What Color Wedding Dress Should I Wear: Ultimate Guide

To effectively know what color wedding dress should I wear, consider the undertone of your skin. This article will help brides find the specific white shade that will complement them best. 

Then, we’ll also discuss colored wedding dresses for brides who want something different. You can also refer to how to accessorize a wedding dress afterward. 

what color wedding dress should i wear


What Color Wedding Dress Should I Wear: Find The Best Wedding Dress Color For You

First, identify what undertone your skin has. A quick guide is the color of your veins, where green veins mean a warm undertone, blue veins for a cool undertone, and neutral undertone for the bride who can’t identify if their vein is green or blue. 


Wedding dress colors for brides with a warm undertone

Do you have green veins? Then, you can consider a classic pure white wedding dress for brides with warm undertones.

If you find this color too intense, then expect that you can also pull off related colors such as off-white and champagne for your wedding dress. Consider neutral and cool colors in general, and you should look fantastic. 

If you don’t want a white wedding dress, you can also wear cool colors or tones with a bluish tint. For example, wedding dresses in pink, blush, lavender, mauve, and even gray are getting popular nowadays, and they’ll flatter brides whose skins have a warm undertone. 


Wedding dress colors for brides with a cool undertone

Are your veins more blue or purple than green? If you have a cool skin undertone, you can select warm hues for your wedding dress. 

The gorgeous white wedding dresses in cream or ivory will look best on a bride with a cool undertone. If you don’t like white, you can also opt for nude or neutral colors for your bridal gown. 

The good news for brides with a cool skin undertone is they can pull off jewel tones if they are your theme for your wedding. Think of emerald green, ice blue, ruby red, or even deep purple wedding dresses. 


Wedding dress colors for brides with a neutral undertone

The easiest skin undertone to dress with is neutral or where you can’t tell the color of your veins. Brides with a neutral undertone can pull off any wedding dress color, whether it’s a warm, cool, or neutral shade. 

So if you want the traditional white wedding dress, a slightly different champagne wedding dress, or something unique like a blue wedding dress, you should look great in them. There are also neutral colors that are neither warm nor cool like tans, grays, and browns, which would be elegant colors for a wedding dress. 

Another option is something vibrant but not very intense for a bride with a neutral skin undertone. Think of mint or dusty blush for your bridal gown. 


What Color Dress Can A Bride Wear?

The bride gets to choose the color dress she can wear as there are no rules that limit her to the classic white bridal gown. However, she may be limited by traditions, customs, religions, or regulations in the wedding venue. 

Some conservative families may also prefer the bride to stick to white and related colors for her dress rather than something bold like red or black. However, you should feel fantastic in your wedding dress, so choose the color you want to wear and consider if it pairs well with the groom’s outfit.


White and related colors

Traditionally, brides wear white to signify new beginnings. Therefore, if you want a classic wedding, then you can choose the best white shade for your skin tone to wear. 

You can also wear related colors like off-white or champagne if you don’t want white. More and more bridal boutiques offer these white shades for their dresses.


Neutrals and pastels

If you don’t like white or related colors, but you also don’t think you should wear something too bold, then the next colored wedding dresses to try are neutrals and pastels. Next, think of grays, baby blues, or dusty pinks for your wedding dress.

They look elegant and unique, perfect for the bride who wants something different but not too intense. Then, your groom can wear the same color for his bowtie, tie, or boutonniere. 


Bold colors

There’s nothing wrong with bold colors for the bridal wedding dress. Spiritual weddings and other out-of-the-box ceremonies are very open-minded with such colors, perfect for the confident and strong bride. 

In some cultures, colors like red are even reserved for the bride. Learn more in this discussion about what does a red wedding dress mean


Which Color Is Best For Wedding Dress?

  • Is it a traditional or modern wedding, or does it have a specific theme like retro or boho?
  • Will it be held at a conservative venue, or you’re expecting very traditional guests to attend? 
  • Will the color be too dark or light for the season or time of the wedding?
  • Does it make your skin extra blooming?
  • Is the color slimming and highlighting your body shape? 
  • Will the color look good with the groom’s attire? 



And that’s it! We just helped brides answer what color wedding dress should I wear based on their skin undertones. 

In general, warm undertones look best with neutral and cool colors, cool undertones with warm hues, and neutral undertones with any wedding dress color. However, don’t be afraid to wear other colors for your bridal gown as it’s more common nowadays not to wear white down the aisle. 

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