How To Make A Fruit Tray For A Baby Shower

Do you know that it’s very easy to learn how to make a fruit tray for a baby shower? We’ll start with sharing tips on preparing the fruits so they will be fresh for the baby shower party tray. 

Then, we’ll provide ideas for setting up a fruit tray to make them unique for the baby shower. But more than having a fruit platter, have you also decided what drinks to serve the guests?

how to make a fruit tray for a baby shower

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How To Make A Fruit Tray For A Baby Shower


Step 1. Prepare the fruits accordingly

  • Consider the season and time of the baby shower to know what fruits are affordable to buy and would also withstand the conditions at the party venue
  • The fruit ideas that work well for fruit trays include grapes, strawberries, melons, and even pineapple as they don’t brown up quickly
  • Cut the fruits for the fruit platter on the same day as the baby shower to keep them from becoming mushy
  • You can still offer bananas and apples but cut them right before serving the tray 
  • You can also keep fruits that brown up quickly intact and have guests do the slices themselves


Step 2. Set up the containers for the fruits

  • You can put strawberries, blueberries, grapes, and some watermelon slices inside a hollowed-out watermelon
  • You can also cut the watermelon in the shape of a bassinet and use orange as the baby’s head with berries for the baby’s face
  • Consider cutting some fruits like cantaloupe and pineapple into cute shapes and then inserting them into skewers
  • You can arrange fruits in the same color and rows inside a large tray
  • Have the pineapple head as the focal point of the fruit tray
  • You can cut orange, lemon, and kiwi slices, then form a stroller-shape figure with other fruits when arranging the fruit tray
  • Offer a dip made from sugar, vanilla, and cream cheese with your baby shower fruit tray


Is It Cheaper To Buy A Fruit Tray Or Make Your Own For The Baby Shower?

Making your baby shower fruit tray is cheaper, and you can even handpick the best quality fruits on the platter. You can also buy fruits in large portions and use the remaining ingredients for other baby shower drinks and food recipes like appetizers, desserts, punch, cocktails, and juices. 

Furthermore, the fruit platter would be fresher and more colorful to serve at the party than the refrigerated grocery fruit tray. But of course, the fruits in the season would be cheaper to buy than those that are not. 


How Far In Advance Can You Prep Fruit Tray For The Baby Shower?

The best time to make the baby shower fruit tray is on the same day as the party. It can be on the morning of the brunch baby shower, so all the fruits are vibrant and not mushy or brown. 

To save time, you can cut some fruits like melons and pineapples a day or two before the baby shower. Just remember to store them inside the fridge in an airtight container so they’ll remain colorful with good texture. 


How long will a fruit tray keep?

Since baby showers are usually brunch events, the host can cut and arrange the fruit platter and store it covered in the fridge the night before the party. And if there are leftovers, the fruit tray should be suitable for up to three days inside the refrigerator. 

Remember that some fruits, especially ripe ones, would only last for a while. You should also remember if the fruit tray is exposed too long under the heat in the venue. 

According to the USDA, cut fruits should not be left at room temperature for more than two hours. And when storing them in the fridge, the containers should be covered securely. 


How Much Fruit Do I Need For 25 Guests At The Baby Shower?

Baby showers typically have 20 to 30 guests, so to know how much fruit to prepare, count a cup and a half per guest. Therefore, a baby shower with 25 guests will need 37.5 or 38 cups of fruit. 

Some other tips to remember are that you might also serve other desserts at the baby shower. Therefore, you may not need as many fruit trays, especially since leftovers can’t be stored for too long. 


How Do I Keep The Fruit From Browning In The Baby Shower Fruit Tray?

Here are some tips to keep your baby shower fruit trays vibrant and not mushy and brown: 

  • Bananas, apples, pears, and peaches turn brown quickly after cutting, so coat them in lemon or pineapple juice after preparation
  • Mix acidic fruits like oranges, grapefruits, and other citruses in the fruit tray with fruits that brown up quickly 
  • Mix two tablespoons of honey with a cup of water and use it as an alternative to lemon juice in preserving fruits that brown up quickly



And that’s it! You just learned how to make a fruit tray for a baby shower in two steps. 

Remember to make the fruits the same day as the party to keep them vibrant and crisp. You can also use lemon juice or diluted honey to keep bananas and other browning fruits fresh for longer. 

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