5 Adorable Elephant Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Here are the best elephant baby shower ideas that you should absolutely try for a unique and adorable baby shower party. These themes fit all kinds of baby showers, whether you’re hosting one for the baby boy, baby girl, or the parents request a gender-neutral baby shower theme. 

You’ll also know the best colors for the baby shower decorations and what food, games, and party favors capture the elephant theme perfectly. So without further ado, let’s get started with the ultimate elephant theme party baby shower guide!

elephant baby shower theme


The Cutest 5 Elephant Baby Shower Theme Ideas


Safari Elephant Baby Shower Theme

The safari or jungle theme is a fantastic baby shower theme to combine with the baby shower elephant party. Think of a jungle-inspired color palette with brown, green, and yellow. 

But of course, elephants should be your primary baby shower decorations. You can use miniature elephants with your jungle-inspired floral centerpieces or hang elephant baby shower banners against the jungle party backdrop to give you some ideas. 

You can also read our jungle baby shower guide to learn more about this theme. 


Boho Elephant Baby Shower Theme

Perfect for the baby girl baby shower with the elephant theme, the boho baby shower would look great with elephant decorations. You can play with different patterns, color combinations of deep and muted tones, and elephant prints and details. 

You can also send cute invitations with prints of baby elephants wearing pink flower crowns. Furthermore, a boho tapestry that features an elephant would make a fitting backdrop for this baby shower theme. 


Fairytale Elephant Baby Shower Theme

Another cute elephant baby shower theme to consider is a fairytale party. Imagine how elephants look like in children’s books and stories and be inspired by the fairytale theme when choosing the colors and baby shower decorations. 

For example, have unique hanging elephant decorations or prints for the invitations by adding fairy wings to the elephants. You can also use crowns, different flowers, and lights at the venue to create a magical ambiance. 


Carnival Elephant Baby Shower Theme

A fun elephant theme for the baby shower party would be the carnival theme. The bright colors and fun details will get everyone nostalgic about their carnivals and fairs growing up. 

Carnival games like tosses can inspire your baby shower games, and you can serve carnival food items like popcorn and candy apples. For the decorations, feature elephant stuffed toys around the venue with blue, red, and yellow balloons and a backdrop print of a carnival tent. 

Speaking of balloons, here is an easy guide on how to make balloon decorations for the baby shower, as they go nicely with the elephant theme. 


Soft Pastels Elephant Baby Shower Theme

Imagine the colors of cute and delicious macarons combined with elephant decorations. This soft and gentle elephant baby shower theme will be delightful both for baby girl and baby boy baby shower parties.

You can feature peach, pink, and tan flowers and balloons with an elephant baby shower banner or use them as the color of your centerpieces with elephant table cards. Soft blue, gray, and pastel green would also look great for your tiered baby shower cake with an elephant topper. 


What Colors For The Elephant Baby Shower Theme?


Baby blue, gray, and white

A classic color combination for the elephant theme baby shower is baby blue, gray, and white. This palette also works nicely for the baby boy baby shower, and it’s fairly easy to find decorations in these colors.  


Pastel yellow, purple, and gray

If you want a more exciting color scheme for your baby shower decorations, combine elephant gray with purple and pastel yellow. You can use yellow fabric draping or as the accent color over your gray table covers at the baby shower to give you ideas. 


Peach, pink, and gray

Pink also combines nicely with gray for the elephant baby shower theme. You can have a balloon arch with peach, pink, and gray balloons as the party’s focal point. 

And if you want more decorations for the girl baby shower party, here are the best baby girl baby shower 

Gray, sage green, and neutrals.

You can use a unique color palette for the baby shower with an elephant theme: sage green, neutrals, and gray. These colors would look great on party favors, cards, and baby shower decorations, especially if you want a boho theme featuring elephants. 


Gold and neutrals

You can combine different shades of whites and browns with gold as the accent for the elephant baby shower. Imagine gold mylar balloons, muted neutral flowers, elephant prints on the cards, cake, and decorations. 


3 Gorgeous But Practical Elephant Baby Shower Theme Venue Ideas



The elephant baby shower theme would look fantastic outdoors, and one of the best venues to consider is a garden. This setting is perfect for boho or fairytale elephant baby shower parties, especially with the flowers around. 



You can also do your baby shower elephant theme indoors if the weather is not conducive for an outdoor event. Decorate with the color palettes discussed above, then use elephant plush and prints on the cards, banners, and backdrops to make the indoor space pop out more. 



If you don’t want to worry about the food and catering, why not hold the baby shower at a restaurant? Some places have a tea room where you can enjoy afternoon tea with guests. 

A tea party baby shower would also be cute for the elephant theme, as you can also feature elephant-shaped pastries.  


What To Serve At A Baby Shower With An Elephant Theme?

Consider these food items for your elephant baby shower theme. Besides animal-shaped goodies and treats, there are also peanut recipes and carnival foods. 


Elephant baby shower appetizers

  • Barbecue party peanuts
  • Elephant ears pastry
  • Animal crackers
  • Chips and dipped arranged like an elephant
  • Cheese balls
  • Mexican corn in a cup


Finger food ideas for an elephant baby shower party

  • Elephant fruit platter
  • Corn dogs
  • Mini sausage rolls
  • Peanut butter bites


Main course ideas for elephant baby shower

  • Meatballs
  • Elephant-shaped sandwiches
  • Elephant burgers
  • Elephant empanadas
  • Elephant bread


Baby shower elephant theme desserts 

  • Elephant frosted cookies
  • Elephant cake pops
  • Cinnamon sugar pretzels
  • Candy apples
  • Elephant rice crispy treats


Baby shower cake for an elephant theme

  • Elephant-shaped single-layer chocolate cake
  • Carnival-themed tiered fondant cake with elephant cake topper
  • Simple buttercream cake with elephant chocolates
  • Drip cake with elephant and balloon decorations 


5 Best Games To Play At An Elephant-Themed Baby Shower?

You can always play any classic baby shower game, but make the most of the adorable elephant theme with these party games: 


Elephant Tug Of War

The host will divide the baby shower guests into two teams, and each team will assign one member as the elephant. Divide the space and have the teams stand on opposite sides with the elephants holding hands. 

The teams will try to pull the other past the line, and the game will be finished until every member has become the elephant. 


King Elephant Game

Prepare chairs in a circle and have guests pick a seat. Each chair has an animal arranged with the King Elephant at the top, followed by the bird, chicken, alligator, bear, lion, snake, fish, monkey, and worm. 

Each animal role has an action they must do when called while also staying on a 1-2 3-4 rhythm. Those who fail will become the worm while everyone moves up.

The winner will be the remaining elephant, so try to remember these roles:

Elephant: one arm wraps around the face and holds the nose, and the other extends away from the nose

Bird: thumbs joined together and hands flapping

Alligator: arms extended away and clamping together 

Bear: hands out like claws

Lion: hands above the head in a circle

Snake: one arm slithering 

Fish: hands clasped and moving like a fish

Monkey: pull the ears out with puffed cheeks

Worm: one finger wiggling 


Elephant Peanut Race

Have the players lined up side by side with a peanut on the starting line in front of each guest. The guests will push the peanut with their noses without touching it. 

Whoever has their peanut pass the line will be the winner. 


Pin The Trunk On The Elephant

This is a variation of the classic party game Pin The Tail On The Donkey. This time, you’ll prepare an elephant cutout and a trunk that blindfolded guests will try to pin through the elephant. 

To make these games even more fun for guests, accompany them with baby shower music


Elephant-Themed Baby Shower Favors Guests Will Love

Make the elephant baby shower theme more memorable with party favors that showcase the cute theme perfectly:

  • Elephant cookie bags
  • Artisan popcorn in elephant-printed bags
  • Elephant chocolate boxes
  • Mason jars filled with peanuts and decorated with elephant stickers outside
  • Mini elephant plush
  • Baby elephant keychains
  • Elephant soaps
  • Elephant-printed tea cups
  • Elephant-shaped candle holders



Was this hosting guide helpful? We’ve covered the best elephant baby shower theme ideas to showcase the cute animals perfectly. 

For your party, you can do a safari, boho, fairytale, carnival, or soft pastel theme. And for the colors, incorporate elephant gray with pastels or bright colors for your decorations and other baby shower cards like invitations or prints on banners. 

Overall, this is a fairly easy theme to pull off, and you can even play elephant-themed baby shower games like Elephant Tug Of War. Let us know below which ideas you would apply to your elephant baby shower party. 

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