What To Wear With A Yellow Dress To A Wedding

Those who don’t know what to wear with a yellow dress to a wedding can try these accessories to elevate their look for the occasion. We will also discuss if yellow is a good choice when you’re attending a wedding. 

For example, you must learn what colors you should not wear to a wedding to avoid potentially disrespecting the couple. After all, the guest should never be the center of attention in a celebration meant for the bride and groom. 

what to wear with a yellow dress to a wedding


What To Wear With A Yellow Dress As A Wedding Guest


Pastel accessories

A yellow wedding dress can be paired with pastel-colored accessories when attending a wedding. The beauty of pastel colors is they offer contrast to yellow, but the difference is not very stark that it will look tacky. 

For example, you can opt for a pair of pastel white shoes or sandals with a yellow dress. With a yellow dress, a pastel pink bag will also look classy and elegant. 

If you’d be wearing hair accessories, you can also incorporate pastel colors in them to add some color to your yellow attire. Of course, the lighter the shade of yellow your dress has, the easier it will be to accessorize. 



When it comes to the jewelry that will look good with a yellow dress to a wedding, your top choice should be gold than silver. The warmth of gold won’t look out of place with yellow compared to silver. 

You can also consider pearl accessories or even a few gemstones, especially if your yellow dress is plain. A touch of purple or blue to your earrings can elevate your look. 

You can even use an exciting color like green on your necklace to add depth to the yellow dress. Just be mindful not to overaccessorize or wear oversized jewelry to keep your look dainty


Can You Wear A Yellow Dress To A Wedding?

Wedding guests can wear a yellow dress if it’s not neon or very bright. However, it would be best to be mindful of the wedding’s color scheme since yellow will stand out easily. 

If yellow is not part of the wedding theme, it’s best to consider another more neutral color. Furthermore, you don’t want a yellow dress that looks too light that it’s almost white.

But when it’s allowed, yellow is often seen in summer weddings, beach weddings, and outdoor weddings. This is because the couple might prefer to see their guests in cheerful colors like yellow, especially when it’s a modern wedding. 


Which Color Goes Well With Yellow Dress?



Your safest color combination with a yellow dress is neutrals. They include white, brown, gray, or black, and they should go with most shades of yellow. 

The key is not going overboard and selecting only one or two neutrals to pair with the yellow dress. But, of course, you can always choose the light tone of the neutral color to avoid stark contrast. 



You can introduce metallic colors with your yellow dress in accessories. They prevent the outfit from looking flat and visually make the overall attire more interesting. 

They’re ideal for more minor details you’ll add to the yellow dress with metallics. However, you can always try if a metallic shoe or bag will pair well with the specific yellow shade you have. 



The favorite colors for contrasting a yellow dress include blue, pink, green, and purple. You can also select prints with these colors to wear with the yellow dress. 

However, remember that you’re attending a wedding and don’t want to stand out from the crowd. So select one contrasting color as your yellow dress accent and a neutral color for the rest of the other things you’ll wear. 


How Do You Dress Up A Yellow Dress For A Wedding?

  1. Pick the right shade of yellow for your skin tone when choosing a dress; light skin tones look good with mustard or pastel yellow compared to dark skin tones that should flatter most yellow shades
  2. Select one to two accent colors that offer contrast to the yellow dress like blue, green, or purple
  3. Include neutral colors in your outfit, such as a light brown bag with a yellow dress to add classiness
  4. Both contrast colors and neutral colors will look great on shoes for a yellow dress
  5. Makeup with peach and brown tones look fantastic with yellow dress compared to shimmers


Which Jacket Goes With Yellow Dress?

A brown jacket should go nicely with a yellow dress for a wedding because it’s still subtle and classy enough for a guest. Most guides will mention that a denim jacket would pair well with a yellow dress but remember that you’re attending a wedding, and denim is not formal. 

You can also try dark shades of green or blue if you need a jacket for your yellow dress. Attractive prints can make the outfit more interesting, especially a plain yellow dress. 

If you need tips on covering your yellow dress for modesty or comfort at the wedding, here is what to wear over a sleeveless dress to a wedding



And that’s it! We learned what to wear with a yellow dress to a wedding where pastel accessories and metallic jewelry will look fantastic. 

As for the colors, you can never go wrong with neutrals, but contrasting colors can also make the yellow dress outfit more interesting. Just dress with modesty in mind as you don’t want to overshadow the bride.

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