6 Easy And Inexpensive Baby Shower Balloon Arch Ideas

Do you want an impressive baby shower balloon arch for your party backdrop? This decor is surprisingly easy to do, and we’ve even included tutorials for a balloon arch on a budget. 

And if you don’t know what theme to use for the baby shower party, we’ve listed below the best balloon arch colors and theme for the baby girl or baby boy shower. Then, you can check baby shower balloons for more creative and fun ways to incorporate balloon decorations around the venue. 

baby shower balloon arch


6 Baby Shower Balloon Arch Ideas To Wow Your Guests


Ridiculously Easy Baby Shower Balloon Arch Ideas 


Floating baby shower balloon arch

One of the easiest balloon arch decorations you can do for the baby shower party is the floating arch. You don’t need to build a structure for the balloons; you’ll only use helium balloons. 


  • Balloons of different colors and sizes based on the baby shower color palette
  • Different colors and types of ribbon strips to match the baby shower theme
  • Helium tank
  • Fishing line
  • Cinderblock or bucket


  1. Make an anchor for the floating balloon arch 
  2. You can fill a bucket with sand or stones or use a cinderblock, depending on how heavy you need the anchor should be to keep your balloons down
  3. Tie a long piece of fishing line to the cinderblock or bucket handle; the length of the string corresponds to the size of your balloon arch 
  4. Inflate your balloons with a helium tank 
  5. Tie the end of each balloon with a knot
  6. Take 12 inches from the fishing line and tie it above the knot on the tail of the balloon
  7. Continue adding more balloons to the fishing line 
  8. Once you have 12 inches of string left on the other end of the fishing line, tie it around the balloon anchor in a secure knot 
  9. Decorate the balloon arch with other embellishments that fit the baby shower theme; e.g., you can tie a piece of ribbon on the bottom of each balloon 
  10. You can also decorate or paint the bucket or cinderblock itself


Backdrop baby shower balloon arch

Besides a floating balloon arch, you can make a backdrop-style balloon arch by putting the balloon decorations on a pegboard or several command hooks. Then, you can add another decor underneath the balloon garland, depending on your baby shower theme. 


  • Different sizes and colors of latex balloons
  • Balloon pump
  • Glue gun
  • Command hooks or pegboard
  • Beading wire
  • Various florals and greenery


  1. Inflate the balloons for the balloon garland 
  2. Cut a piece of wire as long as you need the balloon arch to be, plus 18 inches of allowance on either end
  3. Insert the wire through the knots at the ends of the balloons 
  4. Play with the placements of the balloons by starting with the smallest ones on either end of the garland
  5. If you have the baby shower at your home, you can place the command strips on the wall; you can also use a peg board with begs
  6. Arrange the backdrop so there’s a hook in the center and two on either side positioned as wide as the garland; they should also be around 12 inches lower than the center hook for the arch shape
  7. Attach the middle of the balloon garland over the center hook and wrap the ends on the side hooks
  8. Fluff and shape the balloons to form the arch
  9. Add more balloons into the garland using glue to make the balloon arch bigger
  10. Decorate with florals, greenery, and other party supplies to finish

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Cheap Baby Shower Balloon Arch Decorations For Every Budget


Baby shower balloon arch floral garland

Flowers and balloons are a classic combination for baby shower decorations. The good news is you can make a balloon arch with these materials without breaking your budget. 


  • Different colors, types, and sizes of balloons to fit the baby shower theme
  • Balloon pump
  • Various flowers and greenery
  • String
  • Scissors
  • Balloon garland tape
  • Hammer


  1. Inflate all the balloons but only fill them for about two-thirds of their size
  2. Cut a strip of balloon garland tape for the length you want your arch to be; it’s only around $5 at party supplies stores  
  3. Insert the balloons into the garland tape using the holes from the knots on their ends
  4. Alternate the sizes and colors of balloons until you fill the garland tape
  5. Tie a piece of string on each end of the garland and set it against the wall or wherever you’ll hang it on the baby shower venue
  6. Tie the balloon garland to the hooks
  7. Fill the spaces on the balloon arch with different flowers and greenery that matches the color scheme of the balloon garland theme


Baby shower balloon arch under $10

The secret to an affordable balloon arch is using assorted latex balloons, PVC, and cotton string. It’s also easy to transport and install this balloon arch at the baby shower venue since you’ll use umbrella stands. 


  • Assorted latex balloons and compressor
  • Cotton string
  • Two 10-foot PVC lengths
  • PVC coupler
  • Umbrella stands


  1. Inflate all the balloons and tie 5-foot string pieces to them 
  2. Space the balloons at about 4 inches to make the garland 
  3. Tie the end of the balloon string into one PVC pipe and wrap the garland around it 
  4. Arrange and shift the balloons as you go to shape the arch  
  5. Repeat on the other PVC pipe and secure them together with a coupler
  6. Construct the balloon arch at the baby shower venue by inserting each pipe into the umbrella stands


Unique And Creative Boy Baby Shower Balloon Arch Theme And Colors

Get creative with the balloon arch theme for the baby boy shower instead of a plain blue garland. Consider these blue color schemes and other combinations of colors and themes for a baby boy balloon arch:

  • Different shades of blue and white balloons with star and moon-shaped balloons 
  • Classy pastel blue, gray, white, and silver balloons
  • Mylar balloons, clear balloons, and different sizes of blue and white balloons with elephant decorations
  • Blue, peach, and brown balloons with teddy bear decor
  • Navy, light blue, gold, and silver balloon color scheme 


The Cutest Girl Baby Shower Balloon Arch Theme And Colors

There are many fun colors and themes for the baby girl baby shower balloon arch because of the cute pink scheme. Take inspiration from your venue decorations or consider any of these baby shower balloon decorations:

  • White, clear, pastel pink, and mylar balloons of different sizes
  • Peach, gold, and pink balloons with white flowers and assorted greenery
  • Macaron-inspired balloon arch colors
  • Purple, violet, and gray balloons with butterfly decorations
  • Brown, peach, pink, and red balloons with boho details like burlap ribbons and grass 


What Materials Are Needed To Make A Baby Shower Balloon Arch?

You’ll need balloons, a helium tank or pump to save time and effort, a string for the garland, and the anchor or stand to set up the arch at the baby shower venue. Make sure to use different colors, types, and sizes of balloons, then alternate them when tying on the string. 

You can also use balloon garland tape or make a garland and then wrap it around a structure like a PVC pipe you can insert on umbrella stands. Or, if you own the venue, you can use command hooks and arrange the garland into a balloon arch. 


How Do You Secure A Balloon Arch?

You’ll need an anchor to secure a balloon arch, mainly if you use helium balloons. It can be something simple like a bucket with rocks. 

Other balloon arches, like a garland, can be tied to command hooks or pegs. Then, you can just reshape the garland into an arch. 

And finally, for an enormous arch at an outdoor venue, you can insert its ends in an umbrella stand. You may also need to put something heavy on the stands if it’s particularly windy. 

And to ensure your balloon decorations are not out of place in the shower venue, know how to decorate for a baby shower


Can You Make A Balloon Arch 2 Days In Advance?

The balloon garland used for a balloon arch can be inflated two to three days before the event. However, the best time to make the baby shower balloon arch is the night before the party. 

This way, the balloons will be new and glossy, and you don’t need to worry about where to store them. There are also ways to keep inflated balloons from shrinking, like misting them with hairspray or storing them inside plastic bags.


How Long Does It Take To Make A Baby Shower Balloon Arch?

It can take 45 minutes to two hours to finish a balloon arch. Ultimately, you’ll need a pump to inflate the balloons and have someone assist you in securing the balloon garland on the venue. 


How Much Does It Cost To Make A Baby Shower Balloon Arch?

It’s possible not to spend over $20 to make a balloon arch. Latex balloons, for example, can only cost $6, the string for the garland would be around $1, and even materials like PVC pipes won’t go over $5. 



And that’s it! You just learned some creative colors and themes for the ultimate baby shower balloon arch.

While you can purchase a ready-to-made set, you can also inflate balloons and make the garlands yourself. You can use helium and have a floating arch or arrange the garland on hooks or pegs. 

And for a standalone baby shower balloon arch, the easiest method is to wrap balloons around PVC pipes. Then, insert them on umbrella stands to form the arch at the venue.