How To Make Balloons Decorations For Baby Shower

If you’re unsure how to make balloons decorations for baby shower, try seven baby shower decorations you can do with balloons. They are easy to make and would fit any baby shower theme. 

We’ve also included tips on securing and inflating balloons to create lasting baby shower decorations like the balloon arch and garlands. But for more information regarding DIY decors, refer to how to decorate for a baby shower

how to make balloons decorations for baby shower


How To Make Balloons Decorations For Baby Shower: 7 Cute DIY Balloon Decors


  • Baby shower balloon arch

The balloon arch is one of the classic baby shower decorations made from balloons. You can do two to three colors for the balloons and use the arch to highlight the event’s focal point, like where the expecting parents would sit. 

It can be hard to plan the stability of the baby shower balloon arch, so it would be more convenient to buy a balloon arch kit. Etsy has a variety of listings for balloon arch kits, which come in different colors and styles for various baby shower themes. 


  • Baby shower balloon crescent 

If you’re on a budget, you can make a balloon crescent as the backdrop or focal point of the baby shower venue. This decoration uses fewer balloons, so it’s more affordable and quicker to make. 

The balloon crescent is half of an arch; you can make one by combining and positioning different balloon garlands on the backdrop. You can have it on one end of the cake table or highlight the place for the baby shower gifts. 


  • Baby shower balloon backdrop

Those with the time and budget to work with numerous balloons of different colors and designs can make a balloon backdrop. You’ll need command hooks, a fishing line, and many balloons to create one. 

Inflate balloons of different colors and sizes and create clusters to make garlands with the fishing line. Install command hooks to your wall and thread the fishing line on them to create a wall of balloons. 


  • Baby shower balloon garlands

A balloon garland is one of the most versatile baby shower decorations made from balloons. You can use balloon garlands to create the baby shower balloon arch, crescent, or backdrop, or make your baby shower banner more eye-catching. 

You can purchase readily available balloon garland kits online to save time tying clusters on a fishing line. Then, you can tie them on two points or use a curtain rod with a fabric that suits the theme of the baby shower for the event’s backdrop. 

If you want to write a greeting or add the name of the guests of honor, here’s how to make baby shower banners.  


  • Baby shower balloon ceiling

A great way to maximize your indoor baby shower space is to decorate the ceiling with balloons. These balloon decorations are ideal if you can’t tie streamers and banners or add other baby shower decorations at the high points of the venue. 

To fill the ceiling with balloons, you need to inflate them with helium on the day of the baby shower. Tie a piece of ribbon on each balloon and curl them as required for added decorative appeal. 

Then, let the balloons float to the ceiling with their tails down at different heights. Add more balloons as needed to fill the entire ceiling. 


  • Baby shower balloon animals and baby bottle

If you’re feeling creative, why not handmade your baby shower decorations? A cute idea is balloon animals or balloons shaped like a baby bottle. 

Alternatively, you can purchase printed balloons with characters that suit different baby shower themes. You can even buy personalized balloons for the baby shower. 


  • Baby shower balloon and flower centerpieces

Combining flowers and balloons would make classy baby shower decorations. They can make the tables pop up, and you can choose to DIY or order them. 

Some cute ideas for the baby shower are animal-shaped transparent balloons with flowers or containers in the shape of a hot air balloon with flowers and mini balloons. 


What To Use To Attach Balloons To The Wall?

The easiest way to make balloon decorations attached to the wall is by making garlands and then attaching the strings on hooks. If it’s a small wall, you can also attach one balloon at a time to the wall with double-sided tape. 

Get creative and form a pattern or word with the balloons for the latter. You can even turn the balloon wall into a game where guests can pop them and find something inside. 


How Do You Cluster Balloons Together?

You’ll start with two balloons and tie their necks with a half knot or the one you use when connecting your laces. Then, to add the third balloon to the cluster, position it between the two and wind its neck to the center of the existing cluster. 

And for a quad balloon cluster, you’ll make two duplets and place the necks of one pair against each other into a cross. Then, hold one balloon from each team and twist it in opposite directions twice. 



And that’s it! You just learned how to make balloons decorations for baby shower by buying a balloon arch or crescent kit. 

You can also make balloon clusters and create garlands for the backdrop. Helium-filled balloons that float to the ceiling and centerpieces with flowers would also look cute for the baby shower.

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