How To Make Washcloth Cupcakes For Baby Shower

You can learn how to make washcloth cupcakes for baby shower in three easy steps. These DIY decorative cupcakes that would also make fantastic baby shower gifts are affordable and fun, as you will see below. 

We’ve also included tutorials for washcloth flowers and lollipops for the baby shower. And if you also want another DIY craft for the party, the stork is a unique diaper decoration for baby showers. 

how to make washcloth cupcakes for baby shower

Here’s how to make a stork for a baby shower if you are interested. 


How To Make Washcloth Cupcakes For Baby Shower

For this tutorial, you’ll need six washcloths, six cupcake liners, baby socks, ribbons, and other decorations that would fit the theme and color palette of the baby shower. Consider cute patterns and pastel colors on the materials.


Step 1. Fold the washcloths

  • Take one baby washcloth and fold it in thirds lengthwise
  • Secure the other end with a baby sock 


Step 2. Roll the washcloths

  • Roll the washcloth up around the sock
  • The sock should be sticking out through the middle on both ends of the washcloth
  • Create the bottom of the washcloth cupcake by rolling the sock up around the rolled-up washcloth
  • Make sure the “cupcake” is secured, and repeat with the remaining washcloths and baby socks


Step 3. Construct and decorate the cupcakes

  • Adjust and fluff up the top of the washcloth cupcake to make it look more like the frosting of a cupcake
  • Add embellishments like beads, ribbon strips, or mini toys over the cupcakes to make them more eye-catching for the baby shower
  • Place the washcloth cupcakes on liners and set them on a cake box, tray, or tiered stand
  • You can also make an assortment of DIY baby shower cupcakes using onesies and alternate them with the washcloth cupcakes 


How Do You Make Washcloth Flowers For A Baby Shower?

Another washcloth gift or decor idea you can easily make for the baby shower is DIY roses. You can arrange them in a bouquet or add them to the baby shower centerpieces. 

For this tutorial, you’ll need six baby washcloths, pins, a vase, faux flowers, ribbons, and other decorations. Opt for pink or blue washcloths for a cute baby shower centerpiece. 

  1. Lay the washcloth over the table and fold it in half 
  2. Fold the washcloth again and roll from one side to the other lengthwise
  3. Roll slightly at an angle to mimic the rolls of the inside of a rose
  4. Secure the rolled washcloth in place with a pin and move the bottom edges upward
  5. The bottom edges should cover the end of the roll to secure the rose roll and keep the washcloth from unraveling
  6. Put skewers or the stem of the faux flowers onto the washcloth roses by threading the stick through the bottom of the washcloth rose
  7. Do the other roses and arrange them in a bouquet inside a vase
  8. Add fake and real flowers for the centerpiece
  9. Wrap a ribbon around the vase and decorate as needed
  10. You can also include diaper roses in this arrangement 


How Do You Make Washcloth Lollipops For Baby Showers?

Besides DIY baby washcloth cupcakes and flowers, you can make lollipops from washcloths. They are as easy to make and cute as gifts for expecting parents or hand them out as baby shower favors for the guests. 

  1. Take a washcloth and roll it tightly into a circle
  2. Secure the lollipop with a safety pin
  3. Wrap the washcloth lollipop in transparent packaging or cellophane
  4. Slide a popsicle stick through the bottom of the lollipop
  5. Tie a ribbon around the packed lollipop and glue other cute decorations as needed
  6. You can also make a lollipop bouquet or add these washcloth lollipops in your washcloth flowers for the centerpieces at the venue  

And if you want larger centerpieces, why not make diaper cakes? They’re surprisingly easy, as you can see in how to make baby shower diaper cakes


Do Babies Need Special Washcloths?

When making a DIY washcloth gift for the baby shower, you’ll usually pick cute colors to make them more eye-catching as crafts. However, it would be best for your washcloth gift to also be safe and usable for the baby. 

Pick baby washcloths that are soft and hypoallergenic. Remember that babies have sensitive skin and are prone to conditions like eczema. 

Consider natural and organic washcloth materials as well. Some ideal baby washcloth materials include bamboo, cotton blends, or organic cotton. 


What Material Is Used For Baby Washcloths?

The ideal baby washcloth fabric is organic cotton, as it’s natural, soft, and free from harsh fabric dyes. You can also check bamboo washcloths or opt for brands specially made for babies with sensitive skin. 


What Size Should A Baby Washcloth Be?

Most parents agree that a washcloth between 7 to 9 inches is the best. It’s big enough to be comfortable and convenient for the baby but not too big that it’ll be hard to manipulate. 


How Many Washcloths Does A Baby Need?

A baby may use two to four washcloths. If you’re giving washcloth cupcakes for the baby shower, half a dozen is undoubtedly appreciated by new parents. 



And that’s it! You just learned how to make washcloth cupcakes for baby shower by folding and rolling the washcloths.

Put them inside cupcake liners and arrange them with ribbons and other decorations. You can also make roses or lollipops for a unique baby shower gift or decor.

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