7 Baby Shower Centerpieces You Must Have On Your Tables

Here are the best and most creative baby shower centerpieces to brighten up your party tables. We have all the baby shower decorations to make each table look amazing, whether it’s a baby girl, baby boy, or gender-neutral party. 

We’ve also included unique, cheap, and baby shower centerpieces you can easily make at home with a few items. We’ve even shared tips on finding the perfect centerpiece for your event. 

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7 Baby Shower Centerpieces That Will Wow Your Guests


Creative Baby Shower Centerpieces For Baby Girl Baby Shower

If it’s a baby shower for a baby girl, the most common table decoration is a pink baby shower centerpiece. Other pastel colors are also expected for popular girl themes like princess or fairy, and here are some ideas for the party centerpieces to help you come up with your table decorations.

  • Pink floral arrangement: you can use white and different shades of pink flowers for a garden-themed baby girl baby shower
  • Teddy bear with balloons: arrange a cute teddy bear inside a basket with pastel-colored balloons to look like a hot air balloon
  • Mini pink boots: you can fill small pink boots with flowers that suit the baby shower theme
  • Butterflies and flowers table runner: banquet-style tables can have a colorful table runner with butterflies and flowers for their print
  • Themed balloon arrangement: you can make a balloon centerpiece in the shape of a pacifier or baby bottle in various colors


Wonderful Baby Shower Centerpieces For Baby Boy Baby Shower

Similar to pink being the common baby girl baby shower theme, the blue theme is often related to a party for the little boy. You should also be familiar with the popular themes for this type of baby shower and use them as inspiration for the baby shower centerpieces like the following:

  • Painted blue boxes that spell out “boy”: an easy DIY centerpiece idea that you can make from recycled cardboard boxes
  • Blue balloons and flowers: you can arrange balloons and flowers with a color scheme that follows the party theme
  • Floating candles: put candles in tall glass containers and place hanging cloud, star, or moon decorations around the venue to create a space theme for the baby boy baby shower
  • Dinosaur centerpiece: you can use a plush toy dinosaur or print a cardboard cutout and get creative with the centerpiece design (e.g., a baby dino from a cracking egg or a sign saying “It’s a boy”)
  • Car centerpiece: cars and racing themes can inspire your baby shower centerpiece for a baby boy (e.g., use a black and white check fabric on the center of a table, then arrange a toy car on it with racing flags as table numbers)


Easy Baby Shower Centerpieces For Gender-Neutral Baby Shower

The decorations for a gender-neutral baby shower can be creative and colorful as you’re not limited to specific themes associated with the party for a baby boy or baby girl. You can also use the event venue as inspiration for the colors and details you’ll use for the baby shower centerpieces. 

  • Safari-themed table runner: you can arrange a long greenery garland with animal figurines and colorful faux and fresh flowers to create a jungle feel at your baby shower tables
  • Candy centerpieces: what’s great with edible centerpieces is your guests can also enjoy them throughout the party; some candy decoration ideas include a pastel-colored gumball machine, macaron tower, or a large wine glass filled with cake pops
  • Champagne bottle decorations: you can arrange several champagne bottles and wrap them together with flowers and ribbons for a gender-neutral centerpiece idea
  • Succulent centerpiece: instead of flowers, why not arrange different kinds of succulents inside a wooden container for your baby shower tables?
  • Wicker bassinet centerpiece: arrange greenery, flowers, and other rustic-inspired decorations with a mini wicker bassinet as the focal point


Unique Baby Shower Centerpieces You Haven’t Seen Before

You might want unique decorations and table setups for your baby shower. So instead of the usual flowers and balloons, you can get more creative with different items for memorable table centerpieces. 

  • Colorful umbrella table decorations: you can arrange an umbrella in the center of the decoration and add hanging details on its canopy (e.g., raindrops made from different colors of papers or beaded fishing lines) 
  • Sails-inspired centerpieces: nautical baby showers are trendy nowadays, so why not decorate your tables with sails and sea-inspired details like anchors and buoys?
  • Boho woodland centerpieces: a unique take on flowers and greenery as centerpieces is to use tree trunks, wildflowers, and moss
  • Paint bucket table decorations: consider an art-inspired baby shower theme with different colors of paint in buckets with brushes as the table centerpieces
  • Miniature trees: you can purchase miniature trees to be the focal point of your baby shower tables, then decorate them with string lights, garlands, and ribbons for a centerpiece that guests will want to take a picture of

Do you know that you can turn diapers into a centerpiece? Here’s a tutorial on how to make baby shower diaper centerpieces if you’re interested. 


Cheap But Cute Baby Shower Centerpieces 

Do you know that you can still make classy baby shower centerpieces even on a budget? The materials and items for these decorations are cheap, but you’ll still create eye-catching centerpieces for the party. 

  • Baby bottles with candies: arrange different colors of candies inside a transparent oversized baby bottle for an easy and cheap decoration
  • Mirror decoration: You can purchase a circular mirror tray and arrange tea candles and flowers over it for a sophisticated-looking centerpiece that won’t cost you hundreds of dollars
  • Tissue paper flower decorations: you can make colorful pompoms arranged as flowers for an affordable baby shower centerpiece idea
  • Recycled baby alphabet blocks: decorate and spell out names on recycled cardboard boxes as baby building blocks for your centerpieces at the baby shower
  • Balloon and diaper centerpiece: balloons are cheap for decorations, and you can arrange one between several rolled diapers as the table centerpieces; you can also give the rolled diapers to the expecting parents for their diaper stash once their baby arrives


DIY Baby Shower Centerpieces Anyone Can Make

You can save on costs by making baby shower centerpieces instead of buying them. It should be realistic to do so since baby showers are usually intimate so you won’t need too many centerpieces. 

  • Onesie cupcakes: you can roll up baby onesies and put them in cupcake liners for a creative and usable centerpiece after the baby shower
  • Baby sock bouquets: another rolled DIY project that anyone can do are roses from baby socks; then, you can arrange them in vases or pails in different colors
  • Paper lanterns: there are free patterns online, so all you need to do is cut papers for the lantern and put tea lights inside
  • Baby bottle sonogram holders: you can use the baby bottle nipples as holders of mini baby sonograms for a creative baby shower centerpiece
  • Book banner: if you’re a fan of making paper accordions, then it can inspire a book banner that follows popular children’s book themes

Storks are iconic elements seen in baby showers. But instead of buying stork decorations, why not also learn how to make a stork for a baby shower


Elegant Baby Shower Centerpieces For The Classy And Sophisticated 

Modern baby showers no longer limit themselves to cute and sweet themes. Your venue and tables can be adorned with elegant decorations for a classy party to celebrate the expecting parents and their baby. 

  • Cloche decorations: arrange a mini garden or forest inside a tall cloche for a classy table centerpiece at the baby shower
  • Magical floating centerpieces: you can create a fairytale-inspired centerpiece with floating candles and different flowers and stems underneath the water
  • Square vases with tulips: instead of the usual rose centerpiece, create a more elegant table decoration with transparent square vases and tulips arranged in rows
  • Birdcage centerpiece: use vintage or metallic birdcage as your table centerpiece’s focal point and fill the spaces around it with candles and flowers for a boho chic baby shower
  • Fall-inspired metal ring table decoration: perfect for the fall or outdoor baby shower, you can arrange a metal ring with details like acorns, pine cones, and faux ranunculus 


What Can I Use To Fill Mason Jars For Baby Shower Centerpieces?

Mason jars are popular baby shower decorations because they’re cheap, and you can get creative as they serve as transparent containers for your centerpieces. Here are some items you can put inside mason jar baby shower decorations to add style and colors to your tables: 

You can also add cards and tags on some of these baby shower centerpieces to let the guests sitting at the table know it’s their baby shower favors to takehome. 

  • Wildflowers
  • Different types and colors of candies
  • Trail mix arranged in layers 
  • Oats, dried fruits, and chocolate
  • Jar desserts like cakes and parfaits
  • Candles
  • Greenery
  • Succulents
  • String lights and other mini led lights
  • Photos
  • Colored salt or sugar
  • Honey
  • Tea
  • Coffee grounds


How Many Baby Shower Centerpieces Do You Need?

You will need one centerpiece per table at the baby shower so everything looks cohesive at the venue. You want similar sizes and styles among the baby shower centerpieces. 

However, you may use more oversized centerpieces on the main tables, like those for the expecting parents, cake, or gift tables, to highlight them. Otherwise, never use a single centerpiece that might look out of place on a big table. 

Instead, combine several decorations, like a table runner and the main centerpiece. Just put only a few items per table as you still want guests to eat in their seating places comfortably. 


How Tall Should The Baby Shower Centerpieces Be?

Each baby shower centerpiece range from 12 to 24 inches. But the main goal is to keep them below eye level so the guests can still have a good view of the event. 

You also have to be careful with hanging centerpieces over tables as they might be too long and touch the guests’ food or plates. And, of course, check how everything is arranged at the table so there’s no risk of people accidentally pushing decorations over each other. 

But more than having tasteful baby shower decorations and centerpieces, the arrangement of your party tables affects the overall look and elegance of the venue. Read how to decorate baby shower tables for inspiration for those who don’t know where to start. 


How To Know What Centerpieces Will Look Nice For The Baby Shower?

With the extensive list of baby shower centerpieces and table decoration ideas, it’s hard to know what suits the baby shower best. Keep these considerations in mind when arranging and decorating your party tables: 

  • Consider the theme of the baby shower, so the centerpieces match it
  • If there’s no theme, be inspired by baby symbols like onesies or baby bottles for the table decorations
  • The expecting parents might appreciate decorations that can be used after, like a diaper cake or baby sock rose bouquet
  • Make sure the colors of the centerpiece complement the theme and styling of the baby shower
  • Keep the size and shape of the table to know what size and height of baby shower centerpieces to use
  • Do not use very tall table decorations that can obstruct the views of everyone at the event
  • Be mindful of safety hazards like fire or potential messes like liquids in your table decorations 

Learn how to decorate for a baby shower for a classy party without going over the top or having an underwhelming set-up. 


Where Is The Best Place To Buy Baby Shower Centerpieces?

A quick search of the word “baby shower centerpieces” in popular stores like Amazon or Etsy should give you an array of decorations to buy. You can also check party supplies from Walmart or Target. 

Alternatively, you can rent decorations from event rentals or buy the supplies and make the centerpieces yourself. Regardless, always set a budget for the baby shower decorations and stick to it. 



Were these ideas inspiring? Overall, the best baby shower centerpieces should follow the theme and colors of your party, so the tables look cohesive at the venue. 

You can never go wrong with classic pink or blue flower centerpieces for the baby girl or baby boy baby shower, while gender-neutral parties allow for creative arrangements and elements like candies and themed figurines. 

We hope our unique, cheap, DIY, and elegant baby shower ideas also gave you inspiration for your table decorations. 

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