How To Make Baby Shower Diaper Centerpieces

There are two ways you can learn how to make baby shower diaper centerpieces. We’ll share ideas for diaper cake centerpieces that would suit a baby boy or girl’s shower, but you can always modify them if you want gender-neutral diaper cakes. 

You’ll also get inspiration for baby shower decorations from the diapers below. And if you want a basic tutorial on making diaper cakes, please refer to how to make baby shower diaper cakes

how to make baby shower diaper centerpieces


How To Make Baby Shower Diaper Centerpieces


Diaper cakes for baby boys

Many themes inspire your baby shower diaper centerpieces for baby boys. For example, try a woodsy theme or an outdoor-style baby shower diaper cake. 

Start by rolling diapers to create a three-tier cake. Once you have the structure, wrap the diaper layers in plaid ribbon or twill. 

Then, add decorations around and on top of the diaper cake, like baby stuffed animals, wooden toys, or even mason jars. You can also roll some burlap with flowers to create a more foresty baby shower centerpiece. 


Diaper cakes for baby girls

A diaper cake is one of the best baby shower centerpieces for a baby girl’s shower. But what diaper cakes would fit this theme? 

Start with a basic two or three-tier cake made with diapers and wrapped in a rubber band. Then, you can glue decorations and other details onto the cake to make it more eye-catching. 

You can put a tiara as the diaper cake topper and play with different fabrics, stones, and beads that you can glue on the ribbon that wraps each diaper piece. You can even insert some gifts throughout the diaper cake, like dolls, cute baby socks, and other items that will also act as decorations. 


How Do You Make Small Diaper Centerpieces?

You can make a small diaper cake with under 20 diaper rolls in a single layer if you prefer small diaper centerpieces around the baby shower venue. Each cake can also be the table number if you have a brunch baby shower. 

Another option is a modification of diaper cakes where a single baby blanket wraps around two diapers, and some other rolled baby needs like burp cloths and socks to create a small centerpiece. Or, instead of making diaper cakes, your diaper centerpieces can be bouquets. 

You’ll arrange the rolled diapers in a vase, and you can set them as small as you need for the shower centerpiece. You can lessen the rolled diapers for the bouquet or use each diaper piece as the container for the table flowers. 


How Do You Make A Diaper Centerpiece Bouquet?

If you want to mix other diaper decorations with the diaper cakes at the baby shower, an easy DIY craft is a diaper centerpiece bouquet. You can modify the basic tutorial below to suit the baby shower theme better. 

  1. You’ll need diapers, wooden skewers, yarn, tulle, floral foam, a vase, and paper for lining the vase 
  2. Open one diaper and put the blunt end of the skewer inside it so the sharp end can be used for inserting in the foram later 
  3. Repeat on all the diapers
  4. Close and roll the diaper tightly and tie it with a string similar to the method of diaper cake with rubber bands 
  5. Take the paper and line the vase before putting the foam at the bottom
  6. Poke the diapers sticks into the foam inside the vase and arrange them accordingly
  7. Cut the tulle into strips and roll each piece around the remaining skewers to create a rose shape
  8. Secure with glue and experiment with different color combinations to add to the diaper bouquet
  9. You can also tie a ribbon around the vase and decorate it with other details related to the baby shower theme
  10. Cover the skewers with some paper or wrapper to finish


How Many Diapers Do You Need For A Diaper Cake Centerpiece?

The size of the baby shower centerpiece will influence the number of diapers you’ll need. But typically, expect to have 50 diapers for each centerpiece. 

You want sizeable decorations around the baby shower, especially if they’re diaper cakes. And diaper bouquets will look better if there are many “flowers” in the arrangement. 

What else can you do with diapers besides using them as gifts and centerpieces at the baby shower? Read how to make a dirty diaper baby shower game for a hilarious activity with the guests. 


What Do You Put In The Middle Of A Diaper Cake?

It’s up to you what you want to put as decorations at the center of the diaper cake. The topper can even signify congratulating the mom or welcoming the baby in advance. 

The diaper cake’s theme can also inspire your diaper cake’s middle decor. But when making diaper cakes, you can keep the center empty and put gifts inside. 

Something tiny like a piece of pacifier, rolled baby socks, or even a note. These ideas would be a pleasant surprise to the expecting parents when deconstructing the diaper cake. 



And that’s it! It’s fairly easy to learn how to make baby shower diaper centerpieces.

You can roll diapers and stack them in layers for a cake centerpiece or roll them onto skewers and arrange them into bouquets. These centerpieces are not only ideal baby shower decorations because they also make practical gifts for the parents-to-be.

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