Most Flattering Beach Wedding Dresses For Every Bride

It can be difficult to pick from different beach wedding dresses, so we’ve written the best beach dress silhouette, length, and material for every kind of bride. You’ll know tips for picking a flattering beach wedding dress silhouette and what details to look for in beach wedding dresses to remain comfortable in the sand and sun at the ceremony venue. 

And for those attending a beach wedding, you might want to browse our blog for inspiration. Male guests, for example, can read what to wear to a beach wedding men to know what style suits them best. 

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Beach Wedding Dresses 101: Complete Bridal Attire Guide For Beach Brides


3 Stunning Beach Wedding Dress Silhouettes That Flatter Every Kind Of Bride

There are many wedding dress styles, but you can consider these top three for a beach wedding. These dresses and gowns should flatter most brides while also being practical for the ceremony venue by the water. 


A-line beach wedding dresses

A universally-flattering wedding dress silhouette to consider by all brides is the A-line silhouette. This style is also a gorgeous alternative to the ball gown if you’re a fan of the fitted bodice and skirt that flares out. 

A ball gown can be too impractical for the beach wedding venue, but you can still look like a princess with A-line wedding gowns. You can pick dresses with flowy fabrics like chiffon or romantic details like lace applique for the ceremony by the water. 


Sheath beach wedding dresses

A common theme among beach weddings is boho, and the best wedding dress style you can consider as inspiration is the sheath wedding dress. This silhouette is perfect for a carefree style that would still stand out from the other beach wedding guests. 

Sheath beach wedding dresses would also look great on brides with hourglass and lean shapes. Showcase your curves, and you can even style without straps for something more comfortable at a summer beach wedding. 


Fit and flare beach wedding dresses and gowns

Fit and flare beach wedding dresses and gowns include the trumpet and mermaid styles. These dresses are fitted at the waist, then flare out at the hips or below it. 


This style creates an hourglass look and makes a fantastic option for the beach bride who wants to stand out. For example, you can create an ethereal look with a lace mermaid wedding dress or a sultry and sophisticated bridal style with a trumpet gown that features a sweetheart neckline. 

What Is An Appropriate Beach Wedding Dress Length?

Picking the length of your dress or gown for the beach ceremony does not have to be complicated. Here’s a comparison between long and short pieces:

Short wedding dresses for beach weddings

The best length for beach wedding dresses is short for practicality. Walking in the sand and being near the water would be a hassle if your dress is long. 

Opt for a short sheath or A-line dress if you’re the type who just wants to be carefree on your beach wedding. You can pick a tea-length wedding dress with a slightly voluminous tulle skirt that will flow against the wind. 

Another short dress option for the beach bride is a dress with a staggered hemline. This is a flattering style since the sides of the skirt are longer, but it won’t be a complete hassle to walk with. 


Long beach wedding dress or gown

It’s possible for beach brides to still rock long wedding dresses and gowns. Flowy maxi dresses in white or even pastels and florals would look ethereal with the breeze in the venue. 

For convenience, pick a beach wedding dress made from fabrics like chiffon. It brushes easily, so you can quickly clean it from the sand. 

You should also be mindful of the train and footwear you’ll wear with the wedding dress. Wear these accessories when doing fittings to know if you can walk easily and not trip with them. 


Best Fabric And Material For A Beach Wedding Dress

 There are four types of materials that are best for beach wedding dresses. They’d be comfortable but still look fantastic for the ceremony. 


Cotton wedding dress for a beach wedding

Because cotton is a light material, it’s something to consider, especially for a summer beach wedding. You can opt for a midi cotton wedding dress with embroidery for a carefree boho look. 

A sustainable option is organic cotton, which also looks and feels good to wear. What’s more is it’ll last longer, so you can keep your beach wedding dress for years to come. 


Tulle wedding dress for beach brides

Another lightweight material that your beach wedding dress must have is tulle. It’s usually used on the dress skirt, especially on A-line dresses. 

If you want to add layers for a flowy look, tulle is the best material because it wouldn’t add weight that can make walking difficult. And because it’s nylon, tulle is low maintenance that you can wash it in cold or warm water, by hand or by machine. 


Organza beach wedding dress

Organza is an alternative to tulle for making a voluminous gown. You can use it on your dress skirt without worrying about feeling hot since it’s light and breathable for a beach summer wedding. 

You can opt for a floral organza dress or pick a color that’s not white for your beach wedding dress. Some gorgeous colors for organza beach wedding dresses are peach or champagne. 


Chiffon beach wedding dresses

Chiffon is one of the best materials to use on long beach wedding gowns and dresses. It is sheer and can be embellished with beading to fit the theme of your beach wedding. 

The silky sheen also exudes a feminine appeal, and you can use it to layer with other light fabrics. And best of all, it’s relatively affordable for those on a budget. 

You can read where to find beach wedding dresses if you’re interested in different styles and price ranges. 


What Style Wedding Dress Is Best For Beach Wedding?

There are three considerations when picking what style of wedding gown or dress to wear for your beach wedding. You want to know the formality, theme, and season that are often related to weddings by the beach. 


Casual vs formal beach wedding dress

Beach weddings can be formal or casual, with the latter being more common for comfort at the venue by the water and sand. Therefore, the formality of your ceremony will dictate the bridal look you’re going for. 

Wear something short and simpler like a midi sheath wedding dress for a casual beach wedding. You can elevate it with lace details or pick unique colors for the dress and accessories. 

On the other hand, you can opt for an A-line or trumpet silhouette for a more formal beach wedding. Do not be afraid of long dresses for a beach venue as there are fabrics that brush easy for cleaning and won’t be heavy to walk with. 


Boho bridal dresses for beach weddings

One of the most gorgeous themes to consider for beach weddings is the boho theme. Your options for this look include long lace white wedding dresses or fun colors and patterns made for flowy gowns. 

You can also opt for wedding gowns with fun sleeves or details that pair well with a boho bridal bouquet. Imagine flowy and free-spirited designs for wedding dresses. 

This wedding theme might even be the time to wear a piece that features a corsage bodice, slit, or spaghetti straps. And finally, finish the boho look with strappy sandals, espadrilles, and a boho floral crown than a veil. 


Summer beach wedding dresses

What beach wedding dress style would be best for a summer wedding? For comfort and style, the hot season is the perfect time to wear strapless, short sleeves, or spaghetti straps. 

You should also pick wedding gowns and dresses made from light, breathable, and flowy materials. Think of something made from silk or chiffon. 

Besides comfort, these fabrics also travel well for a beach destination wedding. They don’t need a lot of ironing and maintenance. 


What Color Dress For A Beach Wedding?



You can never go wrong with a classic white lace flowy wedding dress. While it’s a traditional wedding gown color, white doesn’t have to be boring. 

The secret is picking a flattering silhouette or something with details and embellishments that complement your bridal hair, makeup, and accessories. For example, you can pick a floral embroidered white A-line dress inspired by your wedding bouquet.  


Warm colors

A tropical beach destination wedding calls for brides to wear bold and fun wedding dress colors. Think of orange, yellow, or even red beach wedding dresses. 

They’d look fantastic in photos, and you can even pick a meaningful color. The couple can even pick fun prints for their wedding party. 



Do you want a romantic and feminine look for your beach wedding? A wedding gown or dress in pastel colors might just be the perfect style. 

Imagine a pastel blue, pink, or green wedding dress that complements your other beach wedding flowers. The groom can also wear a suit in the same cute pastel color. 



A trend nowadays with modern brides is picking an alternative to white wedding dresses. But this doesn’t mean you should go with bold colors like red or black. 

You can be a memorable beach bride with neutrals like off-white, gray, or tan beach wedding dress. They can feature tulle, chiffon, or organza layers that flow nicely with the beach breeze. 

For more tips, here’s what color wedding dress should I wear to help you decide what to pick.


What Makes A Wedding Dress Beachy?

When picking a wedding dress for the beach wedding, these are the details to look for to help it complement the venue best:

  • Carefree and flowy designs
  • White is welcomed, but the beach venue also looks fantastic for neutrals, pastels, and even bold colors
  • Romantic and sexy silhouettes
  • Lightweight fabrics that move against the wind
  • Durable and easy-to-clean materials


What Beach Wedding Brides Should Not Wear?

Remember these considerations in mind to know what not to wear on your beach wedding:

  • Heavy fabrics that can make you sweat quickly at the beach venue
  • Long beach wedding dresses that can catch sand
  • Wedding dress materials and embellishments that are meticulous in traveling with, especially for beach destination weddings
  • Shades of colors that won’t look good in pictures because of the beach venue’s natural light


How To Accessorize A Beach Wedding Dress

Use your beach wedding theme and bridal gown as inspiration for what accessories to wear. Here are some ideas to complete your beach look. 


Beach Bride Jewelry 

When picking your beach wedding jewelry, remember to keep practicality and not just style in mind. You don’t want to wear pieces that can be irritating, especially at a hot beach wedding. 

  • Drop earrings, pearls, diamond studs
  • Pearl, pendant, or layered necklace
  • Layered anklets for short beach wedding dresses
  • Sea-inspired matching jewelry (e.g., corals or shells)
  • Boho-themed barefoot sandals
  • Rhinestone shoulder necklace for sleeveless or deep neckline dresses and gowns


Bridal Shoes For Beach Weddings

The best shoes to wear by brides on their beach weddings should be something that won’t sink in the sand or would be a struggle to walk with. It’s even okay to go barefoot and adorn your feet with barefoot jewelry instead. 

  • Espadrilles
  • Strappy sandals
  • Lace wedges
  • Block heels
  • Sparkly flats



And that’s it! We hope we’ve covered everything you want to know about beach wedding dresses. 

A quick recap of the best silhouette styles for beach weddings includes A-line, sheath, and fit-and-flare wedding dresses. As for the fabric, cotton, tulle, organza, and chiffon are your ideal choices because they’re light, flowy, and low maintenance. 

And for the beach dress length, both long and short wedding dresses are possible with the right style and, of course, if you’d test walking with them during your wedding dress fittings. Finally, your color options for your beach bridal dress can be anywhere from white, neutrals, pastels, to even warm colors, as they’d pair nicely with the sand and sea as the backdrop. 

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