Why Do You Wear Something Blue On Your Wedding Day

If you’re curious to know why do you wear something blue on your wedding day, you can use the color itself as a clue. Having the bride wear something blue is a popular marriage tradition because it represents protection and purity.

We will also discuss what you can use as something blue for your wedding day and who must give the bride her something blue. Additionally, read what does a blue wedding dress mean if you want to be wearing something blue on your wedding day literally. 

Why Do You Wear Something Blue On Your Wedding Day


Why Do You Wear Something Blue On Your Wedding Day?

Wearing something blue on your wedding day is a custom that we all know and often ask for us to practice on our big day. The origin of this tradition comes from the notion that wearing a “something blue” represents purity and fidelity.

Remember that whatever the bride is wearing and how she looks at her wedding is supposed to be loyal and pure. These two traits can also represent the love and fidelity that are expected for marriage. 

Another reason for the bride to wear something blue at her wedding is that blue is a color believed to ward off the evil eye and wicked spirits. This will guarantee a happy wedding and marriage, and you have nothing to lose anyway when you wear a blue item, so why not follow the traditions? 


How to wear something blue to your wedding?

You can always wear a blue wedding dress since it’s common nowadays for brides to go outside the box and choose another color besides white on what to wear. Alternatively, blue is a versatile color, and you can choose a light or dark shade, whichever compliments your bridal style. 

You can also hide something blue on your outfit by wearing a blue garter or underwear. Some families also have heirlooms like brooch or jewelry that is something blue. 

Perhaps your mom will pass you down the brooch, and you can add it to your bouquet. You can even have blue flowers on the bouquet itself. 


Why Do Brides Wear Something Old New Borrowed And Blue?

One can trace the origin of something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue traditions from the famous rhyme. Most brides tend to follow all of these things as they can be fun and sentimental.

In general, wearing these items is thought to guarantee good luck on the wedding day and marriage itself. And besides these four, a sixpence was also usually slipped in the bride’s shoes for prosperity. 


Something old

But for the meaning of each one, something old represents the past and your relationship to it. Something old can mean your family, so you can even wear a locket with a deceased family member to honor them. 

If a parent passed away, you could read how to honor a deceased parent at a wedding


Something new and something borrowed

Something new, on the other hand, symbolizes your optimism for the future, while something borrowed is usually an item from a happily married person. It is believed to pass down the good luck of their marriage to your union. 


Something blue 

And finally, something blue is to ward off the evil eye and harmful spirits that can cause bad luck at your wedding. It also represents loyalty, love, and purity, which are traits that are important for a lasting marriage. 


Do You Have To Wear Something Blue On Your Wedding Day?

Some brides might complain that they “can’t find a way to wear blue on my wedding day.” But like most traditions, you are free to follow what you want on your wedding day. 

For instance, you can just get something old, new, or borrowed. Something blue might also be an item you’re not wearing, and you can just incorporate it into the wedding venue. 

And if you can’t find something blue, note that it is sometimes a gift from family. If it’s an heirloom passed to you, it’s only suitable to wear it on your big day. 


Who Gets The Bride Something Blue?

There are no rules on who must get the bride something blue. It can be a family member’s gift or an heirloom that was also passed down to them. 

Your maid of honor or groom might also give you something blue as a gift. But, in contrast to something borrowed that should come from a happily married person, something blue can come from anyone. 

And nowadays, the bride herself doesn’t even have to wear something blue. The bridesmaids can carry their bouquets with blue ribbons or flowers, or the groomsmen might be wearing blue ties. 


Last Minute Something Blue Ideas

  • Blue nails
  • Blue sticker
  • Blue wedding ribbon decor 
  • Blue trinket attached to the bouquet
  • Blue paint for the reception 
  • Blue jewelry
  • Blue toys
  • Blue bag
  • Blue shoe
  • Blue tie
  • Blue candy
  • Blue garter
  • Blue underwear
  • Blue hairpin
  • Blue wrap
  • Blue pen



Was this discussion helpful? To recap why do you wear something blue on your wedding day, it’s related to loyalty and symbolizes good luck. 

Blue symbolizes love, fidelity, and purity, and it’s also believed to ward off the bad spirits and the evil eye. And nowadays, the bride can even provide the “something blue” at the reception or wedding party if she can’t find one to wear.

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