5 Ridiculously Easy But Cute Baby Shower Banner Ideas

Are you running out of time and need an impressive baby shower banner for the party? Choose from these easy but cute baby shower banner tutorials that you can make with inexpensive items. 

We have a baby shower banner that is ridiculously easy and cheap, and baby shower banners for the baby girl, baby boy, and gender-neutral party. And speaking of DIY decorations, you can also check this additional tutorial on making baby shower banners if you need something else to fit your theme. 

baby shower banner


5 Easy DIY Baby Shower Banner Ideas You Can Finish In Under An Hour


The Easiest Baby Shower Banner You Can Make

If you need a last-minute baby shower banner that would still look great at the party, here’s an easy tutorial you can make with clothespins and craft papers. You can also substitute the papers with anything hard like cardstock. 



  • Craft paper of the baby shower’s primary color
  • Ribbon for decorating 
  • Glitter paper for decorating
  • Letter cutouts of the baby shower banner
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Clothespin 
  • Satin ribbon



  1. Cut the craft paper into squares where you’ll put the letters of the baby shower banner wording; most squares for baby banner garlands are around 6 to 8 inches big 
  2. Add decorations around each square with ribbon strips and glitter paper
  3. Glue the banner wording letters on each square
  4. Pin each square on the ribbon that is long enough for the letter spacing and some excess on both ends for tying around hooks at the venue when you hang the party banner


Cheap But Impressive Baby Shower Banner For All Budgets

You don’t need pricey baby shower decorations to dress up the venue. And if you need a greeting banner, you can make one with few and cheap materials. 



  • Craft papers in colors of the baby shower theme
  • Pen or paint
  • String
  • Hole puncher
  • Scissors



  1. Measure and cut 6-inch circles from the craft papers for each letter of the banner wording
  2. Write and decorate the craft papers with the banner message
  3. Punch a hole in the top center of each craft cutout 
  4. String the craft paper circles 
  5. Hang on the venue 


Cute And Fun Baby Shower Banner For Baby Girl Shower

Are you throwing a baby girl party? Try this cute pink onesie and bib baby shower banner for the little princess!



  • Pink craft paper or whatever color matches the baby shower decorations
  • Glitter paper or any paper for details
  • Ribbon for details
  • Ribbon for hanging
  • Glue
  • Cutout letters of the baby banner message
  • Hole puncher
  • Scissors
  • Optional stencil for a 6-inch bib and onesie



  1. Cutout onesie shapes from the craft paper, as many as the letters you’ll need for the baby shower
  2. Cut two bib shapes from the craft paper to put on either end of the banner message
  3. Punch holes through the baby shower banner shapes
  4. Glue additional decorations on the banner shapes with ribbon or different color craft paper
  5. String the craft paper cutouts to finish the banner 


Creative And Unique Baby Shower Banner For Baby Boy Shower

A unique theme to use for the baby boy baby shower is the tiny gentleman. Use black, white, and blue papers to make a banner inspired by tuxedos and mustaches. 



  • Black and different shades of blue craft paper
  • Mustache and tie stencils
  • String for hanging
  • Pens, paints, or cutouts of the baby shower banner letters/message
  • Glue
  • Scissors


  1. Draw on mustaches and ties on the black and blue craft papers around 6 to 7 inches big 
  2. Lay them over the table, alternating each shape, to see what they will look like on the banner
  3. Decorate, glue, or write the baby shower banner wording on each craft paper cutout
  4. Punch a hole at the top center of each cutout
  5. String the pieces together to finish 
  6. Alternatively, you can use white craft paper squares where you’ll glue on black details to look like a baby tuxedo 


Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Banner To Wow Your Guests

If you’re having a gender-neutral baby shower or it’s a gender reveal party, the most straightforward banner you can make is the backdrop banner. You can use satin cloth or any material that fits best with the party theme. 



  • Satin cloth as the primary banner material
  • Fabric paints 
  • String 
  • Scissors
  • Embellishments and decorations of your choice and glue or sewing machine to put them on



  1. Sketch out what words and decorations you’ll paint on the satin cloth; you can also print the designs on the computer and use stencils over the cloth banner
  2. Cut the fabric into the size you need for the baby shower banner; do you want it to look like a backdrop or a simple and smaller banner over the baby shower dessert table?
  3. Paint in the design 
  4. Add decorations and embellishments
  5. Cutout holes on the edges of the banner
  6. Tie strings to create loops on the banner edges for hanging 

If you need more than these banners to make a party statement backdrop, accompany them with these ideas for the baby shower balloon arch. Some balloon arches use a board backdrop where you can also hang the baby shower banner. 


What Is The Size Of The Baby Shower Banner?


String banner

The best size for baby shower decorations like banners depends on the type you’re making. If it’s a string baby banner with triangles or square cutouts for each letter and decor, each piece can be around 5 to 8 inches. 

You’ll hang them on 6-foot strings, so you’ll have an allowance for wrapping and tying on nails or hooks at the party venue. Don’t forget to space them evenly to help guests read the baby shower message easily. 


Backdrop banner

As for a single backdrop banner, usually made from a fabric cloth, you can make it as big as 73 by 43 inches. This size makes the banner easily visible in photos. 

You don’t need oversized banners for the party venue, as it might also look awkward to have something so big with a short message. And for string banners, they shouldn’t be too long or low that they can obstruct other items in the baby shower. 

Here are more tips on how to decorate for a baby shower for ideas to dress up your space without just relying on banners. 


How Is The Baby Shower Banner Hung?


Command hooks

If you have nowhere to tie the strings for the baby shower banner, the best method is with command hooks. What’s fantastic with these items is they won’t damage your walls, and you can choose the best type, depending on how heavy your hanging baby shower decorations are. 



Most baby shower banners are lightweight enough to tape to any clean, flat surface. Put tape on the four corners of the banner and add a strip in the center for additional security. 



Use a party backdrop to attach the banner without worrying about damaging the venue wall. For this, the easiest way is to tack each banner corner to keep it in place. 



Suppose you have existing nails or curtain rods where you can slip in the banner. What you’ll do is punch holes in the edges. 

Then, string up a ribbon through them to make loops you can hang onto the nails or rods. But what if there are no walls to put on the banner?

A trend with baby shower banners is setting them across a table. You can prepare two structures like a pencil on a stand and hang the two ends of the banner on them. 


What To Write On Baby Shower Banner?

These are the best wordings and messages for baby shower banners:


Simple baby shower greetings

Do not overthink the baby shower message. It can just be a simple congratulations or the event’s name. 

  • Congratulations (you can also add the names of the guests of honor)Q
  • Baby Shower
  • Baby [name of the baby]


Baby girl or baby boy baby shower

If the baby’s gender is revealed, consider greetings and play on words about the baby girl or baby boy. You can also leave the banner without words and use shapes and colors often related to a baby girl or baby boy party. 

  • It’s a girl/ It’s a boy!
  • A little princess is on the way!
  • Oh boy!


Gender-neutral baby shower

You can address the couple for gender-neutral baby showers or express your excitement for the little one. It can also be a cute baby phrase on the baby shower banner instead of stating if it’s a baby girl or baby boy. 

  • Welcome baby [last name of the couple]!
  • We can’t wait to meet you!
  • Baby on board


Creative themes and puns

Let the venue or party theme inspire your baby shower banner message. Don’t be afraid to get creative with puns and quotes. 

  • A star is born
  • Bun in the oven
  • Baby in bloom



And that’s it! You’ve just learned some easy but creative baby shower banner tutorials for different themes and budgets. 

You’ll cut craft papers and punch a hole in each letter and shape for a string baby banner. Alternatively, a bigger backdrop banner from a painted fabric piece is also easy. 

But to save time and have consistent designs, it’ll be easier to cut out stencils that you can trace over the cutouts or wordings of the baby shower banner. Finally, hang them securely at the baby shower venue using tape or hooks to showcase your design and message.