Can You Wear Champagne To A Wedding

The answer to can you wear champagne to a wedding is no, but there might be some instances where it can be passable. We’ll guide you on the do’s and don’ts of wearing a champagne dress to ensure that you remain respectful and appropriate. 

You’ll also know the other colors female guests must avoid wearing at weddings to not look bridal. And for the bride wearing a champagne wedding dress, here’s what colors compliment a champagne wedding dress

can you wear champagne to a wedding


Can You Wear Champagne To A Wedding?

It’s best to avoid wearing champagne clothes to weddings because the color can be considered bridal. Remember that it’s the etiquette for wedding guests to avoid colors associated with the bride to remain respectful. 

However, there may be one or two instances where guests can wear champagne to a wedding. For example, it might be a champagne floral dress with colorful patterns covering most of the champagne color. 

The second instance is when champagne is among the wedding colors, and the couple mentioned that it’s one of the colors their guests can wear. Couples usually have a detailed explanation for their wedding guest attire on their wedding website. 


Why can’t you not wear champagne to a wedding?

It’s best to avoid wearing champagne to a wedding because it can look bridal, and some champagne hues are too light that they look white. Remember that white is traditionally reserved for the bride, and you can be interpreted as trying to outshine her if your outfit looks bridal. 

Furthermore, champagne and other colors like beige are sometimes reserved for the mothers of the bride and groom. Champagne might also be the color of the bridal party dresses, so unless you’ve asked beforehand, opt for another color. 


Can You Wear Cream To A Wedding?

Besides champagne, it’s best to avoid wearing cream to a wedding. White, cream, and ivory are considered bridal colors, so anyone wearing them to a wedding can look like they’re trying to get the attention away from the bride. 

The bride should be the only one standing out in white, and the color cream can look like you’re also wearing the same bridal color. Unless it’s only a part of your outfit, like cream-colored shoes or bags, opt for another color that is not popular with weddings and bridal gowns.


Can You Wear Pink To A Wedding?

You can wear pink to a wedding as it’s also among the popular color choices for the dress worn by other female guests. Pastel pink and different soft colors suit most romantic weddings and even seasonal weddings like spring. 

But of course, be mindful of the shade of pink and the style of dress you wear. You don’t want a voluminous pink dress with a tulle skirt that looks like a wedding dress or a maxi pink dress that makes you look like a bridesmaid

When in doubt, ask the bride or someone from the bridal party. You can show them a picture of the dress you’ll wear. 


Can You Wear Ivory To A Wedding?

Because ivory is one of the bridal colors, it’s best not to wear such color to a wedding as a guest. You don’t want to appear that you’re trying to compete with the bride. 

You’ll also stand out in the sea of guests wearing multiple colors as the only one in ivory. Opt for a color that doesn’t look white, and avoid champagne, beige, ivory, or even eggshell when choosing what’s appropriate to wear for weddings. 


Can You Wear Gold To A Wedding?

Similar to champagne, it’s discouraged to wear gold to a wedding. One reason is you might appear overdressed, or some gold outfits can look tacky for some formal events. 

You don’t want to stand out, especially if gold is not among the wedding colors. However, there are also gold-themed weddings where guests are encouraged to wear gold on their outfits. 

If this is the case, select something lowkey so you won’t appear trying to outshine the bride. If your gold attire is leaning more towards yellow, you might benefit from knowing what to wear with a yellow dress to a wedding


Can I Wear A Sparkly Dress To A Wedding?

It’s best to avoid sparkly or any other loud, eye-catching dress for a wedding as much as possible. Remember that sparkly dresses look bridal, embedded with stones, gems, and other details typically seen on a wedding dress. 

The last thing you want is to appear that you’re getting the attention away from the bride. For weddings, opt for a solid-colored dress or something with a tasteful pattern like floral if it applies to the theme. 

If you love the sparkle in your fashion, you can just apply it to your shoes, bag, or jewelry. Remember that as a wedding guest, it’s etiquette to remain lowkey. 


Can I Wear Wine Color To A Wedding?

Wine can look sophisticated and regal, so it suits formal and evening weddings. You can wear a wine dress to a black-tie wedding or an evening wedding in a hall. 

But for outdoor, casual, or daytime weddings, consider lighter colors as they’d be more appropriate. 



Was this discussion helpful? To recap can you wear champagne to a wedding, the answer is no. 

However, it might be acceptable if it’s not predominantly champagne or you’ve confirmed that the bride, couple’s mothers, or bridal party won’t be wearing champagne. Regardless, it’s best to avoid bridal colors or tones that look like white. 

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