Can You Wear Red Dress To A Wedding

The answer to can you wear red dress to a wedding will depend. In general, red is usually avoided as the dress to wear when attending a wedding as it’s bold and eye-catching.

Some cultures even reserve it for the bride, and you can read more about this on why can’t you wear red to a wedding. However, red dresses might be acceptable at certain weddings, as you will see below. 

can you wear red dress to a wedding


Can You Wear Red Dress To A Wedding?

Women can wear red dresses to certain weddings if the theme or color scheme includes the color. Again, you can check the invitation or wedding website, as the couple may have explained the expected colors for their guest attire. 

However, if the bride wears red, you should choose another color for your dress. This also applies if the bridal party, such as the bridesmaids or distinguished guests like the mothers of the bride and groom, will wear red. 

Another consideration if you’re thinking of wearing a red dress to a wedding is the specific shade of red. Bright red can be too eye-catching, and you can be interpreted as trying to upstage the bride at her wedding. 

Some safe red shades for weddings include maroon for a fall wedding or ruby red for a black-tie evening wedding. These reds are included in the fall wedding palette, and jewel tones are classy for very formal night weddings. 


Why Can’t You Wear All Red To A Wedding?

Wearing a red dress can be acceptable at some weddings, but an all-red attire is not recommended. Red is an eye-catching color; if your entire outfit is red, you will likely stand out at the wedding. 

Wedding guests should be lowkey and never take the attention away from the couple. And because red is an intense color, your outfit choice can be thought to symbolize your disapproval of the union. 

In some cultures, wearing an all-red outfit would also be inappropriate since red is supposed to be what the bride will wear. Indian and Chinese brides wear red to their weddings, so guests should choose another color to maintain respect and tact as a guest. 


Can You Wear A Red Dress To A Black Tie Wedding?

A red evening gown can be suitable for a black tie wedding if it’s a dark shade like maroon. Maroon looks elegant for a very formal wedding, but be careful of the overall style of the dress. 

It shouldn’t look bridal or more extravagant than what the bride wears. You should also check if the bride wore a red wedding dress since unconventional bridal gowns are common these days. 

You can wear a red dress to a black tie wedding if jewel tones inspire the color scheme. Ruby red can look classy and sophisticated if you don’t want to wear emerald green, for example. 


What Does Wearing A Red Dress To A Wedding Mean?

Guests who choose to wear a red dress to a wedding should be mindful as it can be interpreted as you protesting against the union. Some people view red as a symbol of boldness, passion, or courage, and wearing it to a wedding can have a negative interpretation. 

If the color scheme is full of light and pastel colors, something bright like red will stand out. You might be misunderstood as trying to upstage the bride. 

But if you’ve asked beforehand or if red applies to the wedding guest attire theme, then it should be okay. From a more positive standpoint, red can symbolize prosperity, so you can select it to wish the couple good fortune. 

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Can You Wear A Red Tie To A Wedding?

Similar to deciding if you can wear a red dress to a wedding, male guests must be mindful before wearing a red tie. It might be the color of the groom’s or groomsmen’s ties, so choose another color instead.

A safe red tie you can consider is maroon as it looks stylish with most suits. Some themed weddings can even have red patterned ties that guys can wear. 

If unsure, you can always ask the best man what color tie to wear at the wedding. Of course, you can also bring another spare tie for ease of mind. 


Can You Wear Red To A Summer Wedding?

Red can be among the colors that guests wear to summer weddings. Summer weddings are usually colorful and upbeat, especially beach or destination weddings. 

Women can wear red floral patterns or flowy maxy dresses at a summer wedding. But of course, check the bridal attire in case they’ll wear red. 


Can You Wear Red Lipstick To A Wedding As A Guest?

You can wear red lipstick to a wedding, especially for an evening and formal event. However, if you find the particular shade you have too intense, you can always use a bit of red lipstick for more natural healthy red lips.

Red lipstick with simple makeup and hairstyle should look classy for weddings. Overall, know the appropriate makeup to wear at the wedding as you don’t want to look more glammed up than the bride. 



Was this guide helpful? You just learned can you wear red dress to a wedding, and the answer depends.

If red applies to the wedding’s theme, season, and color palette, female guests can wear red dresses. Otherwise, avoid the color if the bride, bridal party, and other distinguished guests will wear it.

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