How To Make A Stork For A Baby Shower

It’s easy to learn how to make a stork for a baby shower as it’s only two steps. Below is an easy DIY tutorial for the baby shower stork using styrofoam, bamboo sticks, dowels, feather boas, foam sheets, and ribbons. 

We will also discuss who’s in charge of the party decorations and why the stork is among the things that should always be seen at the baby shower. And for other decorations you can have at the baby shower, why not consider balloons? 

how to make a stork for a baby shower

Here’s how to make balloons decorations for baby shower for some ideas. 


Exactly How To Make A Stork For A Baby Shower

For this DIY baby shower stork, you need two styrofoam balls, a styrofoam cone, wood dowels 8 inches and 2 feet long, and two pieces of bamboo sticks for the stork’s legs. The balls can be around 6 inches in diameter, while the cone should be 8 inches long for the body and tail. 

You’ll also need six pieces of six-foot-long feather boas, googly eyes, glue, tape, pins, a tiara, a piece of ribbon, and three pieces of craft foam sheet. For a classic baby shower stork, opt for silver decorations and details. 


Step 1. Work on the base of the baby shower stork

  • Insert the bamboo sticks into the styrofoam ball to make the lower body of the stork
  • Insert the longer dowel into the top of the ball and the smaller styrofoam ball over it for the neck and head of the bird
  • Insert the shorter dowel on the bottom of the styrofoam cone and connect this tail part to the rest of the stork’s body
  • Insert the legs of the stork on anything stable, like two pots filled with rocks; you can always cover the base with the foam sheet and glue 


Step 2. Add the other details for the stork

  • Add the feathers of the stork by wrapping the boa from the tail section to the head, ensuring that the base is covered completely 
  • Pin the feather boas as needed to keep everything secured throughout the party 
  • Form a cone with one of the foam sheets to make the bird’s beak 
  • Poke pins through the opening of the cone and insert these pins into the stork’s head  
  • Stick the eyes of the bird onto the head by finding the pins’ heads where the googly eyes’ adhesive sides can stick to 
  • Tie the ribbon around the baby shower stork and put the tiara over the bird’s neck to finish
  • You can always decorate the baby shower stork as you want to suit the baby shower theme or make it more unique 

To make the stork the focal point of the party venue, put the bird in front of a custom baby shower wreath. It’s surprisingly easy to learn how to make baby shower wreaths!


How Do You Decorate The Baby Shower Stork?

Here are some fun and cute ideas to make your baby shower stork decorations more eye-catching for the party:

  • Have the stork carry a sign in the shape of a cloth holding a baby
  • Have the stork carry a sign congratulating the parents-to-be
  • Add flowers and greenery at the stork’s feet
  • Make diaper roses to decorate around the stork
  • Tie balloons to the stork


Who Is Going To Be Making The Baby Shower Stork?

The baby shower host is in charge of the decorations for the party. But if some things are DIY, the host can collaborate with people close to the expecting parents to create a more personal venue design for them. 

Perhaps someone will volunteer to make the stork, or you can commission an artist to do a custom stork for the baby shower. There are no rules on how the decorations for the baby shower should be made, and the stork can even be something as simple as a cake topper or cardboard sign by the favors. 


Why Is Stork Associated With Babies?

The stork is associated with babies because of the myth, where it is said that the bird delivers babies. This is why the stork is a classic symbol used at baby showers and other things given to expecting couples by well-wishers.

The origin of this myth is in northern Europe, which can be traced back to medieval times. During these times, couples get married during the summer as the season is associated with fertility. 

This is also the same time when storks migrate and return in spring after nine months. The birds have their chicks at the same time when many babies are born, so they became related to the idea that they deliver babies. 


Are Storks Good Luck?

The baby shower stork is one of the must-have party decorations as they also represent good luck. They are thought to be bearers of good news, not only because of the baby that will arrive in the couple’s lives. 

Storks also represent a new future and a positive outlook for it. So if you’re attending a baby shower, you can consider gifts with storks on their design. 



And that’s it! To recap how to make a stork for a baby shower, it’s as easy as constructing a bird from styrofoam and wrapping them with feather boas. 

Alternatively, you can also print a cardboard stork or opt for a stork cake topper for the baby shower. Make sure to include the stork in your baby shower decorations, as it’s always a classic well-wishing symbol for expecting parents.

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