12 Baby Shower Virtual Games That Are Not Awkward

Avoid an awkward online baby shower party with these 12 fun baby shower virtual games! You can make your Zoom baby shower as fun as an in-person event by getting creative with the activities and games to play with everyone. 

This list of baby shower games is perfect, whether for a traditional baby shower with just the mom and her guests or a co-ed shower with both parents. And for the complete online event hosting guide, we covered everything for virtual baby showers in this tutorial on how to host a virtual baby shower

baby shower virtual games


12 Fun Baby Shower Virtual Games For A Non-Boring Online Baby Shower 


Virtual Baby Shower Bingo

The baby shower bingo is a classic baby shower game you can still play at your virtual party. It’s also a great way to give guests prizes they’ll appreciate. 


  • Baby shower bingo templates
  • Pen

How to play

  1. The host can make the baby shower bingo template and write the words on the grid; alternatively, they can also send the bingo templates to the other baby shower guests and let them put the words themselves
  2. Depending on what’s convenient, the host can print the cards and send them to every guest or send the PDF card file and let everyone print their own bingo game cards 
  3. During the gift-opening of the expecting parents, the guests will cross out the word on their bingo card if it’s among the items received at the baby shower
  4. Whoever gets the first line in their bingo card wins


Virtual Baby Shower Price Is Right

A creative way to play games with guests online and also send gifts to the expecting parent at the baby shower is with Price Is Right. Make sure to use items that are hard to guess, and you can even include some as prizes for the winning people at the party. 


  • Price Is Right cards or template
  • Pens
  • Items to guess (optional)

How to play

  1. The virtual baby shower host can send Price Is Right cards with the list of items to guess on the day of the event; the guests can print them or edit the template with their phone or tablet while playing the game
  2. Alternatively, the guests can just bring their own piece of paper as the host shows the baby items and products on screen 
  3. Set a time for guessing each item 
  4. You can reveal the price after each thing and whoever gets the correct or closest guess wins the game
  5. The baby products and items can then be sent as gifts to the parents 
  6. Another variation to keep guests from cheating and searching for the price is to use the prices on the year the mom-to-be was born

Do you want to play this game in person? Here’s an easy-to-follow tutorial on how to play the Price Is Right baby shower game


Virtual Baby Shower Trivia

A hilarious and potential icebreaker baby shower game to do virtually is baby shower trivia. This game is also perfect for a co-ed baby shower where you take questions from both parents. 


  • Questions and answers related to pregnancy or childbirth from the expecting parents

How to play

  1. Collect questions and answers related to pregnancy or birthing from the mom and dad-to-be; make sure it’s a mix of questions like definitions or enumeration
  2. Divide the baby shower guests into two teams or have a group each for the mom and the dad if it’s a co-ed party
  3. Plan the points system and how many questions per round
  4. The group with the most correct answers win


Virtual Baby Shower Guess The Baby Photo

The baby photo guessing game is an endearing and hilarious virtual baby shower game. You can use the photo of each parent or include everyone at the party. 


  • Digital copy of baby photos 
  • Something to write on the guesses

How to play

  1. The host will collect the mom and dad’s baby photos; ask for the ones when they’re only months old to make it hard to guess
  2. The host can also collect digital copies of everyone’s baby photo
  3. Arrange the presentation of baby photos and have everyone raise their paper or whiteboard of which guest they think is the baby
  4. Whoever has the correct answers wins


Virtual Baby Shower Emoji Pictionary

Since you’re already doing a baby shower that takes advantage of modern technology, why not play a modern game? Prepare hilarious emojis related to babies, parenting, pregnancy, or birth. 


  • Ideas for emoji Pictionary
  • Paper or whiteboard
  • Pen

How to play

  1. Plan the emojis you’ll use for pregnancy, birthing, or baby-related questions for the guessing game
  2. Send the template to the guests
  3. Have everyone answer the Pictionary real-time to avoid cheating
  4. Whoever has the correct answers from the list wins the game


Virtual Baby Shower Charades

Just because you’re having a party online doesn’t mean you can’t play active games. Have guests stand up or move from their seats with a virtual baby shower charade. 


  • Hilarious actions related to babies, parenting, pregnancy, or birthing

How to play

  1. Divide the baby shower guests into two teams
  2. Prepare the list of actions and assign one per person
  3. Set a time limit for the other team to guess the action
  4. The team with the correct guesses wins

For everyone’s privacy and a more cohesive-looking online baby shower party when playing games like charades, try these baby shower Zoom background ideas!


Virtual Baby Shower Name That Tune

You can always have a few guessing games for the virtual baby shower. Besides pictures, you can prepare a playlist with songs that the guests can guess.


  • Playlist of nursery rhymes, popular songs from when the parent was born, or any songs with the word baby on it
  • Paper or whiteboard
  • Pen

How to play

  1. The host will prepare the playlist for the game
  2. Since there’s a risk of lag in the online party and it’ll be hard to know who should be given the turn, divide everyone into two groups
  3. If the person from the guessing group failed to name the song after a few seconds, the other group could steal it
  4. The team with the correct guesses wins


Virtual Baby Shower Never Have I Ever

Another icebreaker baby shower game you can do at your online party is Never Have I Ever. The expecting mom or both parents can hold up a sign stating true or false. 


  • Never Have I Ever prompts by all guests
  • True and False signs for the guests/guest of honor

How to play

  1. Each baby shower guest will mention their Never Have I Ever prompt
  2. The mom or dad-to-be will hold up their True or False sign about the prompt
  3. It can be related to pregnancy and preparations for parenthood, and everyone can elaborate on each “False” answer


Virtual Baby Shower Mommy Or Daddy?

A fun way to get to know the journey of the expecting parents more is to play the Mommy or Daddy game. Guests will guess which parent answers the prompt or question from the name itself. 


  • Questions about which parent is likely to do a particular action or habit during childbirth or parenting
  • Questions about which parent did a particular thing during pregnancy
  • Questions about the childhood of each parent
  • Paper/board and pen

How to play

  1. List several questions about the expecting parents
  2. Have guests raise their paper or whiteboard, or they can also use fun objects like a shoe for dad and a heel for mom
  3. Whoever has the correct answers wins


Virtual Baby Shower Scavenger Hunt

Besides baby shower charades, another active game you can play at your virtual party is a scavenger hunt. It’s also a great way to get to know each guest and what they own at home. 


  • List of items with points

How to play

  1. The baby shower host will call out different items with assigned points
  2. The person that reaches 10 points first wins
  3. You can also do “What’s In My Purse?” similar to the bridal shower game to save time
  4. Include hilarious and unexpected items 


Virtual Baby Shower In Labor Or In Love 

Is everyone at the baby shower a fan of hilariously inappropriate games? You can have a unique guessing game by preparing photos of women in labor and love!


  • Picture presentation of mixed pictures
  • In Labor and In Love cards

How to play

  1. The host will prepare pictures of women giving birth or “getting it on”
  2. Each guest will raise their sign for their guess
  3. Whoever has the correct answers wins


Virtual Baby Shower Beer Belly Or Baby Bump

Another hilariously inappropriate guessing game to play in your virtual baby shower is beer belly or baby bump! If it’s a co-ed shower, have team mom versus team dad compete against each other. 


  • Photos of baby bumps and beer bellies
  • Beer belly or Baby bump answer cards

How to play

  1. The host will prepare pictures of beer bellies and baby bumps
  2. Each guest will raise their sign for their guess
  3. Whoever has the correct answers wins


How Do You Make A Virtual Baby Shower Not Awkward?

The best way to make any virtual baby shower or online party fun and not awkward is to plan the timeline of activities for the event. This way, there’s no risk of dead air, and you can easily keep everyone entertained. 

A virtual baby shower can be anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour and 30 minutes. The number of games is up to you, but expect the online party not to take as long as in-person baby showers since there’ll be no sit-down food. 

Here’s an example of a baby shower timeline to help you avoid any awkward moments:

11:00 to 11:05 am: preparations and quick welcomes to everyone arriving at the baby shower video chat

11:05 to 11:30 am: two to three baby shower games

11:30 to 11:40: gift opening

11:40 to 11:45: quick thanks to the guests and wrap-up of the event


What Is The Duration Of Virtual Baby Shower Games?

Typically, baby shower games can last for half an hour each at a traditional in-person baby shower. But for an online party, you can shorten the games to avoid any awkward silences and dead air. 

You can do 10 to 15 minutes per game, then play three games at the virtual baby shower. The host can also add activities that are not games, like presentations and speeches. 


What Is The Prize For The Virtual Baby Shower Game Winner?

If you like to keep everything online, your baby shower virtual game prizes can be electronic gift cards. Alternatively, you can just mail the gift baskets to the winners. 

Ultimately, choose a convenient way to send the prizes to the game winners. And for other suggestions on what to reward your guests, here’s what kind of prizes for baby shower games


What Can You Do Instead Of Games At The Virtual Baby Shower?

If you don’t like games, you can have other activities at the virtual baby shower. Try these unique suggestions:

  • Send craft bags to the guests and have everyone do art like decorating onesies over Zoom
  • Have a wisdom circle where other parents share their tips about parenting with the mom and dad-to-be
  • Send goodie bags to the guests and have everyone enjoy pastries and a cup of tea over the video call 

Overall, it’s perfectly okay for your virtual baby shower to only last under an hour. This event might be practical for everyone, and what matters is showing your love and support to the expecting parents, even with a short online party. 



Did you find the game you’re looking for? To recap the best baby shower virtual games to keep your online party from getting awkward, consider playing: Baby Shower Bingo, Price Is Right, Trivia, Emoji Pictionary, Charades, Name That Tune, Never Have I Ever, Mom Or Dad, Scavenger Hunt, and guessing games like In Love Or In Labor or Beer Belly Or Baby Bump.

You can play each game for under 30 minutes since virtual baby showers are not expected as long as in-person events. And to keep guests engage, make an effort with their prizes, which you can also do online for convenience.