What Size Diapers For Baby Shower

If you’re curious about what size diapers for baby shower, the best ones would be newborn to sizes one and two. We will also discuss if bigger sizes like three and four would be ideal for giving to a baby shower. 

And if you want your diaper gifts to be more memorable to the expecting parents, why not wrap and decorate them? You can read what to write on diaper at baby shower for hilarious ideas. 

what size diapers for baby shower


What Size Diapers For Baby Shower: Ideal Sizes For Diaper Gifts And Raffles

The sizes for the diapers you’ll bring as a gift to the baby shower would be newborn and sizes 1 and 2. These are typically what a newborn baby will need, but the parents-to-be might also receive bigger diaper sizes like three and four. 

The invitation might indicate that any brand and size of diaper is welcome. However, first-time parents might instead stock up on newborn-size diapers they’ll need for their little one’s arrival. 

Babies also vary in the sizes of diapers they’ll need, so you may want to factor in the typical sizes of diapers bought. And, of course, familiarize yourself with brands and not just the diaper sizes. 


Preemie diapers to size 2 diapers

You can bring newborn diapers at the baby shower as they’re ideal for babies up to 10 pounds. The parents-to-be might also need preemie diapers for premature babies that weigh less. 

And for babies under 10 pounds, they’ll use newborn diapers, which are often what’s given at baby showers. What about giving sizes 1 and 2 for the baby shower? 

The expecting parents will also appreciate one and two-size diapers as some babies, especially baby boys, would move into size one diapers at four weeks old. And by three months, they may need 2-size diapers. 


Size 3 to 4

Can you give bigger sizes of diapers at a baby shower? Babies may gain weight fast, and the growing child between 16 to 37 pounds can use size 3 to 4 diapers. 

You can also check the baby registry to see if the parents-to-be are registered for big diaper sizes. If they can store the diapers, they might register for size three, so they’ll have stocked up to the baby’s first year. 

But couples who can’t store diapers they’re likely to want their diapers to be sizes 1 and 2 only. They are ideal for babies who weigh up to 18 pounds. 


What Size Diapers Should I Put On My Baby Registry?

Newbie parents can register for different diaper sizes to store enough diapers for their newborn. You can plan to have a box of newborn-size diapers, four boxes of size-one diapers, and five boxes of size-two diapers. 

You can even register for more than five boxes of size three diapers. By having these diaper sizes, you should have enough for the baby’s first year and possibly beyond. 

However, remember that different brands vary depending on each box’s diaper pack. A newborn baby may also need to change their diapers every three hours.


What Size Diaper For A Newborn?

You can get the newborn size if you want diaper gifts for the couple’s newborn baby. However, you can also include sizes 1 and 2, as some babies might quickly transition to the next size. 

The parents must change into a bigger diaper size if two fingers don’t fit under the diaper’s waistband. The diaper must be big enough to avoid markings on the baby’s thighs and tummy. 


What Is The Average Size Diaper That Most Babies Use?

For the baby shower, you can give diapers 1 and 2 so the expecting parents can have a stock of these sizes once their baby graduates from newborn diapers. This way, they have an emergency stash of bigger diapers if they can’t immediately get new ones on that day. 


Do You Bring Diapers To A Baby Shower?

Diapers are among the best gifts to give to a baby shower. You can include them in your gift basket, create a diaper cake, or bring packs of diapers in different sizes for the diaper raffle. 

Check the baby shower invitation, as there might be a request for people to bring a diaper. One diaper pack means one raffle ticket, which will be included in the raffle draw for a chance to win a prize. 

Here’s what is a diaper raffle at a baby shower to know more. 


Can You Have A Baby Shower And A Diaper Party?

You can throw a baby shower and a diaper party simultaneously, and it’s even more popularly known as a co-ed baby shower. A baby shower is traditionally for female guests only, while a diaper party is a baby shower for guys. 

Some parents-to-be might want a co-ed baby shower, so both guys and girls can attend. As hosts, feel free to ask the mom-to-be about the party they wish to have. 



And that’s it! To recap what size diapers for baby shower, you can get newborn to sizes 1 and 2, so the expecting parents have different sizes for their diaper stock at home. 

You can also give other sizes like a preemie, size 3, or 4, to add variety to the diapers received at the baby shower.

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