Can You Wear A Kurta To A Wedding

If you’re unsure whether can you wear a kurta to a wedding or not, the answer is yes, especially at Indian weddings. We will also discuss the appropriate way of wearing one and how to style it for a wedding. 

And for non-Indian guests attending a traditional Indian marriage ceremony, you can read our guide on what to wear to an Indian wedding. In addition, our blog has different wedding attire guides for other cultures to help guests know what to wear.

can you wear a kurta to a wedding


Can You Wear A Kurta To A Wedding: Etiquette And Considerations

Wearing a kurta to a wedding is acceptable as long as you know how to wear one appropriately. For example, you can pair a kurta with a churidar for your wedding guest attire at an Indian wedding. 

The loose fit of the kurta will also look fantastic with palazzo pants if you can’t find a churidar. Alternatively, cotton trousers should be acceptable. 

Overall, guests who want to look traditional but respectful can wear a kurta to an Indian wedding. You can even pair the kurta with a Nehru jacket and brogue shoes to create a more stylish look.


What is a kurta worn for?

You can wear a kurta at weddings as it’s usually worn on occasions in India. However, some kurtas can also be worn as everyday wear, so it’s best to familiarize yourself with different types if you plan on wearing one. 

A kurta you can wear to a wedding is the kalidar kurta, typically with embroidery and Chikan fabric. There is also a fancier sherwani kurta, which comes in deep shiny colors with Mandarin collars and stitched shoulders. 


How To Wear A Kurta To A Wedding

Now that you understand the considerations regarding can wear a kurta to a wedding, you must know how to style one, especially when you’d be wearing it at the wedding. 

Here are some ideas if you’ll wear a kurta to a wedding: 

  • Pair an embroidered kurta with coordinating pants for a two-piece tunic, traditional Indian wedding attire for men; for weddings, opt for a kurta with a long hemline, sleeves, and Mandarin collar
  • Another option for men is to pair a silk kurta with attractive adornments and coordinating color of pants
  • Women can also wear a kurta with palazzo pants as an alternative to a saree for a wedding; consider a sharara with intricate patterns and beading when attending a wedding


What pants to wear with a kurta to a wedding?

Male guests commonly wear palazzo pants, churidar, and trousers with kurtas to a wedding. And if available, you can also wear a dhoti, pyjama, or patiala with your kurta. 

Can you wear a kurta with jeans to a wedding? Pairing a kurta with jeans at a wedding is acceptable, but you can always ask someone close to the couple to be sure. 

Some other ways to wear a kurta to a wedding include combining them with nehru jackets, chudidars, or even a waistcoat. The colors can be contrasting or monochromatic when you wear a kurta with these clothing pieces. 


Can You Wear A Black Kurta To A Wedding?

Most etiquette guides for Indian weddings do not encourage wearing black as a wedding guest. For example, the mehendi is meant to be colorful, so it’s best not to wear a black kurta when you attend one. 

On the contrary, some references mentioned that guests could wear black if it’s the Sangeet. But try not to wear black at the wedding ceremony and opt for a colorful kurta instead. 

You still don’t want to arrive overdressed; therefore, be mindful of the intricacy of your kurta. 


Can I Wear Indian Clothes To A Wedding?

Guests can wear Indian clothes when attending an Indian wedding. However, if you are unsure, you can always ask the couple or another guest about what you can wear.

Some examples of Indian wedding guest outfits you can consider when attending one include:

  • Kurta and churidar for the engagement and avoid anything too revealing
  • Lehenga for the Haldi ceremony
  • Saree or kurta for the Mehndi
  • Ethnic gown or Indo-western dress for the Sangeet
  • Ethnic gown or suit for the wedding night 

If you’re curious about the Sangeet, you can read what is a Sangeet at an Indian wedding


What Not To Wear To An Indian Wedding 

Remember these etiquette tips when planning your wedding guest attire for an Indian wedding:

  • Avoid wearing something too formal or over the top, but also nothing too casual and laidback 
  • Never wear something too revealing or would show a lot of skin like short dresses or backless tops 
  • Avoid wearing colors like red, black, and white when attending an Indian wedding 


Can I Wear A Suit To An Indian Wedding?

You can wear a suit to an Indian wedding because it’s formal without being too over-the-top. Modern weddings or Indian couples raised in the US might also follow a more Western wedding where men would wear suits. 

But of course, you can always check the invitation if traditional Indian attire is expected. For example, a sherwani might be better than a suit. 



Was this attire guide helpful? You just learned about can you wear a kurta to a wedding, which is yes. 

However, ensure you’re wearing one correctly, and the kurta you have does not look too formal or casual. You don’t want to outshine the couple, but Indian weddings are usually formal affairs where guests shouldn’t dress casually. 

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