What To Wear To A Beach Wedding Men: Male Attire Guide

Those unsure of what to wear to a beach wedding men can consider beach wedding attire suitable for a formal, semi-formal, casual, and destination wedding. We will also include tips for men to ensure that their beach wedding outfits are ideal for a wedding as a guest. 

And if you want other outfit guides for guests attending different kinds of weddings, you can browse our blog. For example, read what to wear to a destination wedding, so your closet will be ready if you get invited to one. 

What To Wear To A Beach Wedding Men


What To Wear To A Beach Wedding Men: Ideas For Male Guests


Formal beach wedding attire for men

While beach weddings are not usually formal, do not be surprised if you’re attending a black-tie or formal event. For men, consider formal attire that would still be comfortable on the beach and adheres to the theme of the wedding. 

Perhaps you notice a lot of blues in the color scheme of the invitation or website. A suitable formal beach wedding attire you can wear is a navy blue suit. 

You can also check the time of the beach wedding to help you select the best suit color. For example, dark colors are ideal for evening beach weddings, while soft tones will look fantastic at a daytime wedding. 


Semi-formal beach wedding ideas to wear for male guests

What can a man wear for a semi-formal beach wedding? This common beach wedding dress code allows male guests to dress up without needing to wear a suit. 

For example, try slacks with button-downs that match the theme and color scheme of the wedding. Boho beach weddings are perfect for neutrals, and you can complete the ensemble with a linen jacket. 

Consider natural and lightweight fabrics, especially for a summer beach wedding. And, of course, your inner button-down shirt should be in a light color for maximum comfort. 


What to wear for casual beach wedding men

Even if the beach wedding dress code indicates casual, your men’s beach wedding attire should still look classy. Avoid clothing pieces for lounging, but you don’t need to attend overdressed.

The men’s outfit for a casual beach wedding can be a button-down short-sleeved shirt partnered with shorts. Your top can even have a playful pattern if the beach wedding has a theme that inspires you. 

You don’t need to wear shoes for a casual beach wedding as sandals, or flip flops might be allowed. Some casual weddings by the shore even encourage guests to go barefoot. 


Destination beach wedding attire for men

Some couples opt to have a beach wedding to get the most out of a dream destination for their union. Therefore, be aware of the ideal male wedding guest outfit specific to that country. 

For example, perhaps you can wear a lei with your white shirt if you’re attending a Hawaiian beach wedding. But of course, ensure you’re following the dress code of the destination beach wedding. 

Some other outfits men can wear are shorts, blazers, white shirts, and khakis. Just be mindful of your comfort, depending on the wedding season. 


Other beach wedding attire ideas for men

Here are some other beach wedding outfits that men can wear when attending beach weddings:

  • Linen pants
  • Khakis
  • Seersucker pants
  • Slacks
  • Chinos
  • Lightweight button-down shirt
  • Short-sleeved polos
  • Long-sleeved shirts
  • Jackets
  • Blazer
  • Sports coat
  • Loafers
  • Boat shoes
  • Flip flops
  • Deck shoes


What not to wear to a beach wedding men

  • Avoid wearing the same colors and style as the groomsmen, best man, and groom
  • Consider leather flip flops and dressy sandals than standard flip flops
  • Unless you asked, it’s best to wear dressy shorts over cargo or denim 
  • Jeans might be permitted, but ripped and distressed styles can seem informal for a wedding
  • Avoid any loud prints, colors, or details on your outfit
  • Never wear swim shorts or an open polo without an inner as it’s a wedding you’re attending


What Should Grooms Wear To A Beach Wedding?

The bridal attire, wedding formality, beach wedding venue setup, time, and season of the ceremony are factors to consider on what to wear as a groom. Your groom beach wedding attire can look like the classic tux or suit, but some grooms also opt for more laidback beach wedding outfits, especially themed semi-formal or casual beach weddings. 


Groom wedding attire ideas for a beach wedding 

  • Three-piece suit in light blue or gray
  • White linen long-sleeved shirt and khakis
  • Sportscoat or blazer with dress pants
  • Short-sleeved polo with chinos
  • Shoes can be loafers, sandals, or just go barefoot

If you want a complete attire guide, read what should the groom wear for a beach wedding


Do You Wear A Suit To A Beach Wedding?

Some beach weddings are formal, so the male guests will be more appropriate to attend wearing suits. Consider those made from natural fabrics and come in light colors to better complement the beach wedding venue. 

Alternatively, men can also wear sport coats and blazers as cover-ups to a beach wedding. Just make sure that they are still dressy for the wedding to look respectful with your wedding attire as a guest. 



And that’s it! You just learned what to wear to a beach wedding men, by considering the formality of the wedding.

Therefore, male guests can wear a suit, button-down shirt, blazer, khakis, chinos, loafers, or even flip flops. Overall, refer to the wedding invitation to be sure or ask someone from the wedding party. 

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