How To Make Blue Punch For Baby Shower

If you’re curious about how to make blue punch for baby shower, try these three delicious and easy recipes. The ingredients are also affordable, and we’ve included another baby shower punch recipe with vanilla ice cream as a bonus. 

But besides the baby shower drinks, have you prepared the cake for the party? Here’s how to make a baby shower cake to have your party focal point ready. 

how to make blue punch for baby shower


How To Make Blue Punch For Baby Shower: 3 Delicious Recipes


Lemon soda blue punch

A refreshing blue punch recipe that’s ideal for an outdoor, summer, or afternoon baby shower is a lemonade-themed blue drink. For this recipe, mix a liter of lemonade, a liter of lemon-lime soda, and a packet of blue raspberry lemonade in the punch bowl.

You can also prepare citrus wedges to decorate the punch bowl with this punch. And, of course, serve the drinks ice cold. 


Alcoholic blue punch

If you want to serve your guests something alcoholic, consider adding blue raspberry vodka to your blue punch recipe. Some other ingredients that would go well with this alcohol are club soda, Sprite, and a pack of berry blue or blue raspberry lemonade from Kool-Aid. 

You can also switch the vodka with any blueberry spirit. And since this is alcoholic, don’t forget to make another non-alcoholic punch option at the baby shower.  


Non-alcoholic blue punch

If you don’t want to serve alcoholic drinks at the baby shower, another yummy blue punch recipe to consider uses non-alcoholic pina colada mix, a pack of blue raspberry powered juice, ¾ cups of sugar, 2 liters of Sprite or any lemon-lime soda, and 2 quarts of cold water. 

Mix these ingredients in the punch bowl, and you will have a delicious punch mocktail for the party. You can also add fruit garnishes like cherries when serving this blue punch. 


How To Make Blue Punch For Baby Shower With Ice Cream

One of the best punch recipes to try for the baby shower uses vanilla ice cream. Prepare other ingredients like six punches of pineapple juice, 2 liters of chilled lemon-lime soda like Sprite, and a gallon of Hawaiian Punch Berry Blue Typhoon

Pour the punch and pineapple juice into the punch bowl and mix thoroughly. Then, add ten scoops of vanilla ice cream, followed by the soda. 

This foamy blue punch will look delicious on your drinks table at the baby shower. You can also add floating rubber ducks to the punch bowl to make it more suitable for the baby shower theme. 


How Much Punch Is Prepared For The Baby Shower?

Most punch recipes like the one above with the vanilla ice cream and two liters of Sprite will serve more than 25 guests. Therefore, one to two-punch recipes is enough if the ingredients mentioned are similar to the amount asked in the recipes above. 

You may also want to serve various punch recipes to give guests options between alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Some people might also prefer recipes that use less sugar. 


Can Punch Be Made Ahead Of Time For The Baby Shower?

You can start most punch recipes 24 hours before the baby shower. The catch is not to add any ice, carbonated beverages, and stir-ins until the time you’ll serve the drinks. 

You don’t want to lose the fizz or dilute the recipe with the ice. If the punch has ice cream or sherbet, you should mix them when you’re about to serve the punch at the party. 

The best time to make the baby shower punch is on the morning of the baby shower. And once you have the punch at the table, use large ice blocks instead of smaller pieces, so they’ll melt slower. 


How Much Alcohol Should I Add To The Punch?

A punch is not a cocktail, so it’s not meant to get guests drunk after a cup or two. To ensure that you’re adding the right amount of alcohol to your punch, consider a ratio of two parts spirits for every 1 part of soda, 1 part sweet, and 1 part of tart.

The ideal alcoholic strength for the punch should also only be 5 to 6%. But of course, you can always modify the recipes accordingly.


How Many Drinks Should You Have At A Baby Shower?

The host can prepare one to two alcoholic drinks at the baby shower. The time of the party and other foods served at the baby shower can also influence how many drinks you’ll have. 

Nonetheless, hard liquor is unlikely to be served at baby showers. Instead, the host can opt for wine, champagne, and light drinks like mimosas. 


What Food Should I Serve At A Baby Shower?

Finger foods and appetizers are usually served at the baby shower in the afternoon. Some showers are also tea parties, so desserts and cakes are served. 

And speaking of sweet treats, why not serve cake pops? Read how to decorate cake pops for the baby shower to make them as eye-catching as any other baby shower dessert. 



And that’s it! To recap how to make blue punch for baby shower, you can try non-alcoholic and alcoholic recipes with Sprite and Kool-Aid and experiment with other spirits, soda, and juice. 

You can also make a blue punch for the shower with vanilla ice cream! Let us know below which of these recipes you’ll try. 

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