the time and you think you can manage, then try baking the wedding cake for the wedding yourself 
  • You can also do other more accessible mini cakes or cupcakes as a way to save on wedding cake costs


How Do You Avoid Cake Cutting Fees?

The venue typically charges for cutting and serving a cake, especially if the wedding cake is from another vendor. Consider getting your wedding cake from the venue’s affiliated baker or shop to save on costs and avoid surprise fees.



And that’s it! You just learned how to save on wedding cake using six tips. 

Start with serving two cakes, using foam tiers, buying from a lesser-known bakery, choosing simpler cakes, serving mini cakes, and doing the cake yourself. 

Let us know below if this was helpful. 

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